Here Is a Stunning Visual Appreciation Post of Got7! Who’s Your Bias Wrecker?

Got7: Popularity and Fashion

Who doesn’t know Got7? The boy-group consists of 7 members, JB, Jackson, Mark, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. They were debuted in January, 2014, under JYP Entertainment and released their first EP, Got It? Their acrobatic martial arts moves made them started getting them noticed and have gained them many fans since then. Now they’re very popular both domestically and internationally.

They were also nominated for and have won several awards to prove their talent in music entertainment. They won Best Worldwide Act from Korea at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2016. In 2018, they were nominated for Choice International Artist at the Teen Choice Awards and later in the same year, they won Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 at the Mnet Asian Music Awards. Most recently, in 2019, they were nominated for Top Social Artist at the Billboard Music Awards.

Do you know they are known not only for their music but also their fashion? Last January, three members of Got7 were invited to attend Milan Fashion Week! On January 11, BamBam and Mark attended the Ermenegildo Zegna show. Three days later, Jackson was announced as Fendi’s official brand ambassador for the China region. How about the others? In this article, Channel-Korea will serve you the best outfits by Got7 members!

Who is your bias wrecker?

Who is your bias in Got7? Sssshhh!! Don’t speak too soon! This article may change your mind about your bias list! In 2015, Got7 won Asia Style Best Influence Group at the Fashion Power Awards. Let’s take a look and see if everybody’s right by looking at their visual appearances and off-stage outfits below!


As the leader, JB has automatically become the one who gets noticed by people and is also the center of the group. For visual appearances, he has that bad-boy vibe with his sexy and ravishing face. One notable feature is his thick and well-shaped eyebrows and his sharp eyes, supporting his bad-boy appearance. |

His profile is even more enchanting. We can see his cheekbones clearly!

It looks like he thinks is his left side is the good one.

The black and white photos sharpen his looks. Let’s check out his other photo shoots!

We have to admit, it’s har to look away from his eyes and the way he stares at the camera.

His bad-boy vibe is not just an act for the camera, but for performances, too. Especially with his slicked-back hair. It really suits him well! How about off-stage, though? Well, it turns out he sometimes wear outfits that still support his bad-boy image, like in the photos below. |

He ‘kills’ his bad boy image by wearing black outfits. He even looks sporty with shorts, caps, and shades.

Sometimes those caps even get turned backwards.

Even in his semi-formal outfits, he still looks like a badass!

A bucket hat doesn’t stop him from being a bad boy though.


If JB spreads bad boy charm, Jinyoung is more like a good boy with his angelic face. His eyes are so tender and soft. One thing that we may notice is his thick, heart-shaped lips. He seems to favor neat looks and is good with soft-colored outfits, especially white and bright ones.

His face is glowing naturally and looks so clean. He also has good skin.

His profile shows us a more well-shaped body.

Who says he can’t be a little bad boy? Most of his magazine photo shoots give him a more ‘naughty’ look. Let’s check them out!

Soft and vintage colors really suit him well, with his pretty, bright skin.

He often brings different themes for off-stage looks. |

For the pictures above, he kind of gives us a chill and fancy look. He looks different with his hair slicked back like that!

He pretty much looks like boyfriend material with this view, a calm, casual look.

Denim styles with striped tees and a pair of sneakers make him look younger, like a teenage boy!

These shots make him look like an excited and decent traveler.

Sometimes he gives off a casual, but more mature look like the picture above. On the other hand, the pictures below are just another fun and easy-going side of him.

He may have an angelic face and good boy vibes (because of his face) but he never shows off his other body parts that may change our mind. In one of his dramas, He Is Psychometric, he finally showed of his upper body in a shower scene. |

An idol with a seraphic face and beautiful abs? Perfect!


Mark is the visual of Got7 because of his beautiful physical features. He has a well-proportioned oval face and a beautiful, long neck. Furthermore, he has the type of face that will make a strong impression. Despite being the oldest member, sometimes he does bring the same-age-friend looks. |

Look at that long neck! It doesn’t seem wrong at all, and we can’t stop looking at it.

His profile is not less beautiful than his front view.

Even though he looks like he’s very thin, it seems like he has great abs anyway, as seen on the right picture.

Here comes the bestie vibe!

His skinny physique makes him look tall, even though actually he’s the shortest member (along with Jackson), with 175 cm height (about 5’9″). Yet it doesn’t make him look short at all because he has pretty long legs.

He looks playful, too, like the pictures above. Even in everyday off-stage outfits, he seems to wear a more outgoing style like in the pictures below. |

A pair of boots with three different styles. Also more of his off-stage looks! |

He tends to wear a long top that covers his waist and pair it with tight jeans or trousers.

He can bring a decent and warm appearance, too, like the pictures above.


Just like JB, Jackson has a bad-boy appearance, but a bit fancier. He has a sweet look in his eyes and thin lips. His facial expressions give him a sexy look. Let’s see his side view! | |

We can see his wide eyes in this pictures.

It seems like he has a firm and well-shaped body. His posture is naturally sturdy. It’s probably because his body was shaped during the time when he was on the national fencing team when he was around ten.

His brown hair sharpens his expression and makes his skin more exotic. Lets take a look at his other photo shoots! |

Jackson has a lot of swag and sassy looks that suit him well. Here are his off-stage outfits! |

There are times when he looks like charismatic royalty. He gives off a classy look such that it seems no one would dare to stand in his way!

Sometimes he wears looser outfits so he looks more outgoing and relaxed. Other times, he also shows his swag style with particular-designed clothes like the pictures below.

He is confident enough to wear sleeveless shirts and show his proportional arms even in public places.

Speaking of his confidence in his arms, he is also pleased to show off his upper body more often. He is one member who is most likely to show his naked chest and abs!

We gotta thank the lighting director for putting the lights right in spot to give us a glimpse of his abs!

Bonus pictures of his great abs!


As the youngest by age, he doesn’t look like the youngest at all because of his mature looks. Plus he is the tallest member (182 cm or just shy of six feet), so people usually don’t expect him to be the maknae of the group.

He has an amazing side view! His eyes and the way he looks just add more manliness and maturity.

The side of his body is also a great view, not to mention he has a tattoo on each side of his body.

It gives a much brighter vibe when he put a smile on his face (and flowers on his head). Yet the flowers don’t make him look any less masculine.

Colorful looks suit him.

But soft and brownish colors make him seem calmer and more tender.

For off-stage outfits, mostly he wears black garments with a touch of light blue, like in the pictures below.

Sometimes he wears a long outer or coat. And because of his height, it does fit with him and even make him seem taller. | |

Other times, he wears more colorful outfits. |

He looks a lot more playful than in the previous pictures. We can sense a youngster here!


Different from other members, Youngjae has chubby cheeks. He also has thick eyebrows to sharpen his facial features. Sometimes he gives off a big bro vibe around him. His visual appearance is even approved by his senior idol, 2PM’s Nichkhun.

His profile looks healthy and strong.

He shows a more masculine look in the pictures above.

He can also give a more playful and outgoing look, like in the pictures above and below. Except for the one where he wears a coat, where he looks classy and mature!

Like Yugyeom, Youngjae favors dark-themed outfits for daily activities.

Same red shirt, paired with different outfits. | |

Being all black and swag at the same time is not a hard thing to do for Youngjae. We just like how he wears the cap and shades! |

This time he looks a bit sassy and outgoing!


BamBam also has special facial features, with his thick lips and pointed chin. He actually has rather an eccentric vibe. It is agreeable to see him like a cute little brother that has the urge to always try new things. He kind of has the look of curiosity in his eyes.

From the pictures above, we can see his pointed chin and strong jawline, too! In addition, he also has a good-looking side view of his body.

BamBam totally kills his photo shoots with his expressions and looks! |

Even with his knees bent like that, he looks astonishing! Let’s take a look at his appearances!

Who is the most fashionable member in Got7? Many of us will definitely answer BamBam. He has the peculiar appearance and tends to try many types of outfits that bring out many sides of him. Strangely enough, he doesn’t look bad at all. It actually become his own charm and he does slay every outfit he wears. |

The leopard-print jacket makes him look chic. Meanwhile, the long coat ones make him seem more mature. |

Fancy jackets above gives off an easygoing and cool look, especially the leather jacket ones.

Denim jackets also look marvelous on him, not to mention he wears black tops and bottoms to make his denim jacket pop.

Let’s take a look at his other unique and hipster appearances!