Check Out Wanna One’s Funny Moments on ‘Weekly Idol’ Here!

Episode 316

In this episode, the show continued from last week, with Wanna One as guests. The show started with Kang Daniel’s profile rewriting. One of his specialties is B-boying. He was able to show everyone his B-boy and modern dance abilities. Then, the MCs said that Ong Seung-woo and Yoon Ji-sung also have B-boying talent. Seung-woo proudly said that he used to be in a B-boy group and showed off his dancing skills. Then, Ji-sung came out and B-boyed like a robot.

The next member was Park Ji-hoon. His specialty is fake crying. The MCs showed Ji-hoon’s video of when he appeared on a show with BigBang. In the show, he demonstrated his fake crying. Then, both MCs challenged him to cry again with sad music and he successfully did it. When the sad music started playing, unexpectedly, it had gayageum (Korean traditional instrument) sound. Ong Seung-woo who is talented at imitating gayageum started laughing.

After Park Ji-hoon showed his talent, next was Lee Dae-hwi. Because he used to live in Los Angeles and in Japan, he showed off his English speaking talent. He also showed off his pose at the end of the choreography of “Pick Me.” But, the MCs challenged him to do 20 elephant turns after doing the pose. While Lee Dae-hwi was doing his mission, they proceeded to Kim Jae-hwan’s turn.

On his profile, Kim Jae-hwan wrote that his height is 2 m and 39 cm. He eventually admitted that he was actually bluffing to make things more interesting. On his next profile, he bluffed again about his talents naming martial arts and rapping. When he tried demonstrating the talents, he looked very funny trying his best. Eventually, he told the truth about his talent in playing the flute.

Next was Ong Seung-woo. He only showed off his various facial expressions. Sadly, no one was impressed by his talent. The MCs proceeded to Park Woo-jin. His talent is flip over at judo. When he tried to flip over Jung Hyung-don and Defconn, he failed to do it because both of them are heavyweight. Park Woo-jin failed to show off his talent. For Lai Guan-lin’s talent, he showed off his grasp of the Korean language that he learned within only eight months of training. Next was Hwang Min-hyun’s turn. He showed off his talent of reading poems beautifully. He had also written that his talent is funny dancing.

After he showed off his funny dancing, Kim Jae-hwan also showed his funny dancing with the song “Boom Boom” from Seventeen. Everyone was laughing because his dancing looked really strange. Next, it was Bae Jin-young’s turn. His specialty is his small head. The staff had to bring out bread to measure how small his head is compared to bread. Wow! Bae Jin-young’s facial features were covered with the bread. Then, Jung Hyung-don and Defconn ate the bread under the excuse of further demonstrating how small his head is when actually, they were just hungry.

Finally, the last one was Ha Sung-woon. He showed off his sexy dancing talent. Then, the MCs challenged the other members to do a sexy dance. Ong Seung-woo, Kim Daniel, Park Ji-hoon, and Park Woo-jin confidently came forward. When Park Woo-jin was dancing, Jung Hyung-don stopped him right away because he was being too provocative. Other members’ reactions were really funny when Park Woo-jin got interrupted. At the end of this corner, they finally managed to get the chicken as a present!.

At the last corner, was the mission to eat beef. The members were divided into two groups, namely a big room and a small room. Their first mission was a battle in cover dance. When the girl group song came out, Lee Dae-hwi from small room team, danced most of the moves. Park Woo-jin from big room team also caught up and was dancing with Lee Dae-hwi. In the end, team small room won the mission.

The next mission required the members to lie on the wheel and make a whole round. After one member was done with it, he had to pass the baton to another member. Whoever arrived first, from either team, his the team would be considered the winner. This time, team big room finally secured their win. However, because the score was 1:1, they decided to play rock-paper-scissors to choose the winner. Team small room came out as the winner and got the beef.