Up-Close with Korean Rapper Verbal Jint: Profile, Discography, and More

Drunk Driving Scandal

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Verbal Jint has publicly admitted to getting his license suspended for driving under the influence. On June 19th at 8:40 pm KST, he made a shocking confession to his fans through Instagram and wrote:

“Hello. I would like to apologize as I am delivering bad news. I want to confess that I was caught drunk driving four days ago with an alcohol blood level of 0.067% near my house. My license is expected to be suspended for 100 days.”

“I have no intention of giving an excuse, and I am in deep reflection about my irresponsible actions and neglecting the fact that drunk drivers are potential offenders. I do not believe this is a situation that shouldn’t and can’t be hidden, so I am writing this post which makes me feel ashamed. I apologize once again for showing a disappointing side of myself.”

According to media reports, Verbal Jint was caught drunk driving on June 16th at approximately 10 pm KST in Mapo-gu, Seoul. At the time, he was recorded to have a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.067%. Verbal Jint has confessed to the DUI and has accepted to take part in the police investigation.

Netizens’ reactions to Verbal Jint’s Drunk Driving Scandal:

1. [+323, -6] “So why did he drink and drive in the first place? Don’t do it!!!”

2. [+297, -4] “Hul… What’s going on lately? Everyone, please wake up!!!”

3. [+24, -2] “I think it’s obvious that he’s only confessing to lessen the backlash he’s going to get…”

4. [+23, -1] “That’s actually quite sly of him. He’s confessing only before he gets caught at a different time ㅋㅋ”

Latest News of Verbal Jint

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In 2018, Verbal Jint apologized regarding his new song titled “Gfriend.” The single which was released on October 21st, drew a negative reaction from fans of the girl group GFRIEND, especially as the song features explicit lyrical content.

On Instagram, he stated, “Hello, this is Verbal Jint. I would like to apologize for the track I released yesterday. I was making an album similar to Young Thug’s album Jeffery in 2016 where the title names are of actual celebrities. And in the process of releasing a title on an already written song, I could not imagine it would offend GFRIEND and their fans. I apologize for failing to give you a quicker response. I will correct the song title as soon as possible. I apologize once again for those upset.” Later on, he removed the word Gfriend from his song title.

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안녕하세요 버벌진트입니다. 어제 발표한 선공개곡과 관련하여 사과드리고자 글을 씁니다. 저는 2016년 발표된 Young Thug의 앨범 [Jeffery]의 수록곡들이 실제 셀러브리티들의 성명을 제목으로 삼은 것에 착안하여 비슷한 아이디어로 미니앨범을 제작하고 있었습니다. 그리고 이미 쓰여진 곡에 제목을 붙이는 과정에서 제 짧은 생각으로 실제 여자친구 당사자 분들과 팬분들께 불쾌감을 드릴 것을 상상하지 못했습니다. 더 빠른 피드백 드리지 못한 점 사과드리며, 곡의 제목은 최대한 신속히 수정조치하겠습니다. 다시 한 번 상처입으셨을 여러분께 죄송합니다.

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In May 2019, Verbal Jint uploaded a post on his Instagram account with the caption, “… it’s out now!! The first single from freevj is a little piece called “I Smell Summer” (featuring Verbal Jint). Thank You.”

In one of his recent Instagram posts, Verbal Jint wrote, “For those who don’t know, I got caught DUI back in 2016, and I have continuously been putting out songs about the incident. Most of them are talking about the deep regrets I have for my own actions. Three years later, I’m releasing a single about it as a self-reminder.

Let’s wait for his next new single!