Full Profile of VAV’s Ayno: Fun Facts, Personality, Latest News

vav ayno profile

Learn More About VAV’s Rapper Ayno

VAV (Hangul: 브이 에이브이) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under A team Entertainment on November 2nd, 2015, with the release of a single titled “Under The Moonlight” (Hangul: 달빛 아래서). The group has had several line-up changes, but that was not an obstacle for VAV to continue to actively release songs from year to year. VAV has 7 members who are multi-talented artists, which are ST. Van, Baron, Ace, Jacob, Lou, Ziu, and Ayno.

In this article, we are going to get to know better one of the members of VAV who has a position as the main rapper, playing dancer, vocalist, and visual. Do you know who the member is?

Yes, the member in question is Noh Yoon-ho, or also known by his stage name Ayno! Without waiting any longer, let’s take a look at the more detailed information about VAV’s Ayno in the article below!

VAV’s Ayno’s Full Profile

vav ayno profile

Real Name: Noh Yoon-ho (Hangul: 노윤호)

Stage Name: Ayno (Hangul: 에이노)

Place and Date of Birth: Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, May 1st, 1996

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 184 cm (6’0″)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood Type: B

Nationality: South Korean

Position in the group: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Visual

Official Sites:

VAV’s Ayno’s Fun Facts

vav ayno profile
  1. VAV’s Ayno’s favorite color is gold
  2. VAV’s Ayno shares a room in the dorm with VAV’s Baron
  3. VAV’s Ayno was a child model before he debuted with the group and was featured in various commercials
  4. VAV’s Ayno trained as a model before becoming a trainee as a K-Pop idol
  5. VAV’s Ayno is a former Starship Entertainment trainee
  6. VAV’s Ayno almost debuted as a member of boy group Boyfriend
  7. VAV’s Ayno was a participant in a survival show by Starship Entertainment, NO MERCY but got eliminated in Episode 9
  8. VAV’s Ayno got cut off from the debut line-up when he was in Starship Entertainment because the agency thought that he was too young
  9. VAV’s Ayno was also a former trainee of Happy Face Entertainment with VAV’s Ziu
  10. VAV’s Ayno joined A team Entertainment and debuted as a member of VAV in February 2017
  11. VAV’s Ayno debuted with “Venus” (Dance With Me) as a new member of VAV
  12. VAV’s Ayno received a letter from his parents that said that they are proud after seeing Ayno’s debut
  13. VAV’s Ayno appeared in ARIRANG TV’s Tour Avatar with VAV’s Lou
  14. VAV’s Ayno appeared in MBC TV’s God of Creation
  15. VAV’s Ayno helps write the rap part for the group’s songs, according to VAV’s Lou
  16. VAV’s Ayno is close a friend of SF9’s Dawon and Seven O’Clock’s Hangyeom
  17. VAV’s Ayno released his self-made mixtape Don’t Sleep in 2018, which features VAV’s Ziu
  18. VAV’s Ayno is terrible at winning games according to their manager/staff
  19. VAV’s Ayno prefers winter to summer, tea to coffee, and the Moon to the Sun
  20. VAV’s Ayno describes himself as having a 4D personality
  21. VAV’s Ayno has a dream to produce and train an idol group by himself
  22. VAV’s Ayno stated that his ideal type is someone like VAV’s Ace

VAV’s Ayno’s Focus Fancam

Being a K-Pop idol is certainly inseparable from the spotlight and attention of the fans. That also happened to VAV’s Ayno, who also had individual fans who praised his performance on stage and also the idol’s never-fading charisma. VAV’s Ayno’s focus fancams are also easy to find to show off his performances up close.

Let’s take a look at some collections of videos that managed to capture VAV’s Ayno’s focus fancam in this section below!

On February 18th, 2018, VAV’s Ayno, who had only been promoting for 1 year as a new member of VAV, joined the comeback stage that took place on Simply K-Pop and performed “Spotlight” as their comeback song at that time. In the focus fancam shared, you can see VAV’s Ayno who gives a very good performance and is also expressive during his singing part.

On October 19th, 2018, VAV, who made a comeback with “Senorita”, appeared on the music program Simply K-Pop and performed the song with an upbeat tempo with the other members. In the focus of the fancam above, fans can enjoy a video from VAV’s Ayno which shows him dancing very energetically even though he is only wearing a simple outfit with black trousers, a white shirt, and a black tie.

On April 5th, 2019, VAV also held a comeback stage with “Thrilla Killa” on Simply K-Pop. With a different genre from before, the members including Ayno managed to hold the comeback stage very well. The concept that was given when performing “Thrilla Killa” with a sexy and mysterious impression at the same time, managed to captivate the hearts of fans. Beside that, VAV’s Ayno was also seen with a new hairstyle and blonde hair color for his latest comeback in 2019.

On November 8th, 2019, VAV released “Poison” as one of their comeback singles as well as promoting the song on Simply K-Pop. Still showing the aura of a charismatic and energetic K-Pop boy group when performing on stage, VAV’s Ayno had a new hairstyle with dark blue color, and also wears a suit and tie in a black outfit that is designed almost the same as the other members. Professionally, VAV’s Ayno performed with the aura of being a K-Pop idol very well, right?

On September 18th, 2020, VAV, who again made a comeback in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, released their new song titled “Made For Two”. In the song that sounds upbeat, the members look very synchronized in dancing energetic choreography, including VAV’s Ayno who shines very well on stage. In the comeback stage for “Made For Two”, VAV’s Ayno also changed his hairstyle in a new color with bloody red.

What do you think about VAV’s Ayno’s focus fancams shared above?