VICTON’s Byungchan: Profile, Facts, and His Appearance in ‘Produce X 101’

choi byung-chan victon

Let’s Meet Choi Byung-chan, the Visual of VICTON

Choi Byung-chan (최병찬), or better known by his last name Byung-chan, is a vocalist and visual of his group. With Seungwoo, Seungsik, Heochan, Sejun, Hanse, and Subin, he debuted as a member of VICTON on November 9th, 2016, under PLAN A Entertainment, or now known as Play M Entertainment. They are mostly known as APINK’s brother group as they come from the same company.

Lately, his name is getting more popular since he joined a well-known survival show Produce X 101. Many people fell for him because of his charms, especially the deep dimples on both of his cheeks. Channel-Korea will discuss Choi Byung-chan’s profile, facts, and many more. So stay tuned and let’s get started!

VICTON’s Byungchan’s Profile

choi byung-chan victon
  • Stage Name: Byung-chan (병찬)
  • Real Name: Choi Byung-chan (최병찬)
  • Position: Vocalist and Visual
  • Date of Birth: November 12th, 1997
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Height: 185 cm (6’1″)
  • Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Agency: Plan A Entertainment (Plan M Entertainment)

25 Facts About VICTON’s Byung-chan

Choi Byung-chan
  1. Byungchan debuted with VICTON in 2016 as the group’s visual and vocalist.
  2. Byungchan was originally the maknae of the group until Subin was introduced as the last addition to the line-up.
  3. He is the tallest in the group.
  4. Byungchan is known as the least manly one in the group but he is able to show off his manliness when it comes to bugs because no one else is able to do it; they are too afraid.
  5. He was born in Jeonju, South Korea.
  6. Byungchan doesn’t have a religion that he follows.
  7. His nicknames are Giraffe, Model.
  8. His favorite color is black.
  9. He hates tomatoes and seafood.
  10. He has dimples and he shows them off whenever he gets the chance.
  11. Byungchan likes the girl group dances.
  12. His skills are singing, doing girl group dances and random dances.
  13. His hobbies are window shopping, listening to music, and exercising.
  14. When Byungchan was still a trainee, he was nicknamed the Achilles heel.
  15. Byungchan has a cameo appearance in Sassy Go-Go (2015).
  16. His role models are BigBang and BTS’ V.
  17. Things he is interested in include shopping, video games, watching BigBang videos.
  18. Byungchan participated in the June issue of Nylon magazine with Naeun of Apink.
  19. He wants to learn martial arts.
  20. His most favorite VICTON song is “I’m fine.”
  21. His strength and weakness: “Sometimes I’m careless like a neighborhood fool.”
  22. Byungchan’s happiest moment lately is when he meets up with the fans.
  23. Byungchan expressed his feelings about not being able to get work because his company (Plan A) hasn’t seen an increase in sales from their group’s previous releases.
  24. Byungchan had been training for 4 years and 11 months before his debut.
  25. He has become really close to Wooseok, Jinhyuk, Kookheon, and Yuvin on Produce X 101.

His Pre-debut and Now

This is Byungchan pre-debut photo. He looks so young, a pure and kind boy. He wears glasses and his hair is the same as other boys of his age.


But compared with his present photo, there are no big differences. His jawline looks smaller than before. The present photo shows the make-up that Byungchan wears, and the angle of the photos, and different hairstyle.

First Time In Law of the Jungle

choi byung-chan law of the jungle

On January 12th, 2018, episode of SBS’ variety show Law of the Jungle: the Cook Islands, the cast members arrived at the island Aitutaki known as “the last paradise on earth.”

Led by chief Kim Byung-man, Byungchan became part of the cast members together with Kangnam, Lee Da Hee, Kim Jung Tae, Park Jung Chul, Jung Joon Young, Teen Top’s Niel. This is Byunchan’s first-time appearance on the show.

As they all began boarding the boats, Byungchan suddenly began rummaging his bag. What he found was a letter from Apink’s Hayoung, who had appeared on Law of The Jungle in 2016.

choi byung-chan law of the jungle

“Hello, chief Byung-man and all the members. Victon is in the same agency as us Apink. I heard that Byung-chan is going to the jungle, so I thought Apink raincoats would be helpful when you build houses. I wanted to help, so I sent them through Byung-chan. Please take care and don’t overexert yourselves.

From Ha-Young of Apink.”

Then Byungchan gave the raincoats that Ha-young had sent to each cast member. Everyone was moved by Ha-young’s thoughtful gesture and thanked her sincerely.

choi byung-chan law of the jungle

As they arrived at the island, unexpected things happen. It turned out they were divided into 2 islands, according to the ship they were riding. It means the crossing will be done separately. On the first island, there were Kangnam, Kim Jung-tae and Jung Joon-young, the last of them being very desperate because they are located on a different island from the leader Kim Byung-man. While on the other island, there is Chief Byung-man, Byung-chan, Da-hee, Jung-chul, and Niel.

choi byung-chan law of the jungle

In the beginning, Byungchan already showed his manner as a man. He carried Jung-tae and Da-hee so that their feet don’t get wet. He saw Niel carrying Chief Byungman, then without being asked he followed him.

choi byung-chan law of the jungle

His first job was searching for something for their dinner. While Byungman and the others are building a place to sleep, Byungchan and Niel walk down the beach and at the moment, they see many crabs hiding under the rocks. Their first attempt failed because the crabs ran before they could catch them.

And in this clip, we can see another of Byungchan’s cute sides. He said to Niel that he is scared of the crab so he let Niel catch it while Byungchan helps with a stick in his hand.

byung-chan law of the jungle

After catching some crab and slug with Niel, they headed back to their basecamp and reported it to Byungman and the others. Not long ago, Dahee gave the initiative to swim over to the rocks island not far from their island to search for more food. Byungchan volunteered to accompany Dahee.

byung-chan law of the jungle

When they started to swim, Byungchan saw difficulty controlling his body in water. But after the struggle, he could do it well and started collecting some slug.

byung-chan law of the jungle

At night, while everybody has gathered together, Chief Byungman cooked the slug that they got in the afternoon. When it was Byungchan’s turn to try it, he said to Dahee to give him the little pieces of the slug and started to taste it. The taste was a little bit unique, it was sweet and salty but Byungman said it’s a failure and he won’t make it again.

It got late in the night and they went to sleep. They could sleep peacefully because the place that Byungman built was very good and quite strong, covering them form the night wind.

byung-chan law of the jungle

The second morning, when they woke up, they found Byungman cooking the unicorn fish that he had caught the night before. He let Niel and Byungchan have the first taste.

But, unexpected things happen again, they must swap places with members of the cast that are on the other island, they must leave all their food, and belongings. They were very shocked and not willing to leave their breakfast. Just when Niel and Byungchan felt happy to have the first taste of the meal, they immediately felt disappointed because now that they already know the taste, they want to eat it again.

byung-chan law of the jungle

After arriving at the other island, all members were shocked because there was nothing on that island. But luckily, Byungman could catch a wild chicken with the trap he made. And they cooked it with coconut milk. Byungchan had a first chance to try it, but he said he can’t bite it because the meat is too tough. But the taste was good.

After spending some time on that island, they went back to their first island and gathered around with all members including the three members that got separated at the beginning.

At night, the weather got really bad; there was a storm and heavy rain and they didn’t have any place to take cover and to sleep. So the staff tried to evacuate them to their basecamp before it got too late.

byung-chan law of the jungle

And because of that, they had to stop their shooting and had to go home earlier than the schedule.

Byungchan’s Ideal Type

Choi Byung-chan

In a fan meeting, Byungchan said that he likes someone who is cute at times and sexy at times, someone who has various images and someone who comes up to my chin (height-wise).

And in other fan meetings, Fans gave him some choices:

  • Tall vs Short: and he choices Someone shorter than me
  • Cute or Sexy: he prefers the cute one.
  • Long hair vs Shorthair: his choice is long hair.
  • Noona vs Dongsaeng: he said he likes someone who is younger than him.
  • Long legs vs Pretty smile: he chooses long legs. He is the only VICTON member who chose long legs rather than a pretty smile.