Full Profile Of Varsity’s Xiweol

Varsity's Xiweol

Everything You Need To Know About Varsity’s Main Vocalist; Kang Min-seok!

Varsity (hangul: 바시티) is a South Korean boy group that debuted under Korea’s Global K Center and moved to Jungle Entertainment in late 2017. Varsity has 7 Korean members and 5 Chinese members with Kid, Junwoo, Xiweol, Seungbo, Dawon, Riho, Yunho, Manny, Anthony, Jaebin, Xin, and Damon.

In this article, there’s detailed information about one of Varsity’s members who also has the position as the main vocalist of the group. Let’s get to know more about Kang Min-seok or also known as Varsity’s Xiweol starting from his full profile, fun facts until the latest news in this article below!

Varsity’s Xiweol’s Full Profile

Varsity's Xiweol

Real Name : Kang Min-seok (hangul: 강민석)

Stage Name : Xiweol (hangul: 시월)

Birth : Cheongju, South Korea, October 21, 1996

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 174 cm (5’9″)

Weight : 54 kg (119 lbs)

Blood Type : AB

Position of the group : Main Vocalist

Nationality : Korean

Varsity’s Xiweol’s Fun Facts

Varsity's Xiweol
  1. Varsity’s Xiweol plays piano and guitar
  2. Varsity’s Xiweol’s nicknames are Miniseok, Mingssok (밍쏙), Minsoku (민소쿠), Minsok game (민속놀이)
  3. Varsity’s Xiweol was supposed to debut this year with the group A to Z, along with Riho, but the group disbanded
  4. Varsity’s Xiweol’s hobbies are singing and playing soccer
  5. Varsity’s Xiweol’s habit is getting serious every now and then
  6. Varsity’s Xiweol’sfavorite foods are chicken, samgyeopsal, pizza, donkatsu and hamburger
  7. Varsity’s Xiweol’s favorite singers are Park Hyo-shin and BTOB‘s Sungjae
  8. Varsity’s Xiweol’s motto is: “let’s be careful every day”
  9. Varsity’s Xiweol is closest to Kid, Seungbo, Dawon
  10. Varsity’s Xiweol choose Kid as a member who is the most handsome in Varsity
  11. Varsity’s Xiweol is the member with the worst visuals in Varsity according to Damon
  12. Varsity’s Xiweol love it when fans tell him that he looks like Park Hyo-shin, VIXX’s N or iKon’s Jinhwan
  13. Varsity’s Xiweol was supposed to debut in a group ‘A to Z’ with Riho but the group already disbanded
  14. Varsity’s Xiweol now is the COO of DH Entertainment
  15. Varsity’s Xiweol’s ideal type a cute person

Varsity’s Xiweol’s Latest News

Varsity's Xiweol

Until this article was published, there wasn’t any news or update about Varsity’s Xiweol. For your information, Varsity has disbanded and it was confirmed by Damon. Every member has started their career since the beginning and re-debut as a soloist, but there’s nothing that can be found about Xiweol until now, whether he’s still preparing to debut again or live his life as a noncelebrity.

He also deleted his social media account (Instagram), so there’s nothing to be found about him. Nevertheless, let’s continue to give support and lots of love to Varsity’s Xiweol, hopefully, he can return to the entertainment industry as soon as possible and greeted his fans again!

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