What?! Wanna One’s Yoon Ji-sung Bullying a ‘Produce 101’s Trainee?

After Wanna One’s debut on August 7, 2017, and Yoon Ji-sung’s rise in popularity, the issue resurfaced. Many fans demanded feedback from Jung Joong-ji and asked him to explain the situation himself. On November 2, 2017, Jung Joong-ji posted a lengthy message on Instagram to clarify:

Wanna One's Yoon Ji-sung

“You asked for feedback. I wasn’t going to, but here it is. There was a time we ate together for the first time during Produce 101 season 2. There, Yoon Ji Sung hyung suddenly called me over and said, “You have a lot of followers on Facebook. You should make money with that. Why the hell are you here?” So, I replied, “I’m sorry, hyung.’ After that, he kept bothering me about 10 times so I told him that he’s really making it hard for me and to stop bullying me. He smiled and said “okay” and then told me three trainees in his agency had left because of him. Then, on the day when we had the level test, I only slept for an hour due to ongoing practice and messed up almost entirely during the actual test so I was sitting down with a frown on my face, and he came over and teasingly said, “You just did your worth.” I was so startled and in disbelief so I talked back to him. But, after some time, we made up and that’s why I uploaded the photo.”

“Some are asking why I talked about Yoon Ji Sung hyung at the church when I wasn’t even asked about him, but the thing is, I just answered what they asked me. I wasn’t talking behind his back. I was just answering their questions. I told them what happened because they asked me. I also told them we made up after a time”.

“But, it’s unbelievable how there are people telling me to stop lying. Why would I make up such stories? Do you think I’ll be making this up because I want to get sued? At the time, I even told the producer, and we made up later on. And, that happened with me offering bread to him because he said he was hungry. We were all very hungry at the time, and I offered mine to him, and he said, “You eat it first. Did you mix something in it?” So, I said “no,” took a bite first, and then gave it to him.”

“No matter what anyone says, I am not lying. No matter who believes me or not, I just wrote the truth with a hand over my heart. No matter who criticizes me or not, I’m not afraid because I wrote this truthfully. A lot of words will be circulating due to this, but people keep telling me to stop lying and that’s making me feel suicidal so I’m leaving this long message.”

“Also, stop sending me direct messages. I’m a human, too. Stop tormenting me.”

In his post, Jung Joong-ji told the story of being bullied by Yoon Ji-sung. He also stated that they had made up and therefore he uploaded a selca of them. Regarding bad-mouthing Yoon Ji-sung, he stated that he only answered the questions asked by the fans. To the parties who said that he was lying, he said that he did not lie and told the truth. He also wrote that he was very stressed and suicidal. He also asked netizens to stop tormenting him. However, this post has since been deleted from Instagram.

Netizens have mixed reactions to his post. Some netizens are skeptical of Jung Joong-ji’s statement because, previously, there were accusations of sexual harassment committed by him before appearing on Produce 101 Season 2. Although CJ E&M and Mnet, the producers of Produce 101 Season 2, did not respond to these allegations.

What are your thoughts about Jung Joong-ji’s story?