Get To Know The Main Vocalist and Leader of VICTON–Seung-sik

VICTON’s Seung-sik’s Solo Activity

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Besides that, Seung-sik also often gets the opportunity to upload other cover songs to the YouTube channel just to interact with his fans. Even though he hasn’t been busy with solo activities and individual schedules, Seung-sik still wants to create the latest content to keep in touch with his loyal fans who have supported him in his career to this day.

On April 29th, 2017, Seung-sik, who had just made his debut for a year with Victon, began to actively upload videos of his cover songs to the YouTube channel. Among the songs that he sung was one titled “Over and Over Again”, which is one of the top hits popularized by Nathan Skyes. As the main vocalist, Seung-sik sings with all his heart on the cover of the song and gives fans his sweet voice. The video until today has managed to get 9.8 thousand likes from fans.

On October 30th, 2017, Seung-sik uploaded his video to Victon’s official YouTube channel with the song “Summer Night” (Hangul: 여름밤). The song, which has a duration of 2:54 minutes, was written and composed by Seung-sik plus several other musicians who helped produce the song, such as BEOM X NANG in the mixing & editing section, while the instruments were taken from the original song titled “EYESCREAM” by Hanhae (feat. Jeong Eun-ji).

On January 2nd, 2018, Seung-sik, who apparently uploaded his music to the YouTube channel, succeeded in making a solo song for himself. The song is titled “That Place” (Hangul: 그 자리) and if you look at the video description, Seung-sik took part as the composer and lyricist of the song, while the arrangement for the song was made by Byun Moo-hyeok. The video of Seung-sik’s solo song managed to get 5.2 thousand likes from fans.

In 2018, VICTON’s main vocal, Seung-sik, teased fans again. Through VICTON’s Twitter account, Seung-sik gave the news that he had released a cover of solo singer 10CM’s song titled “Phone Concert” on VICTON’s SoundCloud account.

Not only the cover in the form of sound, but Seung-sik also released the cover in the form of a video with a theme like making a video call to his girlfriend. The cover video itself was released on the YouTube account as well as VICTON’s Official Vlive.

On October 29th, 2018, Victon’s Seung-sik uploaded another cover song video to YouTube featuring Paul Kim’s song “Every Day, Every Moment” (Hangul: 모든 날, 모든 순간). This song is a western song that was published by male solo artist Paul Kim, in 2018 and has received high enthusiasm from the public and fans. With the piano playing as the main instrument of the song, Seung-sik looks very deep into the singing of the song that has been popularized by Paul Kim. The cover song video from Seung-sik has managed to get 5 thousand likes from fans up until today.

On December 26th, 2018, Seung-sik uploaded a winter-nuanced song to Victon’s YouTube channel. The song is titled “Winter Without You” (Hangul: 너 없는 겨울) where he is the person behind the scenes who wrote and took part as the composer of this song, while Byun Moo-hyeok was chosen to do the arrangement and be the mixer for the song released at the end of 2018. Fans certainly appreciate Seung-sik’s work by giving 3.7 thousand likes to Seung-sik’s song uploaded on YouTube.

On August 17th, 2019, Seung-sik uploaded a cover of one of the songs that Taeyeon had popularized titled “All About You”. The song, which was once the soundtrack of the K-Drama titled Hotel del Luna, also invited a lot of appreciation from many people who heard this song because of Taeyeon‘s sweet voice. Beside that, Seung-sik also turned out to have the same sweet voice as the original singer when he sang this song which proved to be successful in getting 13 thousand likes.

On February 19th, 2020, Victon’s Seung-sik came with the release of a single track titled “I’m Still Loving You”. The music video made includes an animation of a couple who recently separated but they are still thinking about each other. This music video was uploaded on the YouTube channel from 1theK and managed to get 4.3 thousand likes from Seung-sik and Victon fans in general. This song has Seung-sik’s melodious voice which is perfect for singing western songs with deep lyrics.

On April 23rd, 2020, Victon’s Seung-sik, known for his melodious voice when singing ballads, was selected to appear on the K-Drama Find Me in Your Memory soundtrack, which was broadcast on MBC. A song sung by Seung-sik solo was released for OST Part. 5 and the lyrics also have a deep meaning. In the lyrics, it says, “While the memories are asleep I want to carefully go to you and tell you everything, But I can’t even say I love you after you wake up from your dream, I’m afraid I’ll give you a new scar,” talking about someone who loves thin solitude without expressing his true feelings.

On May 10th, 2020, Victon who held their 1st Concert New World also presented a special stage for Seung-sik’s performance as a solo artist. It’s no secret that Seung-sik’s melodious voice as the main vocalist of the group has often been heard among fans when he sings ballads. Suddenly, the fans who attended the concert greeted with a fanfare when Seung-sik got on stage and sang one of the famous Western Pop songs titled “See You Again”.

On June 25th, 2020, Victon’s Seung-sik uploaded a video of a cover song he did to engage fans with individual content on his YouTube channel. The member who was born in 1995 sang a song from Seo Eun-kwang from BTOB with the title “No One Knows” (Hangul: 아무도 모른다). As before, Victon’s Seung-sik as the main vocalist of the group really likes to sing ballads. The cover song video uploaded to Victon’s official YouTube channel managed to get 12 thousand likes from fans and Alice (Victon’s fandom) can also listen to Seung-sik’s voice while singing beautifully.

On July 7th, 2020, Seung-sik returned to sing a K-Drama soundtrack for the drama titled My Unfamiliar Family that was broadcast on tvN. The song sung by Seung-sik is present as the soundtrack for Part 4 with the title “When We Were Close”.

Seung-sik appears in his sweet voice and sings a ballad. This is not his first time appearing as a performer for a K-Drama soundtrack, but it must be appreciated that the main vocalist of Victon does have a sweet voice to listen to. “When We Were Close” tells the story of a person’s desire to return to the good times of their romantic relationship with their partner.

On September 10th, 2020, Victon’s Seung-sik came to sing a song from EXO, namely “Universe”, which is a ballad genre and has very deep lyrics. In the video, Victon Seung-sik looks very deep into each song. “Universe” is indeed famous for its mellow tones and can touch the hearts of fans, just like Seung-sik who sings the song with a very melodious tone. The cover song video has managed to get 12 thousand likes from fans up until today.

In addition to content related to cover songs that are usually uploaded on the YouTube channel, Seung-sik has also been present on music show broadcasts on television. In December 2019, Seung-sik was present as a contestant of King of Mask Singer which aired on MBC.

This appearance was quite different because Seung-sik was present as an idol who came to the event alone without his fellow members from Victon. Behind the mask called Diary, Seung-sik sang sweetly with his rivals at the event. Meanwhile, the audience and the judges on their respective panels were amazed by the performance of Seung-sik when performing “A Watercolor Of A Rainy Day” (Hangul: 비오는 날 의 수채화).

On the other hand, when the MC asked about their respective strengths, the real Diary as the mask used by Seung-sik showed another advantage in beatboxing and the panelists thought that he is a rapper, while his rival who wore a Bruce Lee mask was accompanied by a beatbox from Diary and he did a freestyle dance show.

At the time of revealing his mask, Seung-sik made the audience and panelists surprised that he is an idol who has a position as the main vocalist of the group and can sing live with his very melodious and heartfelt voice. The previous guess that thought that Seung-sik was a rapper turned out to be wrong, he has a very melodious voice when singing and is also able to show his singing skills live on the King of Mask Singer stage.


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