Trending Worldwide! Wanna One’s Ji-hoon Has Awesome Abs!

Ji-hoon from Wanna One

Ji-hoon was one of the contestants in the competition show Produce 101 Season 2 and ended up being ranked second with 1,136,014 votes. He then debuted with ten other Produce 101 Season 2 contestants (Ji-sung, Sung-woon, Min-hyun, Seong-woo, Jae-hwan, Daniel, Woo-jin, Jin-young, Dae-hwi, and Kuan-lin) in a group called Wanna One in August 2017, under YMC Entertainment and CJ E&M. The group was officially disbanded on December 31st, 2018.

Back in Produce 101 Season 2, Ji-hoon was voted for the most handsome contestant. Yet he was famous for his aegyo (display of cuteness). He was even said to have practiced doing aegyo in his spare time! His cute catchphrase and gesture “내 마음 속에 저장” meaning “save you in my heart” was chosen as The Best Catchphrase of the first half of Produce 101 Season 2. Thus, who would expect that he, the cutest member, has great abs to show off? In this article, Channel-Korea will share more details about Ji-hoon’s and Wanna One’s members’ abs! So stay tuned!

Starting From a Pledge

Some of us who have watched Produce 101 Season 2 must already know about Ji-hoon’s self-introduction video. At the beginning of the video, he briefly introduced himself. After that, he said that he was grateful and honored to participate in the show. Later he said that he wanted to take a pledge with everyone. In advance, he said that he was confident about his broad shoulders, strong thighs, and all other parts of his body while taking off his outer outfit. In the next part, he lifted his shirt up, showing his belly, and said he didn’t have abs. He then said if he was picked, he would work on his and get them perfect by the time Produce 101 Season 2 ended. He added that if anyone was curious, they could check the homepage then vote for him. At the end of the video, he encouraged the show and himself and said thank you again.

You can watch the English and Bahasa subbed video below or you can find the original video on the Mnet Official YouTube account.

Ji-hoon’s Abs at Wanna One’s Final Concert |

Wanna One had their final concert in January 2019 titled, ThereforeIt was for the first time Ji-hoon revealed his abs to the fans. As hard as he worked to create them, he naturally showed them off almost throughout the concert even during a break. Here are the captured moments of them!

Ji-hoon’s Solo Stage |

Ji-hoon also had a chance to have a solo stage, or we may say, a chance to show his abs off exclusively. In his solo stage, he wore a loose white shirt and black pants. He performed a dance with passionate and sexy moves. In the end, he spun around quick and opened his shirt, letting the fans see his chocolate abs. Even after the song ended, he stood still, walked backward a bit then, again, lowered his shirt and confidently showed his abs off plus his broad shoulders.

You can watch the fancam below and join the crowd to scream out loud. Make sure to breathe and brace yourself though.

Wanna One’s Members’ Abs

So how about the other members? Do they have hidden abs like Ji-hoon? Let’s find out!


Daniel is known for his abs from the beginning. He is the first member who revealed his abs then continued to show them off without hesitation.

In his cover performance of “Get Ugly” by Jason Derulo, he did a handstand which made his top slip down and reveal his abs. The netizens, who obviously noticed them, went crazy and have been talking about his abs ever since.

Even in Wanna One’s debut song “Burn It Up,” there’s a movement where Daniel lifts his clothes up to show his abs briefly. | | |

In one of his solo dance performances in Atlanta, there’s a moment where Daniel slowly touches his stomach and slightly shows his abs. Despite the sneak-peak abs moment, he did a great dance performance and showed off his talent.

In Wanna One’s final concert, Daniel teasingly wore a black crop top, showing half of his lower abs. |

Hwang Min-hyun

Last year, Wanna One did a performance in Green Concert. Min-hyun was wearing a loose white shirt and slipped the front side inside his pants. During the song “Boomerang,” the fans went crazy because Min-hyun’s shirt kept going up, showing his hidden abs. He was spotted trying to cover them by slipping his front shirt back to his pants. But as the song’s getting more intense and he had to dance, of course, with both of his hands, he couldn’t cover them for a long time. Many fans caught the golden moments and were shocked by the realization that he actually had great abs all this time. |

Months later, Min-hyun explained how he accidentally ‘showed’ his abs when he was a guest in episode 11 of Happy Together. As cited by Soompi, Min-hyun said, “I had been intending on revealing them for the first time at our concert, and I was always hiding them.” He also added that he usually brings clothespins with him to keep his clothes fixed whenever he has a performance, but that day he forgot, so that happened. He was disappointed because he really wanted to show his abs off at the concert but ended up showing them off in advance by accident.

Here’s the video of Min-hyun accidentally ‘showing’ his abs!

In Wanna One World Tour concert in Seoul, Min-hyun had a solo stage where he, this time, purposely showed his abs at the end of his performance. Even though fans have seen them before, this time they could see the whole of his naked upper body! | |

Here’s the full performance!

Park Woo-jin |

Remember when Daniel used to be the only one who lifted his clothes up during “Burn It Up”? Apparently, fans caught that Woo-jin also lifted his clothes up and revealed his abs.

Along with Ji-hoon, he showed his abs off during a break.

However, the hottest show-off moment happened during his solo stage when he ripped his black singlet and revealed his naked upper body.

Check out his full performance below!

Ha Sung-woon |

In Wanna One’s final concert, Sung-woon finally showed his abs when he was asked by the fans. He was shy at first but then he lifted his shirt up followed by a scream from the fans!


Although Guan-lin hasn’t revealed his abs yet, there’s a moment where his top was lifted up a bit and his stomach could be seen.

We could see his firm stomach underneath his top even though it was covered by the black belt of his mic. Now everyone is curious about what they look like underneath.

Fans’ Reactions to becoming Trending Worldwide

Surprisingly enough, “PARK JIHOON” had been trending in several countries and worldwide on Twitter after the reveal, thanks to his amazingly built abs. There are many fans’ reactions on Twitter about his abs that made this finally go viral.

So Ji-hoon has kept his promise about his abs and finally showed them off in the last concert.

After Wanna One disbanded, he debuted as a solo artist on March 26th, 2019, under Maroo Entertainment with the release of the album O’Clock. He held his own fan meeting last February and released an album preview video later. In his fan meeting, fans asked about showing his abs but he gently refused and promised that he would show them after he improved them further. Let’s look forward to it!