Full Profile of Korean Actress Wang Bit-na

Wang Bit-na’s Social Media

Being the public figure that she is, she does have an official Instagram account where you as a fan can interact with her. If you want to get to know her better, or maybe you are simply interested in the latest news about her and her current projects, you can definitely follow her social media account which is @bitnawang


Although it’s not verified yet, @bitnawang is her only official Instagram account.


Other than this one, all the others are fake. On her Instagram, she likes to share her personal life, along with what is she doing while on set.

She also likes to share the food she eats, or how she eats her lunch at a fancy cafe.


She likes the actor Park Seo-joon as a fan, so she took a photo with a standee of him like this. But hey, Park Seo-joon’s fans, please don’t get angry!


It’s only a photo of him, not the real person, and besides, she wrote it herself that she is only his fan, that’s why she took this photo.


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편안한 밤 되세요🌸💕💖

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Right after the news of her divorce was revealed to the public, she updated a post on her Instagram telling everyone to have a relaxing night. It seems like she really keeps her personal issues private and has strength even after being separated from her husband.


Even after the divorced, Wang Bit-na still likes to share her photos of her enjoying a golf game. Seems like she likes to golf very much, despite the fact that she has already divorced from her ex-husband who is a professional golfer.


Sometimes, she also shares the beautiful photos of her photoshoots. Whether it’s a cover of a magazine, or behind the scenes of the photoshoot itself. Since she has a beautiful face, she looks good in any kind of style.


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월요일이지만 휴일인 하루네요🤗 즐거운 5월되세요💕 #여성조선5월호

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Pretty as an actress, as well as a model, that’s Wang Bit-na. Let’s continue to support her in her many projects in the future. She is amazing when portraying a thrilling character, such as the role of the antagonist, but maybe one day she will get the chance to star as the leading female character? Well, until then, let’s just keep on hoping for the best for her!