Full Profile of VAV’s Former Member Xiao

VAV's Xiao

Everything You Should Know About VAV’s Former Lead Dancer; Chen Xiao!

Do you know one of the South Korean boy groups, VAV, that debuted on November 2, 2015? If you don’t know about the boy group that debuted with a single titled “Under the Moonlight”, VAV debuted under A Team Entertainment with 7 original members line-up with St.Van, Baron, Ace, Ayno, Xiao, Gyeoul and Zehan. But 3 members decided to left the group right a few months after they debuted and the agency added another 3 members with Ziu, Lou and Jacob.

In this article, there’s a detailed information about a member of VAV who also debuted together but decided to leave the group a few months after they promoted together. Can you guess it? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about former member of VAV, Chen Xiao, who also has a previous position as the visual and lead dancer of the group, starting from his full profile, fun facts until activities after he left the group in this article below!

VAV’s Xiao’s Full Profile

VAV's Xiao

Real Name :  Chen Xiao (陳驍)

Stage Name : Xiao (hangul: 샤오)

Birth : Dandong, Liaoning, China, August 27, 1989

Star Sign : Virgo

Height : 183 cm (6’0″)

Weight : 55 kg (121 lbs)

Blood Type : O

Position of the group :  Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Visual

Nationality : Chinese

Education : Shenyang Normal University

Official Site :

VAV’s Xiao’s Fun Facts

VAV's Xiao
  1. VAV’s Xiao was born in Beijing, China
  2. VAV’s Xiao has a younger sister
  3. VAV’s Xiao nicknames are “Man from Manga”, “Sleeping Prince”
  4. VAV’s Xiao speaks Chinese and Korean VAV’s Xiao
  5. VAV’s Xiao can play the guitar, double bass, and yangqin
  6. VAV’s Xiao’s hobbies are singing, playing basketball, table tennis, and surfing the internet
  7. VAV’s Xiao is a former member of MIX and 8090
  8. VAV’s Xiao left VAV to take care of his ill father, but is now solo under A Team with his first song ‘”Bubblegum”
  9. VAV’s Xiao’s symbol is V-Shaped Necklace
  10. VAV’s Xiao’s color is Yellow
  11. VAV’s Xiao’s representative color is Yellow

VAV’s Xiao’s Discography

VAV's Xiao

After decided to left the group in the end of 2016, Chen Xiao re-debuted as a soloist on August 4, 2017 and released digital singles. Let’s find out more about Chen Xiao’s discography and the detail information of the song in this session below!

On August 4, 2017, “Bubble Gum” music video was released. In the music video, Chen Xiao seems to be reborn with his identity as a soloist and looks very cool when he is seen riding a motorbike and chewing bubble gum like the title of his debut song. “Bubble Gum” has an upbeat tempo with some back dancers from male and female dancers who appeared in the music video and danced very energetically.

On September 7, 2017, Chen Xiao comeback with their new single after a few months since he debuted as a soloist. Another new single titled “Share Ya” is his 2nd digital single with a music video that also makes the audience will be amazed by Chen Xiao’s aura as a soloist. At the beginning of the scene, you will see Chen Xiao with a fierce concept with a back dancer wearing a black outfit.

“Share Ya” has an upbeat tempo with cool Hip Hop vibes and they dance against the backdrop of a building as well as very aesthetic cinematography in this music video.

On December 22, 2017, Chen Xiao released a new digital single following with the music video. The concept given in this song is another fierce and mysterious vibes. The most unique thing was when Chen Xiao invited Jacob, a member of VAV, to feature with them for the first time in this song. Even though Chen Xiao left VAV for good, they as idols who are still under the same agency still maintain their friendship together and even work together on one project.

What do you think about VAV’s Xiao’s songs and music videos?

VAV’s Xiao’s Activity after leaving VAV

VAV's Xiao

VAV’s Xiao is the first member who left the group in June 2016, a few months after VAV’s debut and coming back to his hometown to take care of his grandfather. There is no recent news about Xiao’s work in South Korea because he decided to re-debut as a soloist in China and as you can see from his Instagram’s account, he is a successful singer who is now also often promoting in many ways.

On July 1, 2017, VAV’s Xiao sent a messages through a video that was uploaded on AQ Entertainment, by saying :

“Hello, everyone, this is Xiao.

I am here to announce to you that I will be temporarily leaving the boy group VAV due to my father’s poor health. As a son, I have to take care of him. I wish all of the VAV members all the best. I also hope that VAV’s fans could keep on supporting and loving VAV. Thank you.”

VAV's Xiao

As of August 2021, there was still no update from former member of VAV, Xiao, who is busy as a soloist in his home country. Nevertheless, let’s continue to give lots of support and love to Xiao, hopefully what he is doing at the moment will continue to bring happiness to him and his career will be more successful in the future.

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