10 Reasons Why Wanna One Are So Popular and Details About Their Goodbye Concert

Wanna One’s Goodbye Concert


Even though their official contract with the agency ended on January 31st, 2018, Wanna One still continued with the group activities until January 2019 as they went forward to attend year-end shows and award ceremonies. Before saying farewell to the fans formally, Wanna One held their final concert Therefore from January 24th to January 27th, 2019, at Gocheok Sky Dome where they held their debut showcase.

As it was Wanna One’s last concert, the tickets for Therefore immediately sold out which made the price of scalpers’ tickets go up. The reservation website Interpark, which sold the concert tickets, announced that the tickets had already run out before the general sale could be opened the day after, making the site reach the top of the real-time search rankings and record the largest number of website visitors ever since its existence.

In addition, the ticket price had soared up to KRW 14 million (USD 12,500) which is deemed as an unreasonable price for the fans. They complained that the scalpers used fans’ desperate attempt in order to obtain more money. To commemorate Wanna One’s final concert, the fans trended hashtag #EveryPathOfWannaOneWillGoDownInHistory. They posted emotional tweets from the concert and the memories of the boys for a year and six months.


Wanna One’s final concert Therefore revolved around their last album theme, destiny, where the eleven members commemorated their friendship and destinies with Wannables. Not only the group songs which were arranged in live band versions, such as “Spring Breeze,” “Boomerang,” “Light,” and “Day by Day,” the concert Therefore also included a solo stage of each member showcasing their improvement ever since becoming members of Wanna One.


In the final session of the concert, the boys sang the encore song “12th Star,” a song dedicated to the fans, while wearing white suits. Some members could not help but cry when they saw the fans, making it difficult for them to finish the song. Finally, Wanna One closed the show by singing “Beautiful, Pt. II” where the whole venue sang along in tears. In the last moment, each member gave their final speech in which they expressed their gratitude before leaving the stage one by one. And let’s not forget to mention that hugs were shared between them. We surely will miss them!

What’s Next After Wanna One’s Disbandment?


As we already know, the journey of Wanna One as a boy group has officially ended at the end of January 2019. Even so, the career of each member is still going on. Some of them are going solo as a singer, actor, or model, while the rest will debut once again as members of another group at their respective agencies. In the section below, we have compiled the most recent news about members of Wanna One.

Kang Daniel’s Latest News


In early April 2019, it was reported that Kang Daniel’s name has been applied for trademark for Class 9 (virtual reality game software, interactive video game programs, online game programs, etc.) and Class 41 (performing event business, entertainment service business, event planning business, etc.) by a third party named ‘A’ who lives in Gwangju. Daniel’s lawyer responded that it was not Daniel nor his party who did it, “We are internally working on figuring out what kind of action to take, such as filing an appeal to the Korean Intellectual Property Office.”

Previously, Daniel got into a conflict with his new agency, LM Entertainment, after transferring from MMO. He already submitted a request for an injunction against the agency and the suspension of his exclusive contract on March 21st. Many fans believed that it was LM who registered Daniel’s name as a trademark. However, the agency denied, “We are in conflict with Kang Daniel’s side, our management related to his entertainment activities has been completely suspended. A’ is not any one of our party. We do not know who this person is.” Not only the issue with the contract, but Daniel also revealed that he had repeatedly made requests for his agency to transfer the social media accounts under his name to himself. However, his request was completely turned down.


In response to the registry of Daniel’s name as trademark, Korea Management Union diplomatically stated that they will not abide the existence of illegal activities and parties that put the artists and their agencies at risk, “We sincerely hope that the matter [regarding Kang Daniel and his agency] will be quickly resolved based on a fair decision and negotiation, instead of conflicts and hostility.”

The new court questioning date between Daniel and LM took place on April 24th, at the Seoul Central District Court. Daniel’s side states that LM has signed a joint business contract that sells his exclusive contract rights to a third party, MMO, which breaches the term of their contract. This claim has been denied by LM who stated that the contract was signed for the purpose of receiving an investment from MMO.

In mid-April, Daniel was reported to have gone to the United States to work on new music with a famous music producer in Los Angeles. Daniel did not go alone as he was accompanied by Seol, his legal agent from Hong Kong, who supposedly knew about Daniel’s contract conflict with LM. Unfortunately, the news soon was denied by his representative, “He is not preparing for any official promotions in the entertainment industry. As for Seol, she is an agent in Hong Kong who contracts Hallyu stars for a business like advertisements, events, and performances.” We definitely hope that Daniel will be able to resolve the conflict with his agency as soon as possible!

Ha Sungwoon’s Latest News


After the disbandment of Wanna One, Ha Sungwoon did not automatically come back with his original group HOTSHOT because he debuted as a solo singer in March 2019. Releasing a mini-album with a title track “Bird,” Sungwoon blessed the fans’ ears, as well as winning his first trophy at Show Champion. He expressed his gratitude towards his fans which are called HA:NEUL, “This is an award given to me by all of you. I am so grateful, and I’ll work harder to show you many great performances.”

In mid-March, Sungwoon reunited with Jinyoung to attend Taemin’s concert. As we have already found out, Sungwoon is the best friend of Taemin, so it is to be expected that he will be present as an audience member at Taemin’s concert. In the caption, Sungwoon wrote, “With Jinyoung at the concert of the Greatest Male Solo Artist Ever! #Taemin.”

At the end of April 2019, Sungwoon was reported to have joined the cast of Bistro the Noble, a new cooking variety show that will start airing on SBS in May. The other cast members included in the show are Shin Dong-yup, So Yoo-jin, Weki Meki’s Yoojung, and many more.

Hwang Minhyun’s Latest News


In early April 2019, Hwang Minhyun surprised the fans by releasing his solo single “Universe.” The track is a pre-release from NU’EST’s upcoming album Happily Ever After and described as a medium tempo R&B and a pop song composed by Bumzu and Prism Filter. Not only Minhyun is singing, but he also took part in writing the lyrics.

As for the continuation of his career as a NU’EST member, Minhyun goes forward with the group activities. Besides releasing a new album, NU’EST also has their upcoming reality show NU’EST Road that follows the five members as they search for hidden destinations and create new memories together. Supposedly, NU’EST Road will begin airing on May 8th on M2.

Ong Seongwoo’s Latest News


In mid-January 2019, it was reported that Ong Seongwoo has been cast as the lead actor in JTBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama 18 Moments. In the drama, Seongwoo plays Choi Jun-woo, a lonely guy who cannot express his emotions. However, Jun-woo is actually a silly and adorable man when people get to know him better. Starring alongside Seongwoo is actress Kim Hyang-gi whose acting skills have already been recognized by the general public.

Seongwoo said that he feels both nervous and excited, “This is not just something I am trying, but something that I have dreamed of for a long time. As such, I will approach this drama with a sincere mindset.” Besides being cast for the drama, Seongwoo also launched his official social media accounts and announced the Asia fan meeting tour titled Eternity.


In March 2019, Ong Seongwoo had his first solo photo shoot for Elle magazine. He revealed that despite his fear, he feels more excited in trying new things, “I am trying to look for my strengths and potential and maintain a positive mindset.” In another interview with @star1 magazine, Seongwoo said that he does feel pressure in his acting career, “Every time I look at the script, all I can think is, ‘I have to do a good job. The writer of the drama said I’m a great fit for Jun Woo and that I was a big influence in the creation of the character. At first, I wondered if this was true and thought, ‘Don’t a lot of people see me as fun and bright?’’ But as I started solo promotions, I have heard from a lot of people that I have a somewhat cold image behind the brightness.”

Certainly, the contrastive qualities that he has make Seongwoo happy, “It means there is more to me than just the upbeat image. I felt that there was no need to make Jun-woo too dark just because he is lonely. Just as I have a bright but also cold image, someone who appears dark can have a hidden brightness or innocence.” Are you ready to watch actor Ong, dear readers?