VICTON’s Subin’s Full Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Era

VICTON’s Subin in Psychopath Diary

Subin made his debut in acting with the web drama I Met You Again. After the success of his first attempt in acting, he made his second acting appearance in the drama series titled Psychopath Diary. The drama is starring other great actors such as Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung In-sun, and Park Sung-hoon and it aired on tvN from November 20th, 2019 to January 9th, 2020.

Psychopath Diary is a drama series that tells the story of Yook Dong Sik (played by Yoon Shi-yoon) who ran away from the crime scene and got into an accident. After he woke up, he had no trace of his memories, and he didn’t even know who he was. He only has a diary with him that recorded the crime and failure phase himself as a serial psychotic murderer.

Subin drew attention by playing the role of a high school student with a childish charm. Subin played the role of Yook Dong-chan, Dong-sik’s younger half-brother. He is the youngest family member. Dong-chan is a high school student who spends much of his time on the internet. He is being bullied at school though and his mother is spoiled a lot.

Subin thought that he was worried and nervous at first because he thought of acting among the senior actors who are very cool and too good. “But I think I was able to cheer up and run to the end of the show rather than worry because the seniors and staff cheered and led me warmly during the shoot,” he added. He was also thankful to the staff and his fans who supported him, “I learned and gained so much from Psychopath Diary that it will remain a good memory and experience. “The actors and staff have worked so hard and thank you very much,” he said. “I really thank the fans for their support.”

Check out Subin’s cut in Psychopath Diary, here:


VICTON’s Subin’s graduation from high school

Subin graduated from high school in 2018. VICTON members attended Subin’s graduation. They also shared the happy moment on their SNS. Subin also shared his happiness, he said: “Everyone, I graduated today! A lot of Alice (VICTON’s fan name) congratulated me. The members and their families congratulated me a lot. I think it’s been a very happy day!! Now that I’m an adult, I’m going to show you something better.
Thank you~ : )” He attached the picture of his graduation with the members along with this caption.

The members of VICTON looked very supportive and were great big brothers to Subin. They cheered on Subin during his graduation ceremony. Take a look at the short cheering video filmed by Seungsik:

Seungsik wrote, “Subin, congratulations on your graduation!!! hehehehehehehe. Our youngest finally graduated. ᅲᅲᅲ I am such a cute youngest but sometimes I forget it because I am mature, but I can’t believe it’s your graduation. Please congratulate Subin together with me!!! Hehehehe.”

Take a look at VICTON’s Subin’s graduation photos with the members!

VICTON’s Subin’s cats

Subin has two cats named Mimi and Jaws. Seems like he loves cats a lot. He sometimes posts videos on VICTON’s Instagram of him playing with the cats.


Fans show their reaction to the picture of cute Subin with his cats that he shared through his Instagram story:

  • SUBIN TELLING US TO LOOK AT HIS CAT frankly i cannot tell the difference between the two cats in this picture
  • subin: everyone look at my cat, me: YALL LOOK AT MY BABY SHOWING OFF HIS CAT ;______;
  • Nooooo……so cute subsub
  • Good morning I woke up to Subin Cat today
  • Anyway’s SUBIN’S CAT, there goes my heart
  • subin ask everyone to look at his cat and ask if its cute ;-; subin u are cuter

VICTON’s Subin’s braces

Subin used to have braces on his teeth. He rarely showed his braces. Fans said that he’s cute with braces. He is now brace-free. Let’s take a look at the before and after braces of Subin’s teeth.

Even after he removed the braces, he still looks cute and more handsome when he smiles with teeth shown.

Are you ready to see Subin with no braces on?

Here you go!

Extremely great looking Subin!


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