Verivery’s Hoyoung: Profile, Age, Living in New Zealand, Etc.

Verivery’s Hoyoung’s Performances on Stage


Verivery’s debut era was amazing. Verivery performed their debut song “Ring Ring Ring” really well. They performed on music shows and also released some versions of their music video. It has been over two years since their debut, so you are probably wondering how things are going with the boys in Verivery.

Well, of course, they have improved their performances with each comeback. The dance, vocal, rap, as well as their facial expressions on stage, everything has become more and more perfect. People really should stop sleeping on the real talent of Verivery.

So, let’s check out their gradual improvement with each comeback by seeing their performances throughout time!

What do you think about Verivery’s performances on the music show? Now it’s time to see only Hoyoung in the camera to focus more on his dancing and rapping.

Hoyoung is really such a talented idol. Who has fallen for him already? Leave a heart symbol in the comment section!

Verivery’s Hoyoung’s English

verivery hoyoung

We mentioned earlier that Hoyoung was born and raised in Korea, but he spent his childhood in Queensland, New Zealand for around ten years of his life. Since the time he spent in New Zealand was quite long, you are probably wondering how’s Hoyoung’s English? Well, his English is really good just like a native speaker. Even now, his hometown is in New Zealand, so no wonder Hoyoung’s English hasn’t faded away just like that.

And if you’re wondering what Hoyoung’s English sounds like, he lived in New Zealand so of course, he has a New Zealand accent. In some interviews, Hoyoung greeted the fans in English. When he posts something to the fan café, Twitter, or other social media, Hoyoung writes the captions in English so more of his fans can understand what he wrote.

Let’s see some English moments of Hoyoung in a video made by the fans!

You can also watch After School’s Club where Verivery appeared as a guest, a show from Arirang where the MC and the guest spoke in English.

Verivery’s Hoyoung’s Eldest Sister

hoyoung verivery

We mentioned that Hoyoung’s family has six children including him. He’s the fifth child and one of the two sons, while his other siblings are girls.

It’s probably rare nowadays that a household has so many children. But their family is blessed with talented children. Not only Hoyoung debuted as a member of a K-pop boy group, but one of his older sisters has also debuted as an actress. And in fact, it’s his eldest sister!

Hoyoung’s eldest sister is the actress Bae Da-bin who was born in 1993. She played in some dramas such as Do You Like Brahms?, My ID is Gangnam Beauty, Shall We Kiss First? etc. Hoyoung’s sibling is an actress under SM Culture and Contents, an acting and talent agency under SM Entertainment. Besides Hoyoung’s sister, Bae Da-bin, there are some popular names under the agency, such as Yoon Na-mu, Lee Hak-ju, Defconn, Kang Ho-dong, and many more.


Even the two of them now live in Seoul, it’s a bit hard to see their interaction due to the busy schedule of both Hoyoung and Bae Da-bin. Hopefully, we will see a lot more interactions of the Bae siblings!

Verivery’s Hoyoung’s Cover Videos

We have seen how good Hoyoung’s performances are when he was on stage along with Verivery, but you have probably wondered how good are Hoyoung’s skills outside his performances on music shows or in the music videos?

As a dancer, Hoyoung did some covers of other artists’ dance in Jellyfish Entertainment’s practice room. Sometimes, Hoyoung shared the video practice and uploaded it to their official channel.

Let’s see some cover dances of Hoyoung!

What do you think of his dancing skills? He’s really cool, right? Leave your support for him in the comment section if you like his covers!


Now you have learned a lot about Hoyoung from Verivery. We discussed a lot of his talent and how he made his debut as an idol. Hoyoung is such an adorable person in real life, he’s also a talented idol on stage. No wonder Verivery fans love him so much. And how about you? Which of his charms do you like the most? Kindly share your opinion and your support towards Hoyoung in the comment section below!