Victon’s Subin Is Turning into an Actor, Check out His Drama Appearance Here!


Meet the Aspiring Actor-Idol, Subin the Maknae from Victon

Victon is a group under Play M Entertainment that debuted in 2016. At that time, their agency was called Plan A Entertainment. You probably know some of the artists from the same company as Victon such as APINK, Huh Gak, Weeekly, etc. Victon debuted with seven members who are Seungsik, Seungwoo, Sejun, Chan, Hanse, Byungchan, and Subin.

Subin is the only member that was born in 1999. The other members were born before 1997. Besides being the youngest member, Subin is in charge of the vocalist and rapper positions.

Subin is a maknae that managed to have his members fall to their knees. It’s even said that their group is just him and six of his fans. But, did you know that besides being a vocalist in Victon, Subin is also an actor?

Let’s explore more about Subin from Victon as an actor and learn to fall in love with him as his members fell for him!

Victon’s Subin’s Drama


Well, then again, it’s not a rare thing to see K-pop idols turning into actors or actresses after they debut. If their acting skill is great, people might not know that they actually are idols. This is the case for Do Kyungsoo from EXO, Park Hyungsik who was a ZE:A member, or Jinyoung of Got7.

Let’s see how well Subin’s acting skills by seeing the dramas that he has acted in!

Victon’s Subin in The Guilty Secret

subin victon

Subin started his acting career by starring in a web drama called The Guilty Secret which was aired on Naver TV in 2018. The drama has 12 episodes and you can watch it all on YouTube with English subtitles.

Just like the name, the drama tells about some teenagers who have a secret. Subin played the role of Jo Ah-sung, a high school student. The story revolved around high school students’ problems such as secretly in love with someone, bullying, and many more.

Check out the video of Subin’s appearance in The Guilty Secret!

Victon’s Subin in Psychopath Diary


In November 2019, the first episode of Subin’s next drama was aired. He portrayed a supporting role in a drama called Psychopath Diary. This is a drama that starred Yoon Si-yoon, Park Sung-hoon, and Jung In-sun. Subin portrayed the role of Yoon Si-yoon‘s half-brother.

Let’s check out Subin’s appearance in Psycopath Diary!

And here is the behind the scene of Subin’s appearance in Psychopath Diary!

Victon’s Subin in Convenience Store Fling


The next project is another web drama that aired in early 2021. Subin played the role of Jung Subin, the same name as him. The character that he portrayed is one of the four boys that approaches the main lead. Besides Subin, there are Kim Donghyun of AB6IX, Bong Jaehyun of Golden Child, and Pentagon’s Wooseok.

The story is about a girl named Joo-ah portrayed by the actress Choi Ji-su who became a part-timer in a convenience store. But then he met a handsome guy, Kim Dong-hyun, who turned out to be her co-worker. Not only him but there are also three co-workers that so handsome and could easily distract her work.

Subin, on the other hand, played as a mean co-worker. He looks really cool with his fierce acts!

Check out the slight performance of Subin in Convenience Store Fling!

Hmm, do you find Subin’s drama story interesting? You can watch the dramas if you’re curious to find out more!


Victon’s Subin Practiced Drama with Momoland’s Nancy

subin nancy

Don’t get fooled by the picture. It’s not news about Subin and Nancy from Momoland dating. Subin is currently not in a public relationship now. So, it’s not likely he’s dating Nancy. Instead, we want you to know that Subin created such wonderful chemistry with Nancy from Momoland.

Nancy and Subin both starred in a reality show called I’m an Actor or also known as Idol Acting Competition. In that show, they reenacted some scenes from a popular drama. Let’s see some acting by Nancy and Subin!


What do you think of their chemistry? They seem to be a good couple, right? Hopefully, both Subin and Nancy will act in a drama together as a couple!


Well done! It’s the end of the article already, and you have learned a lot about Subin from Victon. He’s indeed such a lovable maknae. No wonder his members and Alice, the fandom name of Victon, love him so much. Subin is also talented and is charming when he’s on stage. Which of Subin’s charms do you like the most? Kindly share your opinion and support to Subin in the comment section!