Check Out Wanna One’s Funny Moments on ‘Weekly Idol’ Here!

Episode 350

This episode is a special episode to mark the first show with new MCs. Wanna One members who appeared as guests were Yoon Ji-sung, Ha Sung-woon, Lai Guan-lin, and Lee Dae-hwi. The other guests were NRG, Kan Mi-youn, JeA from Brown Eyed Girls (BEG), Bomi from Apink, JR from Nu’est, Ilhoon from BTOB, Moonbyul from Mamamoo, Sol-bin from Laboum, SinB from GFriend, Joshua and Won-woo from Seventeen, Na-eun from April, Byung-chan from Victon, Yeon-woo and JooEfrom Momoland, Moon-hee from BONUSbaby, Na-young from Pristin, Kim Chung-ha, and Lee Sae-rom from fromis_9. They came as the congratulatory group for the show.

Before the show started, the new MCs had to guess who was the person behind the board. They were able to guess Wanna One first. Before moving to the first mission, random dance battle, guests were given songs to warm up. Lee Dae-hwi came out when Sunmi’s song, “24 Hours,’ was on. While dancing with Byung-chan, he ripped his pants and all the guests burst into laughter.

After the random dance, each group had to dance their group’s song at 2x speed. Of course, Wanna One members were able to complete this with no mistake.

Are you all ready to watch it? Which episode do you think is the funniest?