10 Reasons Why Wanna One Are So Popular and Details About Their Goodbye Concert

Park Woojin’s Latest News


Similar to Lee Daehwi, Park Woojin’s future career is already anticipated as he will debut once again as a member of his agency’s new boy group AB6IX. In mid-February, his agency released a new set of profile photos ahead of the group’s debut on May 22nd.


Furthermore, Woojin will have a collaboration with American Rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie. They will release a special version of Billboard hit track “Look Back At It.” The American rapper announced the news on his official Facebook page, “A very special version of “Look Back At It” featuring Park Woo-jin is coming out this Friday. I really like this one, so hope you guys like it too.” According to reports, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie actively contacted Woojin to make this collaboration happen. What a surprising collaboration indeed!

Lai Kuanlin’s Latest News


Soon after wrapping his activities with Wanna One, Lai Kuanlin was reported to have been picked to play a leading role in the Chinese drama A Little Thing Called Love. The drama is a remake of the 2010 Thai movie and will be aired in the third quarter of this year on Hunan TV, Mango TV, and Tencent Video. Kuanlin was also the model of Harper Bazaar’s January issue which edition went on sale and sold 100,000 copies in just five minutes, proving his amazing popularity in the country.


Besides turning into an actor and model in China, Kuanlin also debuted in a duo unit with PENTAGON’s Wooseok. He feels honored to be in a unit with his senior whom he respected during his trainee days, “I think it is fate to be able to do a unit with him. There is also some pressure to do better. Everyone is wondering when our unit was prepared. We prepared a lot. Even if we didn’t have the time, we still did it somehow.”

Regarding Wanna One, Kuanlin revealed that the members already made a special promise on the day of their debut, “We decided to leave our schedules empty and meet up every year on August 7th. We also said that whoever breaks this promise has to retire from the entertainment industry on that day. The person who made the most amount of money that year will pay for the meal.” That’s kind of extreme but we believe each member will fulfill their promise, don’t you agree, dear readers?