Victon’s Sejun: Profile, Facts, Acting Debut, etc

Victon’s Sejun’s Friendship with Roommate Line

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Victon’s roommate line which consists of Sejun, Seungsik, and Subin is perhaps the most notable pairing in the group. Despite their age difference (Seungsik was born in 1995, Sejun in 1996, and Subin in 1999), it seems like they still managed to form a genuine bond!

victon sejun

The S (taken from their initials) Trio often appears together on live streams, and they take a bunch of selfies whenever they can.

victon sejun

They are also very supportive of other members such as Seungwoo who made his solo debut some time ago. The three visited the MV set with matching outfits.

victon sejun

And, whenever they are in the same room together, they radiate chaotic chemistry like that time when they appeared on 1theK’s variety show How to Be Inssa and coincidentally became a team to cook kimchi guksu noodles.

Seungsik and Sejun as the hyungs and the “parents” of Subin guided him to complete the mission to cook a chocolate cake. The result was one explosively heartwarming scene that will make your hearts go “aww” and then proceed to roll on the floor.

victon sejun

Check out the full episode below!


Victon’s Sejun’s Debut as an Actor

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For those of you who followed Sejun’s career progression, you might notice that Sejun is not a stranger to acting. After all, he played a part in Huh Gak’s “The Last Night” and “Only One” music videos.

Apparently, in 2019, Sejun returned to acting with Plan A Entertainment announcing the news in April. “VICTON’s Sejun has been cast as the male lead of the web drama The Loner Who Became a Popular Kid. This is his first work as an actor, and we hope people will anticipate it,” wrote the agency.

The drama focuses on the loner character named Byung-min who becomes popular after he encounters the popular kid named Na Il-jang (who was played by Sejun).

Sejun acted alongside actor Kim Jae-hoon as Byung-min and WJSN’s SeolA as Byung-min’s first love. Sejun said that he is a passionate actor and would always look forward to acting.

“I’ve always been interested in and have a passion for acting, and I was given such a fun script to look over. Though I am worried as this is my first acting role, I am working hard because I want to put on a good performance for everyone,” he said.

Well, it’s true, you can feel his seriousness with this picture alone.

victon sejun


Victon’s Sejun’s Focus Fancams

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Sejun is one of the most interesting Victon members to watch on stage. The reason is that he makes various facial expressions on stage. He also has a very good ability to sing in a clear, stable voice. And, he has good confidence as he often screams in the middle of the song.

Check out his stunning stage performances in the fancams below!

So, those are all the things that you need to know about the “chameleon” of Victon, Sejun! By now, you might be wondering why we call him that. If you know the answer, please tell us in the comment section below!