The King of Variety, Check Out Wanna One’s Appearances on ‘Happy Together’!

The Phenomenal Rookie Group Wanna One on Happy Together

As we know, Wanna One is one of the phenomenal boy group rookies. They are perhaps best known for their very swift rise in popularity compared to other boy group rookies. In fact, they immediately got a lot of support and praise from many people during their very first debut with the song Energetic.

Wanna One is a boy group born from a variety show, Produce 101 Season 2. Because the band is so popular, these eleven handsome men are often used as guest stars to fill out variety shows. One of these is Happy Together!

Happy Together aired 3 episodes in a row featuring Wanna One. However, many Korean netizens criticized the screening of these episodes, insisting Happy Together only used Wanna One for their high ratings.

Well, let’s look at the Happy Together episodes featuring Wanna One. Keep reading to learn more!

Episode 510

Episode #510 is the first episode in which Wanna One participated in the variety shows Happy Together. Along with Wanna One, this episode also featured other cute guest stars like Jaeduk, Chae Soo-bin, Ko Kyung-pyo, and Kim Kidoo. Wanna One appears in the middle of the event. At the time this episode was produced, Wanna One was extremely popular. So many people liked them, to the point that many of their fans were even willing to stand out in the rain to see the band’s members and maybe get a photo of them all together! It would be an understatement to say that the hosts on Happy Together were astonished by the popularity of Wanna One.

Despite the fact that every member of Wanna One introduced himself, Seok Jin only recognizes Kang Daniel…and even then calls him KangDan! As the opening event all the members of Wanna One performed one of their big hit songs, Nayana. One memorable moment was when all the Happy Together hosts took part in the Nayana dance–even Jae Suk, who was obviously very excited.

Jae Suk at that time really wanted to see Jaehwan. This is because he was the only trainee who had successfully debuted with Wanna One, even though it was not with his own agency. This accomplishment really made Jae Suk appreciate Jaehwan. Jaehwan also showed his ability to sing and perform songs I.O.I.

There were definitely other funny moments during the episode, too. At one point Sungwoon performed a very sexy dance, previously popularized by Daniel, by showing his thigh. Of course then everyone started doing the Sungwoon dance by scratching their thighs too, and that made everyone laugh. Bae Jinyoung also showed his cuteness by doing aegyo and imitating sounds like when opening Soju.

Later in the episode, Jae Suk invited Hwang Minhyun to greet the fans on Happy Together. Minhyun greeted everyone in a very gentle manner and made all women melt, with “Nuna (older women), I Love You.” Not to be outdone, Woojin also showed his impressive ability by popping to Uptown Funk songs. Naturally Woojin’s movements stole everyone’s attention!

After that, in the next session, only five people from Wanna One participated. This time around it was Daniel, Seung Woo, Jisung, Jihoo, and Minhyun. Then all members of Wanna One joined in again and explained why they wanted to become members of Big Mouth. Daniel demonstrated a word guessing game which the members of Big Mouth played together. All the members of Big Mouth were very impressed at the way Daniel demonstrated everything so that they could answer correctly.

Not wanting to lose out, Jihoon also showed his cuteness in doing aegyo and was especially great at doing wink. In introducing themselves to Big Mouth members, Seungwoo showed off his acting ability. Jisung introduced himself, with his typical applause, as the Mother of Wanna One. He also showed his bubbly side by dancing the Red Velvet song – Red Flavor.

The episode wraps up with Minhyun showing off his abilities in silly dance. To close, Minhyun shared a story about how his popularity in Wanna One really made him happy. He said, “I have no cell phone, so they called my agency asking me to send 100 autographs. I can sense how happy the fans are, so that makes me happy too.”

What do you think? Have you watched this episode? It sounds fun, right?

Episode 511

On the 511th episode, Wanna One again participated in Happy Together. This episode of the show also featured guest stars Girls Generation, who were celebrating their 10th anniversary.

You might remember how in the previous episode Wanna One performed the song Nayana. Well, in this episode the bandmates performed an energetic song as their debut song. Jae Suk tells them to compete in acting by saying, “Think of yourselves as the lead of drama.”

First, Minhyun started acting with Jisung. He pretended to take him out to eat on their first date. Immediately they got the spotlight from other Big Mouth members, who said that the method was too old.

Next, the actors had to demonstrate what to do if your girlfriend finds out about your crush from the drama Descendants of the Sun. The segment started with Seungwoo pretending to be a jealous woman when her man, played by Daniel, gets a gift from another woman. They acted very naturally and made everyone there laugh. The audience seemed to enjoy watching the two of them, especially the moment when Daniel hugged Seungwoo to relieve his jealous anger.

Next, Seungwoo is acting with Jihoon, where Jihoon is jealous when Seungwoo gets a gift from another woman. Now this time Seungwoo has a unique way to relieve jealousy! He folds his ears out and opens them by doing aegyo, which immediately makes everyone laugh at the level of humor he brought to the skit.

The next funny part is how Daniel tried to seduce Jae Suk, who was acting like an older woman. Everyone laughed because Jae Suk’s behavior as an older woman was very funny, and you could imagine Daniel might really like someone who acted that way! What was really adorable was when Jihoon seduced Daniel with his aegyo. It was very adorable and definitely stole the attention of everyone there.

In the next segment Wanna One and Big Mouth performed the game Sleepless You, set in a university in Sinchon. In the library on the campus, there are still 390 people who have not returned home for the day. They spend all their time in the library! Jae Suk asks what kind of students they are. Daniel said, “All I knew was how to do dance. But I am also good at English, too.” Jihoon said, “I was a textbook model.” The academy suggested Jihoon to be a model for the English text book! They suggested this based on some of Jihoon’s qualifications, including the fact that he has been involved in both fights and dance battles. That makes him a very versatile entertainer!

Jisung also said, “I spent 7 years living in a study room. A basement room. I also struggled with flies. My room was next to the kitchen, and those small fruit flies would hatch so fast in the summer.” Doesn’t that sound miserable? Seungwoo went on to say that he too had been a model before, revealing “I was a model for an online-shopping site.”

Minhyun closed the show by saying that he’d had a lot of problems during his debut with NU’EST, which is why their agency agreed to allow them to participate in the variety show Produce 101, Season 2.

Well, what do you think about this episode?

Episode 512

Episode 512 is the last of three consecutive episodes in which Wanna One starred in Happy Together. Besides Wanna One, this episode also stars three pretty weathercasters. They were played by the famous Park sisters: Park Eunji, Park Eunsil, and Park Eunhong. In addition, this episode also featured sisters Bang and Minah from Girl’s Day and Lina from WANNA.B.

This episode featured Wanna One segments more than the previous two episodes. Viewers see a skit picking up where it left off in Episode 511, in which the bandmates are still waiting for the last student to leave the library so they can give them encouragement and gifts in honor of their dedication to their studies.

After that one member of Big Mouth said that Wanna One has a ton of commercial deals, and he is so jealous of that. He went on to ask, “What do you want to do once you get paid?” Daniel replied by saying, “I want to buy a place in Seoul. My mom is in Busan and I want to bring her to Seoul.”

Jisung answered, “I want to go to a department store and say ‘Don’t even worry about the price, mom. Get anything.” Aww, so sweet! Jihoon also talked about his family, saying “I want to take a trip with my mom. I also want to go out and eat together.”

Minhyun went one step further when he exclaimed, “I will give my parents my bank book! I also want to buy a car.” Minhyun’s statement certainly stole the attention of everyone there. Just when everyone wanted to give presents to their parents, Minhyun wanted to buy an expensive car for himself.

Then Jae Suk asks about their respective role models. Minhyun said that his is TVXQ. Daniel has not one role model, but three! He talked about idolizing Seventeen because he really respects their teamwork. He also admires BTS and respects their power. His final role model is EXO, and he really likes Kai because he is a great dancer and a very sexy, cool guy.

Jihoon said his biggest idol is V from BTS, and that he loves V’s cool, sexy expressions. Then Jihoon, Daniel, Minhyun, Jisung, and Sungwoo performed EXO – Growl, surprising the audience by the way they react as soon as they hear the beat. They also showed off their charm through dance.

While waiting for 101st students to leave the library, Wanna One played the game The Sleepless Quiz Battle. They put some snacks on a line and only the winners get to eat. There are 6 categories: new words, hearing, variety, music, decoding, and speed. The players must succeed in guessing all the words from that category.

For every word from the category that each player guessed correctly, they would get the food provided. After that the contestants also do other games such as puzzles. There was one more game where contestants had to continue singing the words in a song, and in the end Wanna One won the most food. Are you surprised?

After that was all over Daniel and Jisung met the last, 101st student to come out of the library. They ended the episode by giving them encouragement and gifts from Happy Together.

Well, what do you think? Seeing Wanna One on Happy Together is fun, isn’t it? See you next time.