Check Out WayV’s Hendery’s Beautiful Sisters: Instagram, Cafe, Miss Macau, Etc.

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Don’t Get Fooled, These Beautiful Girls Are WayV’s Hendery’s Sisters

Good genes run in the family. We’re talking about a handsome idol who also has good-looking sisters. It’s none other than WayV’s Hendery. He’s one of the members of WayV, a Chinese-Korean group under SM Entertainment which made its debut in 2019. Hendery is the lead rapper in WayV.

hendery sister

We’re not talking about SM Entertainment if we don’t talk about their visuals. Of course, as a member of an SM Entertainment group, Hendery is really gorgeous. Even before he made his debut, his looks were stunning. No wonder Hendery’s sisters are also beautiful. If you just see them together, you might think that it is Hendery and a girlfriend.

So, wait no more, let’s check out the three beautiful sisters of Hendery!

Let’s Meet Hendery’s Sisters Catherine, Cecilia, and Crystal

hendery sisters

Hendery used to live in Macau before he came to Korea to train. Hendery lived with his parents and sisters. In Macau, Hendery’s father teaches Wing Chun, a traditional Chinese Kung Fu. Hendery is close with all three of his sisters. Just like other siblings, the three of them look alike, and they are all gorgeous and stunning.

Hendery doesn’t share his family’s information with the public. So, only a glimpse of information about his sisters is shared on the Internet. Even so, we managed to collect some facts about Hendery’s sisters.

Let’s take a look at Hendery’s siblings, the Wong sisters, one by one.

Hendery’s sister Catherine: Instagram, Fan Questions, Etc.

hendery sister catherine

One of Hendery’s sisters is named Catherine. Catherine was born in 1997. You can find Catherine’s Instagram, and her handle is @itscathywong. She also follows other NCT or WayV’s members such as Ten, Taeyong, etc.

On her Instagram, Hendery’s sister Catherine or Cathy shares her beautiful pictures such as selfies, views, etc. She’s so beautiful that Hendery’s fans can’t stop loving her as well. We can clearly see that Catherine looks like the girl version of Hendery.

hendery sister instagram story

Catherine likes to share Hendery’s fans’ support with Hendery so the WayV member can see it. She once said that she buys WayV’s albums and merch on her own after she answered fans’ questions. Well said, there’s no such thing as free lunch!


Little did we know, Catherine shares the same birthday and year as NCT’s Jaehyun!

Hendery’s sister Cecilia: Instagram, Travels, Etc.

hendery sister cecilia wong

Now, it’s time to see Hendery’s other sister Cecilia. She is the second sister of Hendery. You can find her on Instagram and follow her to stay updated. Cecilia’s Instagram handle is @ceciliamanhing. It seems like Cecilia loves to go traveling. She likes to share beautiful sceneries in her pictures.

hendery sister cecilia

Some fans think that Catherine looks like Hendery the most, but Cecilia looks like Hendery with long hair. When Hendery cosplayed as Rapunzel on Winwin’s birthday, Hendery looked a lot like Cecilia. And, just like Hendery, Cecilia also has a dimple on her cheek!

On her Instagram, Cecilia follows other NCT and WayV members such as Winwin, Ten, Lucas, etc., and, of course, her brother Hendery.

Hendery’s Sister Crystal: Miss Macau, Cafe, Etc.

hendery sister crystal

And, last but not least, Hendery’s third sister is Crystal. Even though all of the Wong siblings are gorgeous, Crystal’s beauty just hits different. No wonder Crystal became Miss Macau in 2019. Just like her other siblings, Crystal also has an Instagram account. You can follow her @w_hengwai.

Crystal also runs a cafe in Malaysia called Instea. You can find some of Instea’s branches in some cities in Malaysia such as Penang, Klantan, Sarawak, etc. Not only does she have a pretty face, Hendery’s sister, Crystal is a professional businesswoman!

hendery sister crystal

You might see it from her body figure, Crystal is also a model. She poses really well seeing from her pictures on her Instagram. It seems like she can be one of the talents in SM Entertainment just like her brother, right?

Crystal also follows the Instagram of WayV and NCT to support her brother Hendery. What a supportive sister! Hendery is so lucky to have Crystal, Cecilia, and Catherine as his sisters, right?

Hendery and the Sisters: Pre-Debut and Childhood Memories

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We have seen how pretty Hendery’s sisters are. Crystal, Cecilia, and Catherine are just as good-looking as Hendery, the rapper of WayV. But, do you know that they were all pretty when they were younger, too? Some celebrities have embarrassing photos before they debuted, but Hendery and his sisters are just different.

For new NCTzen or WayVzen who just landed in the fandom and saw Hendery’s pre-debut pictures with his sisters, please see this carefully. Hendery and his sisters are around the same age, and sometimes people mistake his sisters for his girlfriend. Lol, no way, they are siblings, y’all.

Let’s chill out with some pre-debut pictures of Hendery and his sisters while he was still living in Macau!

hendery sisters
hendery sister pre debut
hendery sister
hendery pre debut sisters
hendery sister

Well, the good genes run in the family, right?

Hendery’s Sisters’ Controversies and Being Bugged By Fans

hendery sister crystal

We should keep this in mind. Just because someone is a public figure doesn’t mean their relatives are, too. So, when it comes to celebrity relatives, we should respect them as themselves. Not as someone’s siblings.

Why did we bring that up? That’s because Hendery’s sisters, especially Crystal, once got bugged by Hendery’s fans. It’s okay to let them know that we support Hendery. But, some things went too far. In March 2021, there was a challenge on TikTok to send a direct message to a sibling of an idol to get their permission to be the idol’s soulmate. This happened to Crystal and she got the messages way too much.

hendery sisters instagram dm
hendery sisters crystal instagram story

Crystal even asked the fans to respect her privacy so she can find the inquiries for work since her contact for work is on the same line. Her direct messages were flooded by Hendery’s fans asking the same question.

Hendery brought this up and asked fans to please be respectful.

hendery sister post on bubble

Hendery also once got hatred from Chinese fans when he was a trainee. That’s because Hendery’s sister voiced her support for Hong Kong’s independence. This made some SMROOKIES Chinese fans boycott Hendery before he debuted in WayV.

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Well, that’s all the information that we can provide about Hendery’s sisters. Hendery has beautiful and talented sisters just like himself. However, we should respect his sisters’ privacy since they are human beings, too. If you want to see other articles about Hendery, you can check them out here at Channel-Korea! Let us know your opinion about Hendery’s sisters in the comment section, too!