Best Viral K-Pop Memes Of All Time

Check Out These Popular K-Pop Memes That Went Viral!

Many of the K-Pop idols are known for their funny personalities and hobbies to do something absurd and invite lots of laughter from many people, especially fans who always pay attention to their behavior every day. In this article, we will look at a number of compilations of K-Pop idols that have made many people laugh with their behavior. There are also some photos that have gone viral because of their very funny expressions.

Let’s look at some more detailed information and see how funny K-Pop idols who are successful at being the icons of meme faces!

Tiffany’s Laughing Faces

Many are already familiar with memes that use Tiffany’s face. Not only among K-Pop fans who know about this meme, but almost all jokes reply with Tiffany’s expression that eventually went viral. This meme became viral because Tiffany’s laughing expression is quite similar to a well-known laughing meme with a drawing of a man laughing.

After that, Tiffany made a meme version with the same expression of the moment and it went viral as well because her face was very funny and invited lots of laughter from people because she was very similar to the previous meme.

What do you think of this Tiffany meme that went viral?

Super Junior Members’ Shock Faces

Not only girl group members have funny expressions and deserve to be memes. Some male K-Pop idols also show their funny faces quite often. One of them is Super Junior, whose members also show the most shocking and surprising expressions as one of their reactions.

In the photo above is one of Super Junior’s members, Siwon, who looks shocked and surprised after giving a very hilarious reaction. His famous handsome face can suddenly turn into a very funny and nice expression to be used as a meme and, of course, it went viral.

In the photo above is another member of Super Junior, Ryeowook, who is famous as a member who often jokes. His surprised expression became one of the memes that had gone viral too because at that time he had a surprised reaction and invited lots of laughter.

Sung-gyu’s One Line Eyes

Beside that, there is also one of the lead vocals from Infinite, a group famous for the song “Be Mine,” which has also been used as an expression of a meme that went viral. Because Sunggyu is an idol who has one eyelid, it is even being questioned whether he can see people clearly or not.

Sunggyu’s face when he widened his eyes looked very funny and became a viral meme because he seemed to try hard to show the shape of his eyes to many people. Actually, he had no trouble seeing with his eyes, but Sunggyu’s expression looked very funny.

BTS’ Jung-kook’s Confused Face

One of the maknaes of the famous boy group BTS, Jungkook, has also been a target of viral memes like many other K-Pop idols. The member who looks mature and handsome is also chosen as the idol who has the best meme face, especially when he looks confused.

The BTS member who was born on September 1st, 1997, became the center of talk of the Army and the public because of his very funny expression when confused. This Jungkook meme seems to want to describe our mood situation if we have a lot of thoughts and are absolutely baffled.

BTOB’s Ilhoon’s Roaring Laughing Faces

One member of BTOB, Ilhoon, also entered the world of viral memes and he became so famous that several BTOB members who are active on Instagram, such as Peniel, were quite surprised to see that their friend’s face is on one of the 9Gag social media.

Ilhoon’s face was made into several parts with a bit of blurry on the back and there was Ilhoon showing his roaring laughter. Ilhoon’s expression is very funny because it is added by the caption on the photo that reads, “When dad tells a terrible joke but you need $20” and the photo of Ilhoon’s expression becomes an illustration of how we would be in that position.

SHINee’s Key With His McDonald Costume

SHINee has also been one of the memes that went viral outside of K-Poppers. Key, as one of the members who is also famous for having a funny personality, received a lot of laughter and attention from the public, especially when he was celebrating Halloween by wearing a McDonald costume.

The meme shows SHINee’s Key wearing a wig and full costume of the McDonald clown plus the caption: “When you are the funny friend so you gotta make jokes but then you get home and get to be sad again,” which means that when you’re the only friend who is often funny but cannot deny that you can be a sad person when going back home.

EXO’s Chan-yeol and Sehun During A Ping Pong Game

The viral memes this time have also been the subject of much discussion because EXO’s Chanyeol and Sehun managed to fool each other while playing ping pong. Both of them were seen to be playing a game of ping pong, EXO’s Chanyeol who starts first will serve the ball to Sehun.

Even in those serious moments, the two of them can still add funny scenes and make fans laugh with their behavior. EXO’s Chanyeol didn’t really serve the ball and instead looked up as if the ball was flying high up. Sehun who looked up finally got confused after Chanyeol quietly hit the ball on the table and made it over the net at Sehun’s part.

Lovelyz’ Mi-joo’s Runway Walk Before Recording A Music Show Performance

This time the viral meme, which is one of the funny acts of K-Pop idol girl groups, is again circulating on the internet. LovelyZ’ Mijoo looks very confident about herself when she wants to run a schedule with her group on one of the television program shows, Music Bank. Usually, when there is an idol group coming, many reporters wait for them in the parking area and take a picture together.

At that time, Mijoo was seen as the last running member to join the other members who had gathered in the parking area to take pictures with reporters. Mijoo didn’t want to lose her chance to become iconic. She has a proportional body like a model, Mijoo runs from the gate to the middle like a supermodel. She also posed several times as if she was going through a photoshoot for a magazine and successfully gathered a lot of praise for her level of confidence.

TWICE’s Chae-young And Her Drink

TWICE also became one of the famous girl groups that have gone viral because of one of the memes with Chaeyoung. Indeed all this was accidental when Chaeyoung was undergoing her schedule by attending a fan signing event and she was given a drink from one of the famous coffee shops.

In the photo, several stages are seen when Chaeyoung takes a sip of coffee, and her expression changes dramatically to be very funny. His eyebrows linked and as if she was confused to feel the coffee she was drinking before the photo finally showed Chaeyoung’s face returning to a normal expression and staring at the water bottle on her left.

MONSTA X’s Hyung-won’s Expression While Drinking A Starbucks Coffee

After that, there is also a member of Monsta X, Hyungwon, who has been very famous since a long time ago because he often gives reactions beyond expectations and indeed becomes an effortlessly funny member. During one of his appearances at a fan signing event, Hyungwon was seen about to talk about something when he held his mic and there was an expression that he wanted to talk.

But in reality, a few seconds when he got his mic near his mouth he put the mic back and lifted his Starbucks coffee and drank it as if nothing had happened. This meme went viral and re-entered 9Gag with the caption, “When you’re about to say something but then decide it’s not worth the effort.”

What do you think about the viral meme of Monsta X’s Hyungwon?

Jessica on SNSD The Boys MV Opening

This time the meme that went viral is from one of the members of the famous girl group SNSD, Jessica, who now has turned her career as a solo artist. At first, there was nothing wrong with Jessica’s face, but one of the scenes from “The Boys” music video went viral because Jessica’s elegant pose when releasing a bird like a meme tells the story of leaving people who we don’t need.

In the scene, there is also a caption that reads: “There it goes, the last fuck I give …” as hinting about giving the last impression to meet someone who is not worth keeping.

Well, those were the compilations of memes from K-Pop idol members that went viral even to the point of inviting the attention of people who previously didn’t like K-Pop. Many funny expressions are accidentally generated by the members and they also become mood-booster of many people with their hilarious reactions. Let us continue to pray that they will continue their enthusiasm in their own career and remain idols with a lot of positive vibes!