VICTON’s Han Seung-woo: Full Profile, Sun-hwa’s Brother, Produce x 101, etc.

Han Seung-woo’s Instagram

This photo, Seung-woo posted one week ago to promote VICTON’s new single “MYDAY.”

He looks so flawless in this photo just like a man who is coming from a manga book.

Look how tall is he!

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This picture is from his photoshoot with Kapsul Collection.

He looks so perfect even from the side.

Reunited with Kim Woo-seok


On June 7th, 2020, Seung-woo posted a photo to his Instastory. The photo explained that he was reunited with Kim Woo-seok, the former X1 member, in the Inkigayo music program. Seung-woo wrote, “It’s been a while. Seok continues to get prettier by the day…”


The two idols were promoting the recent activity that was Han Seung-woo’s comeback with VICTON with their single “Myday,” and Kim Woo-seok recently made a solo debut with “Red Moon.”