Full Profile of Korean Actress Wang Bit-na

Wang Bit-na’s Married Life

Married to Jung Seung-woo

In 2007, while pursuing her career as an actress, Wang Bit-na married Korean professional golfer athlete Jung Seung-woo. The two got married after being in a relationship for two years. They had their first encounter in 2004. In an interview, Wang Bit-na once said that her husband was always by her side, “My husband gives me the strength to move forward,” she said.

Wang Bitna

She even said in a TV show that the first moment after she finally got married to her husband, her heart would always flutter, every time she would see her husband. But after a while, she overcame that phase and stopped having romantic moments with her husband.

Wang Bit-na’s Son

Two years into the marriage, both Wang Bit-na and Jung Seung-woo announced to the public that they were expecting a child. Not long afterward, their first son was born into the world, in 2009. The details of their firstborn child were never revealed to the public as they wanted to keep their personal life private.

Wang Bitna

In 2015, the couple happily announced that they were expecting their second child, who turned out to be a baby boy. While expecting their second born, Wang Bit-na decided to focus on raising her son and took a break from her acting career.

The two of them eventually filled out their little family with two lovely sons.


In the middle of 2018, Wang Bit-na has been reported of requesting divorce permission from the Seoul Family Court. The case was still pending when the news was revealed, but soon after, her agency released an official statement regarding the divorce.

Wang Bitna

Her agency also added that the reason for the actress’ divorce was that of irreconcilable differences of their personalities, and the rest has been kept private.

Wang Bitna

Even though they decided to separate all of a sudden, no scandals regarding their married life or even after the divorce had ever popped up.

Wang Bit-na’s Appearance in Running Man

Wang Bit-na is an actress that made her debut in the early 2000s, and it really is a pity that after all this time we have never had the chance to see her in an episode of the popular Running Man. Let’s just hope that after her successful portrayal of Eun Kyung-hye in Mysterious Professional Shopper, she can be a guest star in Running Man, and maybe also along with other cast members. Just like when she became a guest star inĀ Mysterious Professional Shopper.

Wang Bitna