Full Profile of VAV’s Lou: Fun Facts, Personality, and His Latest News That You Should Know

vav lou profile

Get To Know More About VAV’s Main Rapper, Kim Ho-sung

For main rappers, there are usually certain characteristics that K-pop idols adhere to such as being fierce to make the group be more charismatic and so you can guess who the rappers are. However, the main rapper of VAV, which is Lou, does not have a fierce image. He might look neat and somehow cute from his appearance, but he actually has a savage personality like a main character, and he knows how to tease the other members as well.

Are you familiar with VAV’s Lou? If not, let’s see more detailed information about VAV’s Lou in the article below!

VAV’s Lou’s Full Profile

vav lou profile

Real Name: Kim Ho-sung (Hangul: 김호성)

Stage Name: Lou (Hangul: 로우)

Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 21, 1996

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Height: 187 cm (6’2″)

Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Position in the Group: Main Rapper

Official Site: Instagram ( @lou.vav )

VAV’s Lou’s Fun Facts

vav lou profile
  1. VAV’s Lou used to live in Atlanta, USA, when he was young and moved to the Philippines when he was 17 years old
  2. VAV’s Lou’s specialty is acting
  3. VAV’s Lou speaks English fluently
  4. VAV’s Lou’s favorite color is black
  5. VAV’s Lou was born on the same day as SONAMOO’s High.D
  6. VAV’s Lou starred in a YouTube web-drama titled Lemon Car Video
  7. VAV’s Lou is the tallest member of the group
  8. VAV’s Lou is a part of VAV’s maknae line
  9. VAV’s Lou was added to VAV along with Ayno and Ziu in 2017
  10. VAV’s Lou plays the piano as his hobby
  11. VAV’s Lou prefers sunsets over sunrises
  12. VAV’s Lou would rather eat meat over cake
  13. VAV’s Lou is more of a dog person
  14. VAV’s Lou likes to sleep rather than go out during his free time
  15. VAV’s Lou likes to try many different things instead of just focusing on one
  16. VAV’s Lou can’t live without his cellphone
  17. VAV’s Lou doesn’t like the cold, but winter is still his favorite season
  18. VAV’s Lou would like to be able to read minds as his superpower
  19. VAV’s Lou would move his family to a better home if he came across a lot of money
  20. VAV’s Lou helps write the rap verses for VAV’s songs alongside VAV’s Ayno
  21. VAV’s Lou’s face can get bloated easily, and it also happens to VAV’s St. Van
  22. VAV’s Lou appeared on Tour Avatar with VAV’s Ayno
  23. VAV’s Lou shares a room with VAV’s Jacob in the dorm
  24. VAV’s Lou has been credited as the writer of several VAV songs such as “ABC (Middle of the Night),” “Senorita,” “So in Love,” “Thrilla Killa,” “I’m Sorry,” “Touch You,” and “Sweetheart”
  25. VAV’s Lou sang a self-written and composed duet with VAV’s St. Van in “Will Be Fine”
  26. VAV’s Lou’s ideal type is a mom kind of girl and someone who is kind, can receive his heart, accept his feelings, doesn’t change, and can cook

VAV’s Lou’s Focus Fancams

VAV’s main rapper who was born in 1996 is certainly one of the members who has a pretty bright personality when on stage and performing. If you know about focus fancams, the content is usually videos of certain K-pop idols when they perform on stage. Let’s get to know VAV’s Lou closer by watching his focus fancams in the session below!

In September 2020, VAV performed on Simply K-Pop with “Made for Two” which enlivened the row of K-pop groups that were also holding their comeback stages on the music program. VAV’s Lou looked charismatic in a dark blue semi-formal outfit while dancing along with the other members on stage. When his part arrived, he even looked manly when he was on stage.

In August 2019, VAV held another comeback stage for one of their newest singles at the time with a song calledGive Me More” which was broadcasted on Simply K-Pop. With a semi-formal outfit, VAV’s Lou looked dazzling while performing the choreography for “Give Me More” on stage. Fan chants shouted by the fans also enlivened the performance. VAV’s Lou looked energetic and sensual while delivering the choreography.

On November 11, 2018, VAV held a comeback stage with one of their top hits, “Senorita.” It can be seen from the fancam above that there were many fans at the comeback stage broadcasted on Simply K-Pop to encourage VAV, including Lou. The main rapper from VAV hypnotized with his choreography and charming smile until fans shouted fan chants as a form of support.

On October 18, 2019, VAV held a performance at a special busking by presenting “Poison” on stage. Even though the event was held at night, the members of VAV still looked excited to perform one of their top singles. VAV’s Lou, who at that time had blonde hair, was very easy to spot when on stage and was also very charismatic when performing with the other members.

That’s roughly the focus of VAV’s Lou’s fancams that you can watch. What do you think about VAV’s Lou’s focus fancams of his performances on stage?