VIXX: The Boy Group with Amazing Storytelling Performances and Music

VIXX’s Debut Era

vixx kpop group profile

VIXX debuted on May 24th, 2012. The boy group consisting of 6 members started gaining popularity in Korea. From the intense competition in the music industry, VIXX were finally able to win on a music program for the first time through the song “Voodoo Doll” in 2013.

VIXX debuted with a single titled “Super Hero” with the music video directed by Hong Won-ki of ZANYBROS. In addition, VIXX’s Ravi also participated as a composer by writing rap lyrics for the debut song with the help of Lee Ki-won aka Kiggen, the leader of the hip-hop trio Phantom.

At VIXX Live Fantasia – Daydream, which was held in South Korea in 2017, VIXX members revealed various interesting things including details about their debut song “Super Hero”.

vixx kpop group profile

According to N, VIXX members feel regretful and embarrassed when they appear with the song “Super Hero”. “This is because the members have not been able to provide input for the song like now. Because at that time we didn’t know anything, we were embarrassed. Currently, the members can give ideas and choose their own costumes, performances, and music, which is different from that time,” said N.

Although their names weren’t widely known when they first debuted, they were already popular overseas. Their uniqueness is in the image of their mascot character which is named ROVIX. With these characters, VIXX are also attached to a superhero image and have an otaku nuance (anime lovers, game characters, cosplay in Japan).

vixx kpop group profile

In August 2012, when celebrating the anniversary of the K-Pop Hot 100 Chart, made an article about 10 K-Pop rookie groups that will make a surprise this year and VIXX were among them. recommended VIXX because the songs “Super Hero” and “Rock Ur Body” are very catchy and cheerful.

VIXX’s MVs Throughout Time

vixx kpop group profile

VIXX made their debut in 2012 with the release of the single “Super Hero” and several other tracks such as “Starlight” which was made by several famous producers and songwriters, such as Kiggen, Brent Paschke, and Jimmy Richard Drews. In the same year, VIXX also released a digital single with the title “Rock Ur Body” which was also made by famous songwriters and producers, such as Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kyu-sung, and Ho Yang Lee.

After releasing several individual teasers for the first mini-album they finally released a full video clip for their song “Hyde”. The music video uses the concept of harsh scenes, depicting people who are hurt by love and transformed into demons as well as conveying the message between the good and bad qualities of a human, complemented by the unique, energetic, and attractive choreography of VIXX members.

Even though this video received censorship by the Media Rating Board in Korea, according to their agency, this video is to convey the character of the song performed by the members. Jellyfish Entertainment confirmed that they would not change the video clip concept of VIXX’s first mini-album. The VIXX music video uses the Jekyll and Hyde concept. Describes people who are hurt by love and can turn into bad people by showing the good and evil sides of humans.

After becoming the figure of “Hyde” for their first mini-album, boy group VIXX immediately transformed into Jekyll for their repackaged comeback album and released music video titled “G.R.8.U”. The title of the song in Korean can be pronounced Dae-dan-ha-da-Nuh or in English, it becomes You’re Something Else. Unlike “Hyde” where the VIXX members appear fierce, for this album, VIXX appear more casual, natural, and relaxed.

Even more unique, the song “G.R.8.U” uses reverse music production techniques through audio pieces. This means that this song can be played backward to reveal some kind of hidden message.

A year after VIXX debuted, the group which has as many as 6 members released a single titled “Only U”, which is one of the tracks on the Voodoo album. The music video was shot by VIXX in Stockholm, Sweden, where they were the first K-Pop idols to hold a concert.

VIXX’s agency representative commented, “Their new song ‘Only U’ will feature a different part of VIXX that has never been shown before. Previously, VIXX made a comeback with a vampire concept for Jekyll and Hyde. So now they will come up with a different concept.”

Back with a horror concept, VIXX started to stir K-Pop music lovers since the “Voodoo Doll” music video was released. The dark and horror concept has indeed begun to be displayed by VIXX since returning with the Hyde mini-album. However, “Voodoo Doll” displays a dark side that is much thicker when compared to “Hyde”.

The music video for “Voodoo Doll” was released featuring N, Ken, Hongbin, Ravi, Leo, and Hyuk appearing as hostages of a woman carrying a voodoo doll and also becoming the victims of the woman.

As with horror films with voodoo dolls, VIXX are forced to do everything that is ordered to the doll. Most of the videos are dominated by the scene of the woman stabbing a stick to hurt the doll.

The choreography of the song “Voodoo Doll” is also very unique. The members not only show dance moves but also act through expressions of pain, anger, and fear according to the lyrics they sing. In one motion, Lee Jae-hwan (Ken) can even be seen sticking a stick into N’s heart. The blood effect is also shown in the music video.

Furthermore, VIXX finally made a comeback in 2014 with a new single titled “Eternity”. They also returned to using the dark concept as in the previous single. This time, VIXX didn’t make fans feel horrified by the horror theme even though they still use a dark concept but more of a touch of fantasy.

“Eternity” tells the story of someone who doesn’t want to let go of his lover even though his girlfriend doesn’t want to be with him anymore. This song has a beating rhythm and the music video features the neat dance of the VIXX members.

VIXX’s fourth single album contains 4 tracks, such as “Eternity”, “Sad Ending”, “Love”, “LaLaLa”, and an instrumental version of “Eternity”. “Sad Ending” was produced by Erik Lidbom and Jon Hallgren from Sweden. “Eternity” was worked on by Shin Hyuk, Deanfluenza, 2xxx !, DK, and siyeonking.

In October 2014, VIXX released another single for their comeback titled “Error”. VIXX collaborated with Kara’s Youngji who is the star of the “Error” video clip. This 5-minute video shows Lee Hong-bin (Hongbin)‘s struggles when trying to revive Youngji, his dead lover, by turning her into a robot.

“Error” is an electronic dance genre song included in the mini-album of the same title. VIXX’s comeback officially launched the second mini-album containing 7 new songs. The songs are the instrumental version of “Intro”, “Steel Heart”, “After Dark”, “Youth Hurts”, “Time Machine”, “What U Waiting For”, and “Error”.

In early 2015, VIXX released a single for their comeback with the title “Love Equation”. At the beginning, we are greeted by Hongbin, who is just waking up, in the story. After that, we are greeted with a rap from Ravi. Then all VIXX members dance compactly.


In November 2015, VIXX closed the year by releasing a song for their comeback titled “Chained Up”. There is a different feel from VIXX on this album. In the flagship song “Chained Up”, Ken and the other members no longer appear with a dark concept and give a mysterious impression like before. Thick black eyeliner is becoming obsolete. They appeared with an image that was more colorful, but not as cheerful as “G.R.8.U”.

The song still plays in the pop genre and still tells the story of a boy who has died in love with a girl to the point of feeling chained, even though the girl never treats him well and is always cold. A typical love story that has almost always existed in previous VIXX songs. Leo and Hyuk appear with their new blonde hair and the charm of Lee Hong-bin (Hongbin) who is said to be the most handsome member in the group is still the same as usual.

The group’s second full album contains 13 songs. It opens with the “Intro” track which when listening to it makes us feel like we are entering a world from nowhere, and closes with an instrumental version of the song “Chained Up” for fans who might like to go to karaoke and can sing along with their version of the song.

On track 3 there is an upbeat song titled “MAZE” which will bring us nostalgia to the track “What You’re Waiting For” on the previous album. Ravi’s rap and the lyrics of the song “Maze running running, maze running running,” are guaranteed to keep repeating in the head after listening to it.

“Stop It Girl” and “Hot Enough” are the titles of tracks 4 and 5, respectively. Consecutively, these songs feature pop and R&B genres with a medium beat. The vocals of each person feel more dominant in slow-paced tracks like these. After two slow songs, “Spider” is the title of track 6, which returns to deliver a fast tempo.

There is an acoustic nuance at the beginning of the song “Out of Sorts” which is track 7. This song starts with a guitar string and continues with a light beat ala songs that will be very fitting to sing at a campfire. “Heaven”, the 8th track, has a slight distortion but is dominated by drums. Continuing to track 9, titled “Us Now” which is the only slow-mellow track on this album.

Two of VIXX’s flagship songs on the previous two mini-albums, such as “Eternity” and “Error” are tracks 10 and 11. It was the right decision to include these hits in the full album Chained Up so that fans can still feel the dark side of VIXX from previous albums. As well as being a comparison between the music that was carried on “Chained Up” and the two old songs. Track 12, before closing with an instrumental from a flagship song, is a song titled “Can’t Say” which is cheerful and has old-school pop nuances.

In April 2016, VIXX returned with their fifth single album titled ZELOS. With a concept that is no less interesting than VIXX’s previous comebacks, ZELOS also presents something that makes Starlight (VIXX fans) scream. Starting from the album art featuring a heart shape like last year’s “Error” comeback to the individual teaser photos that are attractive and colorful.

They performed a song titled “Dynamite” as the mainstay on this album. In the video teaser of the song, there is music that feels funky. The new VIXX music video and teaser video were directed by Seo Dong-hyuk from Flip Evil. He is a motion graphic designer who previously worked on VIXX’s “Error” video clip, Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb”, and several EXO music videos.

In August 2016, VIXX released their 6th single album Hades with a comeback single titled “Fantasy” carrying a dark and gloomy concept. In the video, Cha Hak-yeon (N) and the other members are told that they are lost and trying to chase a mysterious figure. “Fantasy” itself is a song that presents beautiful and dramatic orchestral musical instruments. Through this song, VIXX personnel returned to presenting a unique choreography.

Meanwhile, the single album Hades contains 3 songs, namely “Fantasy”, “Love Me Do”, and “Butterfly Effect”. As a bonus, VIXX also include an instrumental version of “Fantasy” on this single album.

In October 2016, VIXX finally came back with a new work that was the ending of the Conception trilogy. The 6-member group released a single album titled Kratos. Along with the release of Kratos, VIXX also released a music video titled “The Closer”.

“The Closer” music video seems dark showing the sexiness of VIXX in a military uniform. The rhythm of the song, which is slower than the two main songs in the previous single, also seems to add to the sensual impression of this music video.

Not only that, but “The Closer” music video also has its own puzzle whose answer can be found by watching this music video. The fans’ curiosity about why Ken filled the album cover was finally answered. Meanwhile, the single album Kratos also includes other songs, such as “Desperate”, “Shooting Star”, “Good Night & Good Morning”, and “Romance Is Over”.

In November 2016, VIXX released a music video for their special song titled “Milky Way”. As is well known, “Milky Way” was the newest song that was featured in VIXX’s special repackage album titled KER. The music video for “Milky Way” involved about 600 of their fans. Not just models, but their true fans.

Being on a small stage in the middle of a crowd of fans, Cha Hak-yeon (N) and his fellow members seemed to enjoy the moment of singing so much that they posed sweetly in front of their fans’ cameras. Even the stage they stepped on showed a row of cute poses from all the members. Certainly, a special finger heart pose for the beloved fans.

In May 2017, VIXX officially made a comeback through their fourth mini-album titled Shangri-La or Peach Blossom Spring. They wouldn’t be VIXX if they didn’t provide unique concepts in every comeback. This time, they performed with a Chinese touch, from the semi-traditional clothes worn on the teaser photo, the background, to the album title written in Chinese characters.

vixx kpop group profile

The flagship song of the same title as the album has an upbeat rhythm and is given a traditional touch of the style of the stylus, a traditional Korean musical instrument at the beginning of the song. The rest, they still incorporate electro elements and of course VIXX’s distinctive music. Not only songs, the dances that are served also have traditional elements.

In the “Shangri-la” music video, the six handsome boys dance with the addition of hand fan props. N’s solo dance looks elegant and in some scenes, it looks like it contains elements of Chinese mythology. The unreleased costumes, accessories, and photos are also on display.

In April 2018, VIXX officially made a comeback with their third full album titled EAU DE VIXX. At the same time, the boy group consisting of Cha Hak-yeon (N) and the other members presented the title track as well as a music video titled “Scentist”.

In the music video, the VIXX members act like scientists who are creating a new perfume scent. Interestingly, Ravi and other members seemed to make the pain from their respective childhoods a reference in making the perfume.

In February 2019, VIXX released a special song titled “Walking”, which is dedicated to their fans. This song has been performed by VIXX at their last fan meeting, but “Walking” was officially released via YouTube featuring some footage from the fan signing event they had previously attended.

The departure of Hongbin and the Reason

vixx kpop group profile

Lee Hong-bin officially left VIXX, as stated by the agency that oversees the South Korean boy group, Jellyfish Entertainment, on August 8th, 2020.

“On August 7th, 2020, Hongbin expressed his wish to leave VIXX. After a long discussion with VIXX members and Hongbin, we respected this wish and it was decided he would leave the group,” said Jellyfish Entertainment’s statement. This decision made VIXX start activities and promotions in the future with five members, namely Cha Hak-yeon (N), Jung Taek-woon (Leo), Lee Jae-hwan (Ken), Kim Won-sik (Ravi), and Han Sang-hyuk (Hyuk).

The agency apologized for the shocking news to fans. As reported from Xportsnews via Naver, Jellyfish Entertainment hopes that fans can continue to support and love VIXX members. In February 2020, Lee Hong-bin (Hongbin) was the target of netizens’ emotions for being considered disrespectful to SHINee and other idols.

This happened when Hongbin was celebrating one year using the Twitch application. He had time to give unpleasant comments when SHINee’s song “Everybody” was played. “Who added this ugly song to the band’s music? Idol songs lack quality,” he said at the time.

The statement triggered the anger of K-Pop lovers, especially SHINee fans who are familiarly called Shawols. They asked Hongbin to apologize. They also highlighted Hongbin’s behavior, who was then live, but under the influence of alcohol. Two hours after the first live broadcast ended, Hongbin returned to the scene and stated that he did not intend to insult other idol groups. He apologized to SHINee and fans in the second live broadcast.

At that time, he also said that he was asked to leave the group due to his controversial statements. Hongbin did not explicitly mention who asked him to leave the group. However, Hongbin made that statement after he briefly opened the door while on a live broadcast. “He came to tell me to leave the group, then left. Just now he came and said that and left,” he said.

Well, that’s the complete information about VIXX and also the full profiles of the six members of the boy group. Even though there is no continuation of VIXX’s promotions yet this year, let’s give lots of love and support to the members for everything they do right now. What do you think about the concept of VIXX and the members? If you are interested in VIXX, don’t forget to read the next article about them and share this article on Twitter!