10 Reasons Why Wanna One Are So Popular and Details About Their Goodbye Concert

Kim Jaehwan’s Latest News


After the disbandment of Wanna One, Kim Jaehwan decided to stay with the group’s agency Swing Entertainment as a solo artist. In his interview and pictorial with The Star magazine, Jaehwan revealed he is currently working hard on a new album, “Now that I have to move forward as a solo artist, singing is what’s most important. In terms of changes in my voice, my emotions, and the technical aspects of my singing, I did not think that my vocals from Wanna One were enough, so I changed my technique a lot. I feel confident about my music, but I am curious as to how the general public will feel about it.”

Regarding his relationship with other members of Wanna One, Jaehwan said that he is still really close with them, “We have too many good memories together to count. We did everything together, so the fact that we have no choice but to be apart right now feels like a trick of fate. I remember our final concert so well that it feels like it was just yesterday.”

Currently, Jaehwan is busy preparing for his solo album and his first Asian fan meeting tour MIN:D which starts in Seoul, South Korea. Jaehwan also appeared on various television programs, such as Help Me! Homez and Immortal Songs.

Yoon Jisung’s Latest News


Compared to the rest of Wanna One members, Yoon Jisung may be the first one to get his solo promotion. Similar to Daniel, Jisung also switched his agency to LM Entertainment. In March 2019, it was reported that LM has applied for the trademark of Jisung’s name while producing his solo album Aside.

The media outlet YTN Star pointed out that although an agency has the right to apply for the trademark of its artist’s name, it rarely does so because it can be seen as restricting the artist’s ability to promote freely. A problem may arise when Jisung transfers agencies in the future as his current agency may own the rights to the trademark of his name. The issue with artist trademark registry has occurred in the past as MBK Entertainment applied for the trademark of T-ara’s name just as its contracts with the members were about to expire, causing tension with the group.

In April, Jisung announced his fan meeting in South Korea and Japan and last comeback by releasing a special album ahead of his enlistment on May 14th. Through his official fan cafe, Jisung wrote a letter to his fans which are called BABAL, “I think there will be some BABAL who are surprised and some who will accept it calmly. I feel sorry for BABAL because I think you have been made to go through farewells a lot this year, so I feel even worse for that than anything else.” Still, he cheered the fans, saying that they have many days where they will see each other at the fan meeting. How considerate!

Lee Daehwi’s Latest News


Along with Park Woojin, Lee Daehwi’s future career is already expected to continue as a member of his agency’s new boy group AB6IX. In his interview with Dazed Korea, Daehwi said that ever since receiving so much love as Wanna One member, he feels sad to let the temporary group go.


Regarding his new boy group AB6IX, Daehwi said that the group will debut on May 22nd. Besides being busy in preparing for his debut, Daehwi has also been chosen as the MC of Mnet’s M Countdown with model Han Hyun-min and brand model for Fanta with close friend Jeon Somi.

Bae Jinyoung’s Latest News


Prior to his debut with his agency’s new boy group, Bae Jinyoung released his solo single on April 26th, titled “Hard To Say Goodbye.” The idol had been sharing teaser images, a special clip, and a lot more before the release of the single.

In mid-March, Jinyoung reunited with Sungwoon to attend Taemin’s concert. The fellow former members of Wanna One were seen holding the pen lightstick while taking a selfie.

Park Jihoon’s Latest News


At the end of March 2019, it was confirmed that Park Jihoon will star in the upcoming JTBC historical drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. Based on a novel with the same title, the drama is described as a fusion sageuk and tells about a king who strives to protect his first love. In order to do so, the king enlists the help of the matchmaking agency “Flower Crew,” who make it their mission to transform the low-born woman, Gae Ddong (meaning “dog excrement”), into a noblewoman. In this drama, Jihoon will be playing the role of a supporting character named Go Young-soo, the most fashionable man in Joseon.

Besides being involved in a television series, Jihoon also made his solo debut with the song “L.O.V.E.” The track is in the future R&B that expresses an honest and innocent confession of love. Jihoon’s solo debut showcase took place at the Sangmyung Art Center, Seoul. He revealed that he has worked hard on the album, “Since it was important, I thought that it needed to be good. So I worked hard as I recorded for a long time with the songwriter, and I think that is why a better song was created.”


In this album, fellow former Wanna One member Daehwi also participated in producing the b-side track “Young 20.” Jihoon said, “The feeling that he is thinking about and the feeling when I sing has to be the same. Daehwi gave me a really good song, so I worked on it happily too. I wrote the lyrics.”

Regarding the support he received from Wanna One members, Jihoon also revealed that he received support from other Wanna One members, “Jisung hyung called me and Jinyoung sent me a wreath. Since there are many members and they are all busy with their individual schedules, not everyone contacted me. I trust that they are all sending me their silent support.” Way to go, Jihoon!