Here are Several Fun Facts that WayZenNis Should Know about WayV’s Dorm!

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Group Photo Teaser for Its Debut Single Album "The Vision"

WayV: A China-Based NCT Sub-Unit with Seven Impressive Members!

WayV is a sub-unit of NCT that has impressive seven multilingual members. They officially debuted in 2019 and have released several songs and albums in Chinese. The group is officially based in China, and they do most of their promotions there with the target market being Chinese people.

For this reason, many people want to know whether WayV’s members have their own house or a place to live together. So, do WayV’s members have their own living space? Is the residence located in China? In this article, Channel-K will give you everything related to WayV’s living space, including its location, how it looks, funny stories about it, and more!

The Location of WayV’s Dorm

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Group Photo Teaser for Its First Single "Regular" from Its Debut Single Album "The Vision"

WayV debuted under Label V, a new China-exclusive label under SM Entertainment. To support WayV’s career, the label prepared a dorm in Seoul, South Korea. This is in stark contrast to what many believe, because the group is based in China. In fact, although WayV isn’t based in South Korea, the WayV members actually live and practice in South Korea. The exact location isn’t disclosed, but it seems that WayV’s dorm is located near another NCT sub-units’ dorm, but not in the same building.

The Features of WayV’s Dorm

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Group Photoshoot for Its WayV-ehind Episode Entitled "Our Home: WayV with Little Friends"

WayV members often show their dorm when they live stream. Through the streamings, WayZenNis (WayV’s fans) can see how cozy and comfortable their dorm is. It looks like the dorm has a living room, a dining room, and three bedrooms.

In the dorm, there are seven members and three additional members a.k.a. WayV members’ pets, named Louis, Leon, and Bella. All seven members share their room with one or two other members. It’s reported that Xiaojun, Kun, and Yangyang stay in the first bedroom. Meanwhile, Hendery and Ten live in the second one, and Lucas and Winwin live in the third one. Louis, Leon, and Bella don’t live in a bedroom, but they are given a dog bed and a cat bed to sleep on.

Here are photos of WayV’s dorm.

WayV's Dorm: One of WayV's Ten and WayV's Pets' Bella's Scene in a WayV-ehind Episode "Our Home: WayV with Little Friends"
WayV's Dorm: One of WayV's Pets' Leon's Scene in a WayV-ehind Episode "Our Home: WayV with Little Friends"
WayV's Dorm: One of WayV's Ten's Scene in a WayV-ehind Episode "Our Home: WayV with Little Friends"
WayV's Dorm: One of WayV's Xiaojun and WayV's Pets' Louis' Scene in a WayV-ehind Episode "Our Home: WayV with Little Friends"
WayV's Dorm: One of WayV's Kun's Scenes in His Weibo Live Stream

Some Popular WayV’s Members’ Stories about Their Dorm

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Group Photo Teaser for Its First Studio Album "Awaken the World"

When we try to live together with a bunch of friends, we must have experienced some unforgettable moments. This is also the case at WayV, as the members must have faced some struggles living in the dorm. Here are some of the popular stories the members shared about their dorm.

WayV’s Xiaojun Revealed that the Dorm is Haunted

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Xiaojun as a Member of NCT U Performing the First Lead Single "Make a Wish: Birthday Song" from NCT's Second Studio Album "NCT 2020 Resonance"

In 2021, when WayV’s Ten went on a VLive streaming, his bandmate Xiaojun thought there was a ghost living in the dorm together with them. Xiaojun observed that at that time, Bella had been staring at the wall suspiciously for a long time. He then believed that Bella had seen a ghost lying at that corner.

He then told Ten about this, and Ten thought that Leon might have dropped something on the floor which confused Bella. Xiaojun disagreed with him, because Bella was staring at the wall, not the floor, and he was sure that it had nothing to do with Leon at all. Ten then replied that there might be a ghost there, but it’s a good ghost and there’s nothing to worry about.

Another ghost-related story takes place with WayV’s leader Kun. In the same year, Kun seemed to be struggling with his clothes hanger for months. His clothes hanger kept collapsing in his own room.

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Kun's Collapsing Hangers in His Room

The cause of the collapse hasn’t been revealed. However, since Ten once mentioned a good ghost, could the good ghost turn into a bad one and continue to disturb Kun and his hangers?

WayV’s Yangyang’s Live Streaming Showed that the Dorm’s Ceiling was Leaking

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Yangyang when Shooting Music Videos for NCT U's Third Single "90's Love", a Lead Single from NCT's Second Studio Album "NCT 2020 Resonance"

After the ghost incident, Yangyang recently made WayZenNis a little worried again about the condition of the dorm. In April 2022, Yangyang streamed himself in the dorm. He then told WayZenNis that the dorm ceiling was leaking. He first noticed that Leon’s whole body was wet. The WayV maknae thought that Leon had jumped into the fish tank, as Louis had before (Louis had jumped into the fish tank and swam in it). However, when Yangyang checked the tank, nothing was wrong.

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Yangyang's Photo of WayV's Dorm's Leaking Ceiling

He then checked the dorm’s living room and finally he realized that the living room’s ceiling was leaking very badly. Yangyang even called the living room a “bat cave”, showing how bad the leak was. We don’t know exactly what happened to the dorm’s building, but Yangyang’s caption for the stream was really hilarious.

WayV’s Dorm is Often Visited by NCT’s Non-WayV Members

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Members, NCT Dream's Renjun and Chenle's Photo During WayV's Manager's Wedding

Similar to other NCT members, WayV members are quite close to non-WayV members. They aren’t close with everyone, though, but they are quite close with other Chinese NCT members, such as NCT Dream’s Renjun and Chenle. During the hanger incident, when Chenle visited WayV’s dorm, Kun asked Chenle to help him fix his hanger.

Many sources say that Renjun often visits WayV’s dorm. He often visits them alone or with Chenle. In the dorm, he plays with Louis and sometimes with Leon and Bella. He also often plays Chinese-language related games with WayV members, such as doing the tongue twister challenge.

Several Shows by SM Entertainment about WayV’s Dorm

WayV's Dorm: WayV's Group Photoshoot for Its Shows Entitled "WayV with Little Friends"

As of today, there’s no shows released by SM Entertainment that highlight the dorm and WayV’s members’ activities inside it. However, there are some videos that give a glimpse of what their dorm looks like. One of these videos is in an episode of WayV-ehind, entitled “Our Home: WayV with Little Friends”. In the episode, WayV’s members did group and individual photoshoots with their fluffy pets.

In 2021, SM Entertainment released relay cam videos for every WayV member. The relay cams show WayV’s activities inside and outside their dorm for an hour. Here are WayV’s members’ relay cams.

Due to the many strange and funny happenings in the dorm, many creative WayZenNis and generally, NCTzens (NCT’s fans), have tried to create crack videos related with WayV’s members and their dorm. There are several memes that have also gone viral because of the dorm’s memeable stories.

So, that’s all you need to know about WayV’s dorm. What do you think about their dorm? Anyway, if you like this article, please share it to your friends on social media!