All About Jellyifsh Entertainment’s Latest Boy Group, VERIVERY: Profile, Age, Height, Facts, etc

VERIVERY’s Instagram Feed

Just like any newly debuted group, VERIVERY attempts to garner the public’s attention by releasing many contents through their official Instagram (@the_verivery). Created on 21 August 2018, VERIVERY’s Instagram account has been verified and posted approximately 159 posts, gained 70,400 followers, and follows 1 account. Here are the top 10 of VERIVERY’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

VERIVERY’s Latest News

After their official debut in mid-January 2019, VERIVERY was interviewed by Korea media outlets. The boys talked about the preparation of their debut to the support of their predecessors. The main vocalist Yeonho thanked the effort of VIXX and Gugudan which made VERIVERY has lots of interest from the public even before the official debut, “Since we are the first boy group to come out in seven years, there was pressure. However, we are accepting it as our responsibility and thinking about how we should be more nervous and not become lazy”.

The leader Dongheon also shared his heartwarming memory regarding VIXX who participated on VERIVERY’s reality show NOW VERIVERY, “They gave us lots of advice. On the last day of filming, N said to always remember eating well and inviting to have a meal together in the future”. Regarding the group’s goal, Gyehyeon said that VERIVERY’s focus is to make their name known through their album, as well as receiving Rookie Award on award shows in 2019. Lastly, Dongheon concluded the interview by promising to be a group who will put better appearances and performances in other to be remembered by the public. Way to go, boys!