Details On VIXX’s N’s Military Enlistment

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Do you miss Vixx’s N? Let’s Check Out the Details About His Military Service!

As a Korean man, all of the male K-Pop idols have an obligation to join the military service for about 21 months. It makes them take a leave for a while from the K-Pop industry, whether they want it or not. Usually, K-Pop male idols postpone their schedule to join the military until they have reached the age of 30 in the Korean age system, which is 29 years old according to the International age system.

This year, there are a lot of Korean idols and celebrities that have to enlist the military service and take a break of about 2 years. Some of them are SHINee’s Key, ex-2AM’s Jin-woon, and the idol that we’re going to talk about in this article: VIXX’s N.

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As the leader of the group and also the oldest member of VIXX, N is the first member to enlist for the military service. N has participated in every schedule of VIXX so far and has taken part in every promotional activity since the day they made a debut in May 2012. N fills the position of main dancer and vocal in VIXX. Not only promoting with VIXX members, but he also tried the acting field and starred in a lot of dramas. To name but a few, Cheer Up!, Tunnel, Ms. Perfect, etc. Aside from dramas, N has starred in musical theatre as well. N has also sometimes participated in VIXX’s songwriting and composing.

And now, after 7 years from the day he made a debut with fellow VIXX members, N has to say goodbye for a while to ST☆RLIGHT, the fandom name of VIXX’s fans because N will have to be inactive for about two years because he has to complete his military service which is mandatory.

VIXX’s N Announces the Date

The first time N officially announced the date of his military service was on February 26th, 2019. On VIXX fan-cafe he wrote that he would enlist the military service on March 4th, 2019.

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The announcement was so sudden that it surprised many of the fans, which he admitted, but in an interview after the release of their latest album in April 2018, he said that joining the military service is a natural thing to do and it is something that has to happen sooner or later. So instead of being sad, N is hoping that fans would cheer him up to give him some strengths before officially joining the military service.

Don’t worry, N, ST☆RLIGHT will always cheer on you and give you support!

VIXX’s N’s Starts his 21-Month Military Service

On March 4th, 2019, N officially started his military service. But before that, he needed to take a basic training for military first. He spent about a month undergoing the basic military training and after that, he will be placed in the military band.

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After N completed the basic military training, he posted a short video message to greet fans and also to show them his recent condition. In the video message, he said that he got cheered up just by reading all the supportive messages from the fans, whether they are online or in the form of a letter. He also promised that he will come back safely and finish the duty with a healthy lifestyle so that the fans won’t be worried about him. Lastly, N asked fans to as well stay healthy.

Good luck with the military service and see you soon, leader N!

Check Out Cha Hak-yeon’s Latest Drama Children of Nobody

Before N enlisted for the military service, he had a drama project that is also his last project before joining the military. The series called Children of Nobody is a 32-episode drama that aired on MBC from November 21st, 2018, until January 16th, 2019.

vixx n children of nobody

Children of Nobody is a thriller drama that tells you a story about a woman with a perfect life, Cha Woo-kyun, who works at a childcare center. She got married to her lovely husband, and is currently pregnant with her second child. But then, there’s an incident that will make her life change drastically.

children of nobody vixx n

In this drama, N, or also known as Cha Hak-yeon (his real name) in the acting industry, played the role of Lee Eun-ho. Eun-ho works at the same childcare center as Woo-kyung. He is an introvert person, but he becomes happier when he’s around children.

Check out a short clip of N or Cha Hak-yeon as Lee Eun-ho in Children of Nobody!


Even though we can’t always see updates from N due to his military service from March 4th, 2019, it doesn’t mean that we can’t check the older posts on his Instagram account! Yes, of course! As a Korean idol, N has his own personal Instagram account where he can interact with fans and share what he is up to with the fans. Let’s see some of N’s posts on his Instagram account, @achahakyeon.


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오늘의 기록_20190122 걷고 있다👟 #이화벽화마을 #날씨맑음

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A picture of N with balloons that will melt your heart! Wait, are the balloons real or fake? Well, whether they are real or fake, it’s still a cute photo though! Just imagine N is holding a balloon for you with his cute face. Aww.


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오늘의 기록_20181117 내가 널 지켜줄게. 11월 21일 밤10 첫방송📺 #붉은달푸른해 #차학연 #이은호

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The actor N or Cha Hak-yeon promoting his drama on his Instagram account. Also, as a reminder to the fans that they have to watch his drama to support him! Have you watched this yet?

Still looks so handsome while carefully picking some bread!


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오늘의 기록_20181211 추웠지만 즐거웠던 하루🌳 #사려니숲 #제주

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What a really nice view! It must be so great to go somewhere in nature with N!

And lastly, a pic of him while he is in the military service. Aaw, he looks so cool and mature.

Once again, good luck and see you soon, N! We will always support you no matter what. Until we meet again, please stay healthy.