Check Out Wanna One’s Funny Moments on ‘Weekly Idol’ Here!

Wanna One on Weekly Idol

The phenomenal rookie boy band, Wanna One, has made appearances on the show Weekly Idol. Not only once, but they appeared three times, in three episodes of the show. In their appearances, there were many funny moments that happened in the interaction between the members and the MC’s, Jung Hyung-don and Defconn. Here’s a recap of each of the episodes!


Episode 315

This was Wanna One’s first appearance on the Weekly Idol. The MC’s introduced them as the hottest idols in 2017 and they were special because the nation’s producer picked them, and not the production team. Then, each member was introduced with a nickname. Kang Daniel was introduced as “Physical king,” Park Ji-hoon was introduced with his catchphrase “Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang,” Lee Dae-hwi was introduced as “Lovable Cute-hwi,” Kim Jae-hwan as “Self Sufficient Success,” Ong Seong-woo as “Hellenism Visuals,” Park Woo-jin as “Seoul Native,” Yoon Ji-sung as “Rice Cooker Fairy,” Hwang Min-hyun as “Emperor Hwang,” Bae Jin-young as “Small Face” and “Deep Dark,” the maknae, Lai Guan-lin was introduced as “Gulliver Maknae” because of his height, and Ha Sung-woon as “Our Little Cloud.”

After the introduction of each of the members and the band, the members had to introduce themselves again, but with more details. For Wanna One, all corners of the show were special because they prepared what fans want the most. At the first corner, the members were challenged to shoot a waterpark CF. Wanna One are famous for appearing in many commercials, but, what fans want the most is Wanna One members in a waterpark CF.

When the MC’s told them to shoot a CF at the studio, all members looked baffled. Jung Hyung-don asked them to use Park Ji-hoon’s catchphrase “Can I Swim in Your Heart?” Then, every member pretended to shoot a waterpark CF in their own personal style. Every member was feeling burdened because the other members were doing their best, especially Ong Seung-woo. He felt burdened doing this because Jung Hyung-don said that he is the Yoo Jae-suk of Wanna One or the specialist for gags. In the end, he nailed it with his popping dance!

The second corner was “We Hope Wanna One Will Do This.” Park Ji-hoon is famous for his jeojang movement and Kang Daniel is famous for his thigh dance. What fans want is for the other members do these two movements in their own style.

The first one was the original move of Park Ji-hoon. Then, to make it more fun, Jung Hyung-don asked to do this with a relay. Hwang Min-hyun, who’s not good at this stuff, looked very troubled, especially because he was the last one. The show put a caption at his scene, “Another example of a wrong choice of position.” Even the editor knew how troubled Hwang Min-hyun was. During the first part, members were successful.

When Jin-young’s turn came, Defconn didn’t give him a pass because he spelled jeojang as cheojang. Yoon Ji-sung also didn’t pass because he was trying to spell it like a baby, as tteottang. He finally got a pass after spelling it correctly. Their flustered faces looked very funny here!. Finally, on Hwang Min-hyun’s turn, Defconn said that he has to complete this mission perfectly. As expected, Hwang Min-hyun failed to express jeojang with his cute face.

After jeojang, it was time for the thigh sweep dance. Again, Hwang Min-hyun immediately got worried, but he was happy that he was picked to be the first one to dance. All the members passed successfully, even though the last members were troubled, especially Ong Seung-woo. He was able to please the MC’s by sweeping both of his thighs to make it funnier.


At the third corner, it was Pick me dancing with 2x speed. This part was the most requested because the song itself had a hard and sharp choreography. At first, all the members felt distressed. However, in the end, they successfully pulled off the dance with no mistakes even though their strength had slowly been draining.

After dancing 2x speed, the next mission was a random dance with pig feet, chicken, and drink as a present. During the fourth song, “Never,” Daniel stole Lee Dae-hwi’s spot and he tried to inform the MC. When Yoon Ji-sung tried to say something about the argument, Bae Jin-young was tricked and he innocently told the truth. With the drink as a present finally gone, they were trying their best to get the chicken and pig feet.

During their second attempt, they failed on the song “Hands On Me.” When the MC’s asked Lee Dae-hwi who’s to blame, he shamelessly shielded his group by saying that nobody is to blame. In the end, they lost their pig feet. During their third attempt, they were trying their best to finish the chicken. When Park Woo-jin almost started dancing in the wrong position, Lee Dae-hwi pushed him to the right place and then placed himself in his position. Finally, they were able to get the chicken!

At the fourth corner, there was rewriting profiles. At this corner, each member had to demonstrate the specialty that he has written on his profile. If he can do it, the specialty has to be cleared from the profile. Yoon Ji-sung’s personal talent is doing 20 impressions, however, he failed to do it, so, the talent was given to Ong Seung-woo. The next one was Kang Daniel with B-boy talent. But, the performance had to continue in the next episode.