Get To Know The Main Vocalist and Leader of VICTON–Seung-sik

victon seungsik profile

Everything You Need To Know About VICTON’s Leader Kang Seung-sik

The boy group under Play M Entertainment that debuted on November 9th, 2016, is Victon (Hangul: 빅톤). Some of the members who debuted together under the name Victon are also famous for their career journeys because they previously participated in survival shows such as Produce x 101.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one of the members of Victon, Seung-sik, who is in charge of being the leader of the group. He has a very adorable smile and is incredibly talented.

Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take a closer look at Victon’s Seung-sik’s full profile, activities and promotions, as well as the latest news at the moment.

VICTON’s Seung-sik’s Profile

victon seungsik profile

Real Name: Kang Seung-sik (Hangul: 강승식)

Stage Name: Seung-sik (Hangul: 승식)

Place and Date of Birth: Gyeonggi, South Korea, April 16th, 1995

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 180 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader and Main Vocalist

VICTON’s Seung-sik’s Facts

victon seungsik profile
  1. Victon’s Seung-sik used to be the temporary leader of the group before Victon’s Seungwoo promoted with X1, but he eventually remained in the same position even after Victon’s Seungwoo’s returned to the group
  2. Victon’s Seung-sik’s favorite song from the group is “Timeline”
  3. Victon’s Seung-sik’s favorite color is Black
  4. Victon’s Seung-sik likes to take vitamins and eat healthily
  5. Victon’s Seung-sik snores a lot
  6. Victon’s Seung-sik’s favorite sport is badminton
  7. Victon’s Seung-sik doesn’t believe in superstitions
  8. Victon’s Seung-sik has a mole on the back side of his neck
  9. Victon’s Seung-sik has the role of the ‘mother’ in the group
  10. Victon’s Seung-sik is a member that can harmonize well with the other members
  11. Victon’s Seung-sik’s nicknames are Mom and Potato
  12. Victon’s Seung-sik can imitate rapper BeWhy
  13. Victon’s Seung-sik’s phone number was saved by Victon’s Chan under the name Seung-sik’s Pig Tail
  14. Victon’s Seung-sik recently learned how to compose music
  15. Victon’s Seung-sik is usually teased by other members who are younger than him
  16. Victon’s Seung-sik hates cucumbers
  17. Victon’s Seung-sik’s role model is Highlight’s Yang Yo-seob
  18. Victon’s Seung-sik often sings Western songs or Korean songs during V-Live streams
  19. Victon’s Seung-sik released a solo song titled “I’m Still Loving You” which is in partnership with 722 STUDIO in February 2020
  20. Victon’s Seung-sik, in an interview for the Marie Claire March 2017 Issue said that his unique feature is his neck, which is a little bit thicker than his head
  21. Victon’s Seung-sik thinks that the most attractive trait of himself is his eye smile
  22. Victon’s Seung-sik doesn’t remember that he is sleep talking
  23. Victon’s Seung-sik sometimes makes the sound of crickets chirping when he’s sleeping
  24. Victon’s Seung-sik snores a lot when he is sleeping
  25. Victon’s Seung-sik can sing So Chan-whee’s “Tears”
  26. Victon’s Seung-sik said, “I’m the Main Vocalist,” when he was drunk according to Victon’s Sejun
  27. Victon’s Seung-sik appeared in Episode 253 of King of The Masked Singer as Diary
  28. Victon’s Seung-sik sang a duet song titled “Begin Again” with a solo artist who’s also his labelmate, Huh Gak, back when he was still a trainee
  29. Victon’s Seung-sik does his skincare routine, fill his humidifier with water, and eat something good before going to sleep
  30. Victon’s Seung-sik always ends up doing the undesirable chores at the dorm
  31. Victon’s Seung-sik’s object that he treasures is in his training diary which contains many memories from back when he was a trainee
  32. Victon’s Seung-sik has sung a K-Drama soundtrack for Find Me In Your Memory and My Unfamiliar Family
  33. Victon’s Seung-sik doesn’t belong to any religion
  34. Victon’s Seung-sik said that his body gets stiff and he just stands still without thinking about anything when he’s mad
  35. Victon’s Seung-sik’s ideal type is a woman who takes her academic education seriously

VICTON’s Seung-sik’s Pre-debut

victon seungsik profile

Until now, no further news has been obtained about Seung-sik when he was still pre-debut. It’s just that the information shows that Seung-sik was born in Gyeonggi, South Korea and he lived his days before debuting as a school student in general. Seung-sik is also registered to have joined a training academy which was also attended by other Victon members. The training academy is called Dublekick Academy.

In this section below, we are going to take a closer look at Seung-sik’s appearance when he was a child until his pre-debut era when he was a teenager!

victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile
victon seungsik profile

VICTON’s Seung-sik’s Debut Era

victon seungsik profile

On December 4th, 2016, Victon that had just made their debut at that time were interviewed by News 1. The first boy group was born in Plan A Entertainment, which produced the girl group A-Pink. The name of the group called A-Pink’s younger brother is VICTON and it consists of Han Seung-woo, Kang Seung-sik, Heo Chan, Lim Se-jun, Choi Byung-chan, Do Han-se, and Subin.

VICTON is an abbreviation of ‘Voice To New World’, which is also the name of their debut album, and contains the meaning of a voice for a new world. They are determined to continue to communicate with the public in a diverse and sincere way.

In particular, they are also talented rookies who have gone through a preparation period for about a year after being formed as a team through harsh survival within the company. Accordingly, News 1 Star first asked about their debut impressions from the members who would have waited for this moment more than anyone else in a recent interview.

“It’s the moment I’ve been waiting for, so I feel good. We only dreamed of becoming singers, and then we actually started. Every moment is thrilling and grateful.”

Victon members smiled brightly as they had achieved their biggest dream after debut. Anything full of enthusiasm and passion is also the biggest strength of a rookie. They also talked about the memories of the first music broadcast in their lives with excitement.

“The first music broadcast stage was Mnet’s M Countdown. Before we went up, we were worried that we would make a mistake. It’s the same, so I think it remains a good memory.”

VICTON is a member of Plan A Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as Plan A) like the girl group A Pink, and even before they debuted, they had been a hot topic as A-Pink’s younger brother. Also, talented vocalist Huh Gak was also a senior at the same management company. They were also asked about the advice their seniors gave them before debut.

“A-Pink seniors advised us and always greeted each other. Jung Eun-ji monitored the music broadcast and informed us of the strengths and weaknesses one by one. In addition, Huh Gak gave us realistic advice to continue improving our skills. He said a lot of good things and advice us so I am grateful that other people also supported me in various ways.”

Although they expressed their excitement that they had just made their debut, in fact, Victon’s actions were a bit unique. This was their first official activity, but in August 2016, Victon first announced their faces through an entertainment program titled Mnet’s The Story of Me and Seven Men. In addition to this, the process of joining the trainees into members of the group was different, so it was quite fun to listen to the stories behind them.

“I went to a general high school. I had a dream of becoming a singer since then, but I didn’t have that opportunity and couldn’t tell my parents anymore, but I met friends who were preparing for the Department of Practical Music in high school, so I got ready to work together. I came to Plan A when I was in the third grade.”

Thanks to the diverse charms of Kang Seung-sik and other members, the more the interview goes, the more interesting questions for them grew. The name of the team, which means a voice for a new world, also attracted attention. Many of their fans wondered what kind of competitiveness they plan to have in the future.

“We want to reach the public with more authentic music. When we are happy or sad, we want to approach emotionally, and sometimes we want to approach it with the feeling of let’s play on the stage. I want to show it.”

“The nickname A-Pink’s Younger Brother is not burdensome, it is a blessing. But I think that it is the interest I receive because the seniors have prepared the way forward so well, and I will try my best without giving up on expectations. We have not yet decided on a modifier unique to VICTON, but our is in the process of finding our own color, so please keep an eye on what color it will be,” they said.

“As we prepared this album, we tried to capture various aspects. It is our goal now to show all of them. In the future, it is a great romance to reach out to fans with various types of music. Next year, I would like to receive a rookie award.”

Meanwhile, VICTON’s debut title song “I’m Fine” is a song by producer Beom Yi Nang, who has worked with A-Pink, EXID, and T-ara. It expresses the psychology of men who are struggling to pretend to be cool in front of their girlfriend and pretend to be cool even if their pride is injured, and the breathtaking hook and melody harmonize with them to create a pleasing addiction.

On December 29th, 2016, Victon had another interview to promote their debut era with Herald Corp. VICTON is a 7-member boy group that Plan A Entertainment, in which A-Pink and Huh Gak belong, ambitiously created and enabled to debut. On November 9th, 2016, they took their first step with the double title songs “I’m Fine” and “What Time Is It Now” of the first album Voice To New World.

victon seungsik profile

It is not common for a new group to choose their debut song as a double title. It is not easy to go all-in to one song, and the two songs were opposite styles. Seung-sik as the leader said, “’I’m Fine’ is a cute and naughty concept, but ‘What Time Is It Now’ is full of charisma. We were rather good at showing opposite charms,” he said.

They also picked which is their favorite song from their debut album, which is extremely valuable. Leader Seung-sik and rapper Han Seung-woo chose the intense dance song “What Time Is It Now”, Se-joon and Byeong-chan chose “I’m Fine”, Heo Chan and Su-bin chose the bright and lovely song “Beautiful”.

The story of SF9 and the Pentagon, which debuted at the same time, continued. They said it was regrettable that there was no opportunity to become friends yet. Byung-chan said, “I watched it wonderfully. Both groups liked the stage performance and song so much,” and he also praised them. Subin also said, “The songs and stages that are different from ours attracted attention. Actually, I was a CUBE Entertainment trainee before, so I had a close relationship with the Pentagon members. It was really nice.”

victon seungsik profile

What are the advantages of VICTON that differentiate them from other groups? Sejun emphasized, “The best thing about us is the family-like atmosphere. I think teamwork is really good. In the musical part, it seems that we have our own color, like ‘I’m Fine’.” Seung-woo said, “The lyrics of our music are particularly realistic, ‘What Time Is It now?’, ‘It’s Dangerous Outside The Blanket’, there are a lot of people hanging out,” he laughed.

Victon is a group with a total of seven members out of which the youngest member is Subin (born in 1999). Of course, he is an idol who honestly confesses that he has been drinking. Seungwoo said, “We like to eat bear eel at a stand. Before our debut, after practice, we all drank beer often at the Han River.”

Seung-sik said, “Even if I didn’t drink a lot, I sometimes made such a place to strengthen teamwork. Seung-woo hyung and Sejun drink the best. The two of them probably never counted the amount of alcohol. There is no injection and the hangover is cleaner. It’s great,” he raised his thumb.

victon seungsik profile

Beside that, Victon’s Seung-sik’s appearance at debut also looks very cute and energetic. The member who was born in 1995 looked very playful when he delivered the performance of “I’m Fine” and really enjoyed their debut concept. Seung-sik comes with dark brown hair and always performs on stage with cute expressions. He also doesn’t forget to show his eye smile which is his charming point.

On December 29th, 2016, Victon who was in the middle of their fan meeting schedule performed “I’m Fine” and showed the choreography and funny expressions on stage. Seung-sik, who was wearing a turtle neck and jeans at that time, looked very cute when performing the song. Fans also shouted because they saw the cute expressions of each member at that time.

Victon’s debut concept did take a choreography that showed quite an energetic and entertaining movement. This song with RnB and funky instrumentals is also very suitable for their debut concept, especially when they attend a fan signing event and wear school costumes like the focus fancam from Seung-sik above which shows their charm in front of the fans.