VICTON’s Han Seung-woo: Full Profile, Sun-hwa’s Brother, Produce x 101, etc.

Han Seung-woo in X1


Project group X1, with eleven members, debuted on August 27th, 2019. They debuted with the album Emergency: Quantum Leap and the title track “Flash.”

Seung-woo’s position is the leader and lead vocalist of X1. Promotional activities for Seung Woo and the other members with X1 lasted about five months before the band had to disband.


X1 officially disbanded on January 6th, 2020. The group disbanded after Ahn Joon-hyung, who was the producer of Produce X 101, was arrested on November 5th, 2019, because of his involvement in corrupted voting and admitted that all eleven members who were being top 11 members had been selected before the end of the final program. This affected X1’s image and caused several public appearances to be canceled. After that, CJ ENM, Swing Entertainment which was X1’s agency held a meeting with the members and they agreed to disbandment. The agency released each member from their contract and following the official disbandment of X1 they could return to their original agencies.

Han Seung-woo’s Sexy Moments


Han Seung-woo was born with a handsome face and has grown up with a perfect body and good voice. His height is 184 cm which is taller than the average man in South Korea. He has a perfect body with an amazing posture and has killer abs. His voice is so sweet and manly. Sometimes, his voice sounds so sexy when he is singing a song.

During his time as a trainee of Produce X 101, he was well-known as a sexy icon. The older brother with a handsome face, perfect body, sexy gaze, and a sexy voice. Even the other trainees agreed with that nickname. Seung-woo has many sexy moments of his time in Produce X 101.

Han Seung-woo’s Tattoo


This manly idol has three tattoos on his body and Seung-woo fans already know about his tattoos. One on his chest, one on his right shoulder, and one on his arm.


The tattoo he has on his left arm is quite meaningful to him. The lilac flowers were in celebration of his group VICTON’s first anniversary. Then, the moon symbol above the flower symbolizes the people who shine on him even when it’s dark.


The one on his right shoulder is his birthday in roman numerals. The tattoo has a deep meaning for Seung-woo because it carries the memory of his parents and his birthday. He said that if he wasn’t born that day, he was would not be where he is now.


The last one is on his chest. This tattoo is making his appearance even sexier. The tattoo is well-placed on his collarbone, reading “don’t lock me up.” The meaning of this one is still kept a secret because Seung-woo has never talked about it.