10 Reasons Why Wanna One Are So Popular and Details About Their Goodbye Concert


Produce 101 Season 2’s Boy Band Wanna One

Ever since 2016, Mnet has created a brand new survival series titled Produce which will debut the certain top 11 to 12 contestants for a specific period as a team. To this day, Produce already goes into the fourth season, making it as the show which is highly awaited by the fans of K-Pop. Looking at the pattern, Produce usually goes back and forth from the female to the male version each year. Among the four seasons, the second series of Produce may have been the most memorable one as it created Wanna One, its first temporary boy band that has accomplished a great success within a very short amount of time.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with the information why Wanna One deserved the popularity they received during their prime career as a group, their farewell concert, and their latest news after the disbandment. So, stay tuned!

Wanna One is So Popular! Here’s Why They Hit Daebak


The fame of Wanna One is incontestably as high as the boy bands that have debuted long before them. Even though their career as a band is already over, Wanna One’s achievement will always be remembered. Here are the reasons why Wanna One were so immensely popular!

  1. The Survival Show: Produce 101


As has been told earlier, Produce 101 holds a great significance in making its final groups as the latest trend in the Korean music industry. Ever since the airing of the show, some members of Wanna One already have a close friendship, while the others built an understanding with the members as the time passed by. Their bromance was already shown during Produce 101 and tightened when they debuted as teammates, making it easier to fall for them since they have a sincere friendship.

  1. Visuals


As an eleven-membered group, it is nearly impossible to not find a Wanna One member who suits your preference. From the cold-looking trio Seongwoo, Minhyun, and Kuanlin to the typical flower boys like Jihoon, Jinyoung, and Daehwi, Wanna One consisted of members with a wide range of amazing visuals so you will definitely have a favorite member.

  1. Music


Making their debut with the song “Energetic,” Wanna One did not follow a certain genre as they always released songs with different notions. Proven by the release of “Burn It Up” that has a blaring vibe, then the ballad track “Beautiful,” the boisterous “Boomerang,” the calm yet enchanting “Light,” and the last one “Spring Breeze,” Wanna One encompasses a wide range of genres in their music. Besides, Wanna One has versatile b-side tracks that make you sing along, so it will be easy to fall in love with their music.

  1. Dance


As a K-Pop group, Wanna One is considered to be one of the teams that have synchronized choreography. Ever since their debut, Wanna One has had amazing choreographies that they pulled off perfectly in every comeback. Therefore, it will never get boring when you watch any of the Wanna One performances.

  1. Talent


Besides being an idol group who sings and dances, Wanna One is also full of talented kids. For example, Jaehwan is able to play several musical instruments, while Daehwi has already composed lots of songs, making him a promising composer in the future. For choreography, Woojin and Daniel also invented some parts of the routine. On the other hand, Seongwoo is famous for often creating poems which he wrote in the group’s official fan cafe and Jihoon who already debuted as a child actor often showcased his skill in acting whenever the group appeared in variety shows. Obviously, people are attracted to Wanna One not merely due to their attractiveness but also their talent and skill.

  1. Kang Daniel


Acclaimed as the top idol for almost two years, Kang Daniel’s popularity is definitely something you cannot joke with. The fame of Produce 101 Season 2 winner is to the extent that you will see his face and the products he advertised everywhere in South Korea. Simply speaking, Daniel is the ‘it’ boy of South Korea since his increased popularity after performing “Open Up” in the survival show. Undeniably, his existence in Wanna One also brought up new fans who are curious about him and later stan the group as Wannable.

  1. Entertainers


Having a career as an idol group means that you are not only performing in front of the fans but also appearing on television shows to broaden the scale in order to gain new fans. Wanna One had consistently appeared in popular variety shows, such as Happy Together, Idol Room, Weekly Idol, and many more. Not only appearing in variety shows, but the group also had their own shows, such as the Wanna One Go series, Wanna City, and Wanna Travel series. Wannables are definitely well-fed!

  1. Brand Reputation


In mid-January 2018, it was announced that all the members of Wanna One are included on the brand reputation for boy group members for four months. The list published by The Korean Business Research Institute revealed the overall result that was analyzed from 196,882,402 pieces of data consisted of 395 boy group members from December 18th to January 19th the next year.

Daniel successfully topped the list, followed by Jihoon at the second rank, Seongwoo, and Minhyun at the fifth and sixth rank, and Jaehwan at the eleventh rank. Other members namely Jinyoung, Woojin, Sungwoon, Daehwi, Jisung, and Kuanlin were also included on the list. Not only brand reputation held by TKBRSI, but Wanna One also ranked second in the 30 Power People survey by Ilgan Sports in 2017 and Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list in 2018. Certainly, those are amazingly wonderful achievements for Wanna One since it only had been a few months since their debut yet all of them were able to secure a place in the survey.

  1. Fan Service


When you are a stan of an idol group, it is given that you frequently see your idol giving fan service as it is the form to show how much they feel grateful because after all, it is thanks to the fans that they were able to debut. Obviously, Wanna One is deemed as one of the down-to-earth groups as they never forget the love and support that they received from the fans. The members did fan service in order to please their fans, mostly during the fan signing events and concerts where they were able to meet the fans directly. How sweet!

  1. Regular Comebacks


During their career, Wanna One had four comebacks, namely 1-1=0 (Nothing Without You) in 2017 and 0+1=1 (I Promise You), 1÷x=1 (Undivided), and 1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny) in 2018. Their back-to-back comebacks made the fans geared up and looking forward to the concepts that the boys were going to do. Therefore, it was exciting to be a Wannable because Wanna One never made the fans wait too long for their comeback in the music industry.