Seventeen’s Vernon, The ‘Young Leonardo DiCaprio’ Lookalike

SEVENTEEN’s Vernon As ‘Young Leonardo DiCaprio’

In this article, we are going to tell you about one of the South Korean male idol groups, called SEVENTEEN. But for now, not all the members, but just the one them. And yes, it is Vernon! As you know, Vernon’s face is often compared to the famous American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. As we all will agree, SEVENTEEN’s Vernon and Leonardo DiCaprio are the two handsome males.

So, without any further ado, we are going to compare Vernon‘s pictures with the young Leonardo DiCaprio’s pictures. Are you guys excited? Keep scrolling down and let us get to the main topic!

Vernon and Leonardo DiCaprio

Since his debut in 2015, many fans have pointed out that Vernon, who’s half Korean and half American, bears a strong resemblance to Leonardo DiCaprio. In fact, even media and television broadcasts have pointed this out, with the resemblance being especially spotlighted during Vernon’s appearance on the fourth season of popular hip-hop show Show Me The Money.

The pictures below showed that they made a similiar “smiling face”.

Once again, they made similar expressions and faces when they smiled.

Now we already believe that they are really lookalikes, and are really, really handsome.


Vernon Expressed His Feelings about Being Leonardo Di Caprio’s Lookalike

In an episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together” with the title “Welcome, it’s your first time with ‘Happy Together’ right?”, Vernon was one of the guests.

Upon seeing Vernon’s cute childhood photos, the cast members talked about his nickname “VerCaprio” (Vernon + Leonardo DiCaprio).

But, the fact is that Vernon is a little bit shy when his face is compared to Leonardo DiCaprio’s. Vernon bashfully said, “If you say I resemble him, it feels good but I feel embarrassed.

That was all the information that Channel-Korea could gather for you. So, do you agree that SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon really looks like Leonardo DiCaprio? Don’t forget to leave a comment down below