Full Profile of VAV’s Ace: Fun Facts, Visual, Latest News

VAV’s Ace’s Visual

vav ace profile

Without further ado, let’s get to know VAV’s Ace’s visual in the section that follows!

Ace, whose real name is Jang Woo-young, not only has a good name, but the good looks of his visuals are also extraordinary! You can see VAV’s Ace’s face very clearly from the selca he took above. His visual appearance already complies with the standards of K-Pop idols in general. With small facial features and charming white skin, VAV’s Ace looks like a kkotminam, or also known as flower boy in South Korea, right?

vav ace profile

Even on his birthday, VAV’s Ace looks very charming with a thin smile that shows his happiness when celebrating a birthday with fans and also the birthday cake he holds. Happy birthday, Ace!

vav ace profile

VAV’s Ace is also well-known as one of the members of the group that debuted with “Under The Moonlight” and loves playing with his fans, even when they meet at fan meetings or fan signing events. In the picture above, he is blowing bubbles to tease the fans who came to the event. From his expression, we can see that he looks very happy when interacting with his fans.

vav ace profile

VAV’s Ace is also an iconic member because he dares to show a side of his body that can make fans scream! Yes, VAV’s Ace has really tantalizing abs which make him appear quite manly when he shows off his muscular stomach in front of the fans. He is very proud of his ideal body shape and often gets praise from fans and members who admit that VAV’s Ace is very good. What do you think about VAV’s Ace’s body and abs?

vav ace profile

Like other K-Pop groups and members, VAV’s Ace also likes to take photos backstage when they hold their comeback stage. In the photo above, we can see VAV’s Ace posing in front of the word ‘VAV’ which is the name of their group on one of the music programs, Music Bank. VAV’s Ace who is already wearing the In-Ear Monitor and wearing the outfit to perform is practically ready to go on stage, right?

vav ace profile

In every performance, VAV’s Ace also ensures that he will perform with the maximum effort he can show to satisfy his fans. As can be seen in the picture above, the fans certainly really enjoyed the VAV performance very well because their lead dancer, which is VAV’s Ace, appeared very energetic when delivering the choreography on stage, so that his charisma could shine bright and make the fans amazed too!

vav ace profile

As a fan, have you ever imagined your favorite idol acting as your boyfriend? Usually, most male idols like to pamper fans by wearing casual clothes and doing certain concepts so that they can feel closer to their fans. That way, fans will wish to be lovers of K-Pop idols. What would you think and feel if VAV’s Ace became your lover and sang a song while playing guitar, just like in the picture above?

VAV’s Ace’s Cover Songs

K-Pop idols always try to find a chance to promote individually. If they are not ready for a solo debut, management will usually prepare other things to show the talents of each member of a group.

In this case, VAV’s Ace also got the chance to show off his singing skills by uploading a few cover songs to A team’s YouTube channel. His singing skills are highly appreciated by fans and they are also a matter of pride if he gets praise for this ability. Let’s take a look at more of VAV’s Ace cover songs in the section below!

VAV’s Ace’s low voice tone turned out to be very melodious when he sang one of the singles popularized by Winner titled “Fool”. This song, which has a slow tempo and tells about someone’s regret for their love story, was delivered again by VAV’s Ace in a 1-minute-24-second cover song. Even though it’s not sung in the full version, fans can hear the sweet voice of VAV’s Ace that can melt anyone, right?

VAV’s Ace is also in another video to sing one of the singles popularized by Paul Kim titled “So Long”. Who would have thought that with his position as the lead dancer he could sing with a very melodious voice like this? VAV’s Ace is a member who has very good potential and seems to be multi-talented when it comes to different cover song videos. Ballads are also a choice for him to sing and match his vibes perfectly in this video.

In another cover song, VAV’s Ace looks really deep into Troye Sivan’s song “Fool”. In this video, fans can see VAV’s Ace in the recording studio and also sing the ballad with all their heart. The song, which has RnB and electric pop strains, also looks very easy to sing by one of the members who was born in Anyang, South Korea.

Apart from singing some ballad songs from Korean singers as well as Western singers, VAV’s Ace also looks cool when singing one of the songs popularized by the Korean indie band, Standing Egg, “Little Star”. Singing a ballad song does require a deeper effort to deepen the lyrics of songs that have profound meanings. Beside that, VAV’s Ace also looks very deep in his role in the cover song that was filmed with quality just like an original music video.

VAV’s Ace has certainly proven his talent as a K-Pop idol who has a melodious voice and also his position as a lead dancer which is no less attractive to fans. The member of VAV who was born on August 28th, 1992, is a multi-talented artist and should be proud of his hard work as a K-Pop idol.

After reading the article above, what do you think about VAV’s Ace? Well, let’s provide support for VAV’s Ace so that his career can shine even more in the future! And if you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!