Full Profile of Korean Actress Wang Bit-na

Wang Bitna

Meet this Elegant Actress From the Popular Korean Drama Hwang Jin-yi, Wang Bit-na!

She acted in the Korean drama that took the Joseon dynasty as the setting, Hwang Jin-yi, a drama that also has Ha Ji-won as the leading female actress. But the actress that we’re going to talk about is none other than the one who played the second female lead in the drama, which is the role of Bu-young played by Wang Bit-na.

Wang Bitna

Wang Bit-na was born in Korea on April 15th, 1981. When she made her debut as an actress she only got the chance to play a small role in the movie 2424, released in 2002. However, immediately after that, she started getting offers for various roles in dramas and movies. The next year, she starred in a Korean-Japanese movie titled Run 2 You, even though it was only a supporting role, while the lead female character was played by actress Chae Jung-ahn.

The next year, in 2003, she came back with a movie again. But this year, she also started her drama debut in the MBC drama titled Snow Flakes. She portrayed Lee Su-jin, who is the girlfriend of Sung-joon portrayed by actor Kim Rae-won.

Wang Bitna

Later on, a lot of drama offers came to her. She starred in Little Women, Love and SympathyLove In Heaven, My Ugly Sweetie, all of which were aired on SBS. Her roles in dramas slowly began to get more important and she also started getting more screen time.

Wang Bitna

After that, she starred in a drama titled Hwang Jin-yi that became very popular. In Hwang Jin-yi, her name began to shine and she gained increased popularity because of that. She portrayed the antagonist Bu-young who was being hated by viewers but caught a lot of attention nevertheless.

Wang Bitna

As her popularity started to increase, mainly due to Hwang Jin-yi, she got a lot of offers for starring in dramas after that. Her latest drama titled Mysterious Personal Shopper, that aired on KBS, got quite high ratings and a lot of viewers from across the country. She portrayed the character of Eung Kyung-hye, the daughter of a CEO that is very compulsive and has developed a mental illness as a result of her “perfect life.”

Wang Bit-na’s Profile

Name: Wang Bit-na

Birthplace and Nationality: South Korea

Date of Birth: April 15th, 1981

Occupation: Actress

Height: 170 cm

Children: Two sons

Spouse(s): Jung Seung-woo (divorced, 2007 – 2018)

Education: Theater and Film Major, Chung-Ang University

Agency: Fly Up Entertainment

Wang Bit-na’s Dramas, Movies, and Achievements


  • Mysterious Personal Shopper (KBS2/2018) – Eun Kyung-hye
  • First Love Again (KBS2/2016-2017) – Baek Min-hee
  • Sweet Stranger and Me (KBS2/2016) – Yoo Shi-eun
  • Five Enough (KBS2/2016) – Kang So-young
  • Healer (KBS2/2014-2015) – Oh Sun-jung (ep. 1-2)
  • Cunning Single Lady (MBC/2014) – woman on blind date
  • Ugly Alert (SBS/2013) – Joon-Soo’s homeroom teacher (ep. 1)
  • The Women’s Room (SBS/2013) – Eun Hee-soo
  • The Sons (MBC/2012-2013) – Se-ra
  • Ohlala Couple (KBS2/2012) – Jin-sook (cameo)
  • Still You (SBS/2012) – Kang Chae-rin
  • Can Love Become Money (MBN/2012) – Hong Mi-mi
  • Late Night Hospital (MBC/2011) – Han Jae-hee (Heo Joon’s wife)
  • I Trusted Him (MBC/2011) – Oh Kyung-joo
  • Kim Su-Ro, The Iron King (MBC/2010) – A-ro
  • Still, Marry me (MBC/2010)
  • Chun Ja’s Happy Events (MBC/2008)
  • Merry Mary (MBC/2007) – Lee So-ran
  • Hwang Jin-yi – Bu-yong
  • My Ugly Sweetie (SBS/2006) – Jeong Seung-hye
  • Love In Heaven (SBS/2005-2006) – Kang Ye-ri
  • Love and Sympathy (SBS/2005) – Na-ri
  • Little Women (SBS/2004)
  • Snow Flakes (MBC/2003) – Lee Su-jin


  • Cello (2005) – Kyung-ran
  • Romantic Warriors (2003)
  • 2424 (2003)
  • Run 2 U (2002)


  • Excellent Actress (weekend/daily drama) (“The Women’s Room”) – 2013 SBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2013

Wang Bit-na’s Plastic Surgery Rumor: Has She or Has She Not Done It?

Being as beautiful as she is, actress Wang Bit-na cannot escape from the speculations by the public about whether she has done plastic surgery or not. Seeing as plastic surgery is a common thing for actresses and actors in the Korean entertainment industry, it would seem like a common thing for Wang Bit-na to have undergone a plastic surgery treatment to enhance her facial features.

Wang Bitna

But the question is, has she actually done it? Or her pretty face is so naturally beautiful that it seems like it’s a gift from heaven? Hmm.. let’s take a look at some pictures below.

This is a picture of Wang Bit-na when she made her debut. She looks really pure and innocent in this picture.

Wang Bitna

Compared to the current appearance of her face right now, she looks a bit different. Her eyebrows look a bit more pointed than hers now. But is it the result of a plastic surgery treatment?

Wang Bitna

As of now, there is no official statement saying that she has done any plastic surgery. The differences between her older and more recent pictures could be attributed to puberty or to makeup tricks. But one thing that we can all agree on is that Wang Bit-na is definitely a very beautiful actress with talent.