Full Profile of VAV’s Jacob, Fun Facts, Personality Until His Latest News That You Should Know

vav jacob profile

Get To Know More About VAV’s Face of the Group, Jacob!

VAV is known as a boy group that debuted in 2015 and has talented members. VAV became famous for being quite active in releasing songs from time to time and also promoting the group with a fresh concept that fans can enjoy. Besides that, VAV also has a very handsome face of the group who can easily captivate the hearts of fans with his looks.

The member who was born in Hubei, China, is Jacob who is handsome and also has abs that can steal the attention of many people. If you are not familiar with VAV’s Jacob, let’s see more complete information about VAV’s Jacob in this article from Channel-Korea!

VAV’s Jacob’s Full Profile

vav jacob profile

Real Name: Zhang Peng (张朋)

Stage Name: Jacob (Hangul: 제이콥)

Birth: Huibei, China, September 7, 1996

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 184 cm (6’0″)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Official Sites:

VAV’s Jacob’s Fun Facts

vav jacob profile
  1. VAV’s Jacob’s character is the 2nd vampire who is a manly and desirable character
  2. VAV’s Jacob is the only foreign member in the group
  3. VAV’s Jacob doesn’t have any siblings
  4. VAV’s Jacob’s specialty is modeling
  5. VAV’s Jacob speaks Chinese, English, and Korean
  6. VAV’s Jacob said that his bad habit is that he tends to not think much
  7. VAV’s Jacob’s hobbies are playing basketball, working out, skateboarding, and street dancing
  8. VAV’s Jacob’s favorite sports are basketball, billiards, and swimming
  9. VAV’s Jacob’s favorite artist is IU
  10. VAV’s Jacob’s favorite animals are dogs
  11. VAV’s Jacob’ favorite colors are red and black
  12. VAV’s Jacob looks up to his role model, EXO’s Lay
  13. VAV’s Jacob got the nickname “Cob” from VAV’s Ayno
  14. VAV’s Jacob’s color representation in the group is dark green
  15. VAV’s Jacob’s symbol in the group is the shining vein
  16. VAV’s Jacob played the main role in a Chinese movie titled The Dreamer on the Catwalk (2017)
  17. VAV’s Jacob appeared on the Chinese audition program titled All for One
  18. VAV’s Jacob shares a room in the dorm with VAV’s Lou
  19. VAV’s Jacob never thinks twice about spending money
  20. VAV’s Jacob likes to eat ramen at night
  21. VAV’s Jacob has abs
  22. VAV’s Jacob was absent during “Thrilla Killa”‘s promotions because he went to audition for a Chinese program
  23. VAV’s Jacob is a part of VAV’s maknae line
  24. VAV’s Jacob was featured in a former VAV member’s song, Xiao’s “Trouble”
  25. VAV’s Jacob debuted as a solo artist with a Chinese song titled “Love Night”
  26. VAV’s Jacob’s ideal type is a girl with a good mind and a generous heart

VAV’s Jacob’s Focus Fancams

VAV’s Jacob is known as one of the members who has a manly personality and can hypnotize everyone who watches him perform. In the focus fancams of VAV’s Jacob, fans can also see how cool he is while performing on stage! Let’s watch VAV’s Jacob’s focus fancams in the session below!

VAV performed “Give Me More” for Simply K-Pop as one of their comeback stages. VAV’s Jacob looked really cool when he was performing on stage with the other members. The member who has the position as the face of the group also looks very charismatic when performing “Give Me More” while wearing an unbuttoned t-shirt revealing his chest which invited fans to shout when he was doing his part while singing and dancing along to the song!

VAV did a performance in September 2020 on Simply K-Pop of “Made for Two” that was very cool and charismatic. VAV’s Jacob, who was currently promoting with a silvery blonde hairstyle, also looked very charming even though he was only wearing a casual outfit, but his simple look made his appearance look really amazing. He was also very cool when delivering the choreography which looks very elegant when he is on stage.

VAV also performed a comeback stage with “Poison” as one of the songs that is quite popular for this boy group. With a fairly fast song tempo, VAV’s Jacob can synchronize with the other members to do a very cool and energetic choreography. Moreover, by wearing an all-black outfit from head to toe, his charisma as a K-pop idol is increasingly visible when he performs on stage together with other members.

VAV also has another single called “Senorita” and promoted the song on stage. VAV’s Jacob, of course, was there to jointly promote the song as the group’s newest single at the time. In this fancam, VAV’s Jacob looks handsome and manly when performing the choreography of “Senorita” which looks elegant but still gives a cool impression with hips swaying and body rolls performed by each member, including VAV’s Jacob.

So, what do you think about VAV’s Jacob’s focus fancams?

VAV’s Jacob’s Visuals

vav jacob profile

If you’re not familiar with VAV’s Jacob’s visuals, let’s take a closer look in this section below!

VAV’s Jacob has perfect facial features with a sharp jawline and very sharp eyes. His high nose also makes his appearance show the aura of a celebrity, and his good looks can make fans scream just because they see the perfection of VAV’s Jacob’s facial features.

vav jacob profile

Behind his face that looks firm and handsome, VAV’s Jacob also has a very strong idol aura. Just look at the picture above which proves that his charisma as a member of VAV who also has the position as the face of the group can captivate the hearts of fans through his appearance on the stage. Who doesn’t melt when they see VAV’s Jacob’s expression like this?

vav jacob profile

Not only his handsome face but VAV’s Jacob is also one of the friendliest members and often provides fan service because he has a pretty attractive appearance. Usually, VAV’s Jacob seems to have a flat expression when performing on stage, but when it comes to fan service, he can even act cute while smiling and making heart poses with his hands.

vav jacob profile

When it comes to fashion sense, VAV’s Jacob also has a good sense of dressing and choosing clothes that match his image. In one of the pictures taken from a fan signing event, VAV’s Jacob looks handsome in a thick brown coat while looking at the camera capturing his expression. Who agrees that VAV’s Jacob doesn’t need more effort to make himself look handsome?

How do you feel after seeing VAV’s Jacob’s handsome visuals? Have you decided to become VAV’s Jacob’s fan right away?

VAV’s Jacob’s Abs

vav jacob profile

VAV’s Jacob is also famous for his tall posture and muscular body features, especially when it comes to abs. VAV’s Jacob really has abs on his stomach. Want to see more of VAV’s Jacob’s abs? Don’t miss out on the section below, guys!

VAV’s Jacob is arguably one of the members who can be pull off his position as the face of the group really well! The member who was born in 1996 has a tall stature, a handsome face, and, moreover, abs that attract the attention of fans. What do you think of his revealing abs in the picture above?

Not only that but he was also very happy to tease the fans who seemed to be enjoying his abs while he revealed his sexy six-pack at a showcase that was held in Dallas. The fans, who are mostly women, certainly enjoyed the sight of VAV’s Jacob’s abs displayed on the stage.

vav jacob profile

Not just once or twice, it seems that VAV’s Jacob is very confident with his abs, and he also often appears topless on several occasions and makes fans go crazy when they see him revealing his perfect six-pack.

Through his account on TikTok, VAV’s Jacob also often uploads video content that shows his muscular stomach and makes thirsty fans even more tempted just by watching VAV’s Jacob being sexy while uploading content about his perfect abs on social media.

Did you guys get sweaty after seeing VAV’s Jacob’s abs? What do you think about VAV’s Jacob’s abs?

Well, that is all of the information about VAV’s Jacob including his profile, fun facts, personality, visuals, focus fancams, and his perfectly shaped abs! Let’s give support to VAV’s Jacob so that his career journey will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Channel-Korea!