VIXX’s Ken: Updates on His Drama and Latest News

Get to Know VIXX’s Ken

Everyone knows about the boy band VIXX from South Korea. One of the most interesting members of VIXX is Ken. Other than his visual appearance being very charming, Ken’s talent and skills in entertaining are also undeniable. The idol who was born on April 6th, 1992, in Jayang-dong, Seoul, South Korea, successfully passed the Jellyfish Entertainment audition and became a trainee for five months before he debuted as a member of VIXX. Ken is one of the trainees who became a contestant on the MyDOL event. At this event, Ken was successfully selected as part of this group of six people and debuted with the release of the single “Super Hero” in 2012.

Not only that, Ken’s career began to move forward again in 2013. Ken contributed to the current favorite drama soundtrack, The Heirs with the song “In The Name of Love.” Apparently, not only as a singer for the drama’s soundtrack. Ken also appeared in episode 4 in the drama The Heirs, guys! Whoa… We can really call him a talented man!

Latest Drama and Projects of Ken

As most people know, especially Ken’s fans, he appeared in the 4th episode of one of the most popular Korean dramas, to this day, that is The Heirs. Since then, Ken began his acting career as the leading actor in the comedy-drama Boarding House No. 24, playing the role of Lee Jaehwan. This comedy-drama tells the story of an ahjussi who is looking for his biological child. In various ways, he gathered all the children he thought were likely to be his biological child and invited them to his boarding house. Whoa… the storyline seems really interesting, right?

You guys must already know about the latest update regarding Ken’s most recent drama. Yup, on May 31st, 2018, Tofu Personified finally confirmed about the three actors who will be the main actors on that web drama. The three actors are VIXX’s Ken, Park Ji-bin, and Kim Jin-kyung. Tofu Personified is the first web drama to be produced by Olleh Mobile Tv and Heyo TV iMBC. In the drama Tofu Personified, Ken will play a character named Kim Joo-heon, a popular celebrity who is loved by many people. However, even though Kim Joo-heon is very popular with many people, one thing he can’t master is dating and romantic relationships. Apparently, this web drama will make us get sensitive and dive in too deeply while watching it. So, you guys have to watch it!

The Late Regret Cover

We all know that Ken is one of the members of VIXX and his quality in singing is undoubted. One of the projects Ken is famous for is the project where he made a cover of the ballad song, “The Late Regret” that was originally sung by singer BoBo, and composed by Kim Hyung-suk. Indeed, before Ken covered the song, there were still not many people who knew about the existence of “The Late Regret,” especially teenagers at this time. The song “The Late Regret” tells about someone who regrets after parting and loses someone he loves. So, have you guys listened to the song? Well, don’t get too sad and suddenly start remembering your exes, guys!

Ken’s Top 5 Instagram Photos

Have you guys checked and followed Ken’s Instagram? You guys must already know his Instagram @keken_0406, right? For those of you who haven’t managed to learn about his updates on IG, here are the Top 5 photos of him!

We already saw Ken’s video post above, what do guys think of it? Yes… He is so naturally handsome and charming! He was doing some hair styling. He looked really cute! Sadly, he didn’t post any photos of him with the finished hair!

He looks so cute in the picture above! The caption said that he is hungry at that time. So… Anyone wants to cook him food every day?

Whoa! That is another video post from him! The caption says that the costume he wore at that time is really cute. But for us, he is the cutest one!

Cuteness overload! Another selfie from him! I know you guys are also screaming seeing this post. As we can see from the caption, he said that he just arrived in Japan for a musical show and the weather was really cold. Even though he is so busy with a hectic schedule but he still looks cute, right?

Whoa.. he looks very charming! The outfit really suits him well. Can you guys see his jawline? It looks so sharp and strong! Do you guys also agree with the cuteness of the photo?