Find Out More About WANNA ONE’s Kang Daniel’s Hilarious Moments In ‘Running Man’!


Get To Know Kang Daniel – The Member With a Bright Smile of Boy Band WANNA ONE – in a Variety Show

Kang Daniel (Hangeul: 강다니엘), who was born on December 10th, 1996, is a singer and songwriter. He became popular after becoming the winner, or placing first, in Produce 101 (season 2). He was a member of the South Korean boy band Wanna One with a cute and bright smile. Let’s read about his reactions in the variety show Running Man below! Stay tuned!

Running Man Episode 374


Running Man is one of the best variety shows which was originally hosted by Song Ji Hyo, Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, Haha, Kang Gary, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin. This variety show is giving challenges to the guests to finish the games. This show is classified as an “urban action variety” or a genre of variety shows in an urban environment. The host and the artist or guest that is invited team up together to become the winner of the challenges or games that have been already prepared before.

The Running Man episode 374 which aired on October 29th, 2017, had the theme City of Outlaws Race. The guests were Ha Yeon-soo, Jo Se-ho, Kang Daniel of Wanna One, and Noh Sa-yeon.

The games that were held in this episode include:

  1. Making a parody of The Outlaws
  2. Games dancing competition, strength, ask and answer the riddles

Kang Daniel’s Hidden Talent

In this episode, Kang Daniel was showing his hidden talent in dancing with various scenes of hand and feet and suddenly he could half-open his jacket. Kang Daniel has been known as the best member in terms of dancing skills in Wanna One. He expected to present his dancing style in Running Man but this move with flying his jacket turned out to be one quite unique move!

All the female and male audiences and cast were showing their amazed faces seeing how Kang Daniel could do such kind of gesture in his dancing style. Bravo Kang Daniel!

Getting Scolded By Song Ji-hyo

It’s no secret anymore that Song Ji Hyo, one of the hosts of Running Man is a huge fan of Kang Daniel of Wanna One. She became so excited and happy seeing him as a guest in Running Man episode 374. Before Kang Daniel came out into the show, she had a scary expression because the concept on that day was Gangster.

Song Ji Hyo is known as a member of Running Man that often scolds and advises her team in order to support them on the way to winning the challenge.

In this episode, Song J Hyo got angry with Kang Daniel because he betrayed his team by unfairly giving money during the challenge. She also scolded him, by saying, “We need to be a winner Daniel. Why did you betray us, we don’t have any money at all.”

This Song Ji Hyo-style scolding made Kang Daniel ashamed and his face turned red. This episode of Running Man got a rating of 8.2 percent.

Thigh Dance

Kang Daniel of Wanna One received a lot of cheering from women as he entered the Running Man set and showed off his trademark “thigh sweeping” dance. After he introduced himself, Kang Daniel got a request to show some dance moves for everyone. He immediately started dancing to “Open Up” and demonstrated his famous ‘thigh slide dance’ that was popular on the public vote.

His style of dancing influenced some of the other male cast members to want to copy his dance, with their own style and interpretations. “Jo Daniel” Jo Se Ho showed off a “short thigh” dance while “KkukDaniel” Kim Jong Kook showed a “muscle thigh” dance. “Kwang Daniel” Lee Kwang Soo tried to show his own version of the thigh dance, which ended up with a lot of the members laughing and enjoying his dance movements.

Check out the video of the thigh dancing below!

Latest News

Recently, in November 2019, Kang Daniel appeared on the “Touchin'” MV Teaser showing him turn on a spy movie. Look at the video below!

The MV teaser also showed Kang Daniel as he spends a night at home and puts on a video to watch. “Touchin'” would be his upcoming digital single with a spy thriller concept.

During his preparation for launching his single album, Kang Daniel admitted that he only slept just for 3-4 hours every day. He said, “Around 3 to 4 hours this past week. But I”m thankful.”

He also talked about his feelings about his upcoming single “Touchin’,” “It’s been a while, and I feel alive. I’m nervous. I want to show a new better side of myself. It’s written as if I’m the star of a movie. I think a lot of people will like my title track.”

Hoping for the best for his album and all his schedules in the upcoming project and his career in the South Korean entertainment and abroad. We will always cheer and support you all the way. That’s all about Kang Daniel’s hilarious moments in Running Man. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and kindly leave a comment in the section below!