Get Closer with VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon: Profile, Fun Facts, Debut Era, Focus Fancam, Cover Song, Etc.

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Find Out More About VERIVERY’s Lead Vocalist—Jo Gye-hyeon!

Do you know the South Korean entertainment agency Jellyfish Entertainment? They have launched the careers of a lot of famous artists such as VIXX, Gugudan, VIXX‘s Leo, and many more. The agency has recently released another artist, a group named VERIVERY that consists of seven members, and now we are going to talk about one of the members: the lead vocalist Gyehyeon.

In this article, Channel-Korea will reveal everything about VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon, so stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon’s Full Profile

verivery's gyehyeon

Birth Name: Jo Gye-hyeon (조계현)

Stage Name: Gyehyeon (계현)

Place and Date of Birth: Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, May 14th, 1999

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Blood Type: B

Height: 177,6 cm

Weight: 57 kg

Position: Lead Vocalist

Occupation: Singer, Dancer, Composer, Model, Songwriter

Years Active: 2018–present

Label: Jellyfish Entertainment

Associated With: VERIVERY

VERIVERY’S Gyehyeon’s Fun Facts That You Need to Know!

verivery's gyehyeon
  • Gyehyeon’s nickname is Gyedoong
  • Gyehyeon has an older brother
  • Gyehyeon is left-handed
  • Gyehyeon’s favorite foods are meat and fruits
  • He likes sherbet and choco flavor for ice cream
  • He hates onions, bell peppers, and bugs
  • Gyehyeon likes reading manhwa, watching variety shows and movies
  • Gyehyeon’s MBTI type is INFP
  • Gyehyeon can perform martial art tricks since he has been training for it
  • Gyehyeon’s motto is: “If we can’t do it together, let’s not do it at all.”
  • Gyehyeon loves black color
  • According to other members, Gyehyeon is the strongest out of all
  • Gyehyeon thinks his charms are the mole under his left eye and his eyebrows
  • Gyehyeon’s childhood dream was to be a judge

What Is VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon’s Ideal Type?

verivery's gyehyeon

After a bunch of interesting facts about Gyehyeon, people might be falling in love with him even more. With all those charms, what kind of ideal type is Gyehyeon looking for? His ideal type is quite humble since Gyehyeon likes someone who has petite stature and tiny hands. We can imagine that Gyehyeon’s ideal type would be very cute, right?

More About VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon Pre-Debut Era

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Before his debut as a VERIVERY member, Gyehyeon graduated from Bucheon Middle School and Gyenam High School. Gyehyeon was a member of his middle school dance team as well. Ever since he was young, Gyehyeon showed an interest in music and dancing which led him to become a trainee of Jellyfish Entertainment in 2017 and he trained for a year and five months.

On his Jellyfish audition, Gyehyeon performed BTS‘s “Fire” dance and sang “The Day Long Ago” by Yoon Jong-shim. Finally, Gyehyeon debuted with VERIVERY in 2019. Let’s take a look at VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon’s childhood and pre-debut portraits, here:

verivery's gyehyeon predebut
verivery's gyehyeon predebut

Gyehyeon’s Debut with VERIVERY


On September 5th, 2018, Gyehyeon was the 4th member to be revealed by Jellyfish Entertainment as part of the lineup of VERIVERY. Later, on January 9th, 2019, Gyehyeon officially debuted as VERIVERY’s lead vocalist with the first mini-album Veri-Us and its title track “Ring Ring Ring”. The single contains the difference of charms between Gyehyeon and all the members, and a kind of song that the members wished to sing to the fans as well.

verivery's gyehyeon

Following the success of “Ring Ring Ring”, VERIVERY also released the second mini-album Veri-Able and the first single-album Veri-Chill in the same year! In 2020, Gyehyeon and his fellow VERIVERY members took part in Road to Kingdom and finished in 5th place overall. They also released their first holiday track titled “Love at First Sight” on December 23rd, 2020.

VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon’s Fancam Performances

verivery's gyehyeon

On VERIVERY’s “Get Away” performance, Gyehyeon looks very mesmerizing with the mature and dark concept. The moment when he sings the first part with a sexy gaze; it must be very hard for the fans to not focus on him.

In the “Lay Back” live stage performance, Gyehyeon appeared with a more classy and chich style. With the preppy outfit style and blonde hair, his charismatic charms went on another level. Not to mention his stunning voice while dancing.

As surprising as the ‘thunder’, Gyehyeon is looking very cool with the vampire-ish style in the “Thunder” performance. With the mixture of his pale skin, dark red hair, and black outfit, he looks like a surreal fairytale character, right?

Check Out VERIVERY’s Gyehyeon’s Astonishing Cover Song, Here

verivery's gyehyeon

As the lead vocalist of VERIVERY, Gyehyeon has the kind of soft voice that easily makes you get immersed in it. He once made a cover song of “Bambi” which was originally performed by EXO’s Baekhyun. Gyehyeon’s voice sounded clear, even his high notes were one of its killing parts as well.

Check out the full video of Gyehyeon’s cover song, here:

Gyehyeon also made a cover song of “Shall We?” by EXO’s Chen with Yeonho. The form of the duet between their vocal created such a melodic rhythm and angelic voice. You can watch the full version on the clip down below:


That is everything about VERIVERY’s lead vocalist Gyehyeon. Even though Gyehyeon’s childhood dream was to be a judge, he found another dream as time went by. Luckily, he could achieve the dream and become one of the rising K-Pop idols of today. Don’t you also think that Gyehyeon has a charming voice? Kindly drop a line with your comment below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media.