Get to Know More About Varsity’s Xin: Full Profile, Fun Facts, Personality, and More

varsity xin profile

Everything You Need to Know About Varsity’s Vocalist, Wang Shin-woo

K-pop boy groups in South Korea certainly have a lot of potential to gain popularity as musicians. If the group is widely known and can compete with other groups, it will certainly be a matter of pride in bring fame to the group, especially by winning the music charts with its songs.

This competition is very normal in today’s K-pop music industry. Nowadays, more and more groups are being prepared to debut and compete with each other. It must be hard to remember all of them, right?

In this article, we will find out about one of Varsity‘s members, Xin, so that you can get to know him better in this article that has been shared by Channel-Korea!

Varsity’s Xin’s Full Profile

varsity xin profile

Real Name: Wáng Xīnyû (王新宇)

Stage Name: Xin (Hangul: 씬)

Korean Name: Wang Shin-woo (Hangul: 왕신우)

Birth: November 10, 1996

Star Sign: Scorpio

Height: 178 cm (5’10″)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Position in the Group: Vocalist

Nationality: Chinese

Official Site: Instagram ( @wangxy11 )

Varsity’s Xin’s Facts and Personality

varsity xin profile
  1. Varsity’s Xin is close to all of the members
  2. Varsity’s Xin’s nicknames are Xingxing and King-Xin (왕씬)
  3. Varsity’s Xin is a humorous and lively person
  4. Varsity’s Xin’s hobbies are eating and swimming
  5. Varsity’s Xin’s habits are listening to music and reading before going to sleep
  6. Varsity’s Xin’s favorite artists are Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber
  7. Varsity’s Xin’s favorite foods are Chinese American food and cake
  8. Varsity’s Xin’s motto is “The word impossible doesn’t exist in my vocabulary!”
  9. Varsity’s Xin chose Bullet as the most handsome member of the group
  10. Varsity’s Xin would date Seungbo if he was a girl
  11. Varsity’s Xin is currently performing his mandatory military service
  12. Varsity’s Xin’s ideal type is a nice and long-haired woman
  13. Varsity’s Xin was chosen as someone Varsity’s Bullet would date if he was a girl
  14. Varsity’s Xin was chosen as the most handsome member according to Varsity’s Kid
  15. Varsity’s Xin has new tattoos on his left arm

Varsity’s Xin’s Focus Fancam

On May 17, 2019, Varsity which had just released its newest song at the time, “Hole in One” (Hangul: 홀인원), made a promotion by appearing on a music program broadcast on television titled Simply K-Pop. In this performance, the members looked very handsome with casual outfits, thus showing their boyfriend material side. In this focus fancam, Varsity’s Xin also looks very handsome with a short haircut and golden brown color. He also looks very synchronized when dancing with the other members on the comeback stage.

Varsity’s Xin’s Visual

varsity xin profile

Even though Varsity’s Xin’s nationality is Chinese, visually he has met a sufficient standard to debut as an idol. Varsity’s Xin has handsome visuals with the ideal facial structure like Korean celebrities in general. His sharp eyes, sharp nose, thin lips, and the look in his eyes that always exudes an aura as a K-pop idol are indeed very necessary to captivate the hearts of fans.

varsity xin profile

Even from the beginning of the group’s debut, Varsity’s Xin has shown his confidence while appearing at the showcase debut by doing several poses in front of journalists who were recording and capturing the poses in several pictures as we can see above. To debut as a K-pop idol, of course, you must have great confidence because you have to often face the public and perform in front of many people.

varsity xin profile

Varsity’s Xin also has a very charming smile that makes his aura shine even more. Even though he seems to have fierce visuals and rarely smiles when posing in front of fans, occasionally, Varsity’s Xin also seems to smile at fans and show a charming smile. Surely, the fans of Varsity, UNION, immediately fall in love with Varsity’s Xin when they see his charming smile, right?

varsity xin profile

Varsity is known to be underrated because it doesn’t have enough promotion time to introduce its singles and perform on different comeback stages. But, it doesn’t all work together with members who have very good qualities and potential to become K-pop idols.

Varsity is also famous for having members who come from various backgrounds, one of which is Varsity’s Xin who is Chinese. The agency recruiting idols from abroad certainly had its own goal of introducing a new group, Varsity, to make a breakthrough in the Hallyu Wave as well.

varsity xin profile

This member who was born in 1996 also had the opportunity to change his appearance when promoting with the group. It’s no wonder that Varsity’s Xin became increasingly handsome over time. Even the changing hairstyles make Varsity’s Xin’s handsome level look even more upgraded, and he also has a more mature style nowadays.

varsity xin profile

The tight competition in the K-pop music industry cannot be avoided. The large number of groups that attend and debut make competition a frightening shadow for K-pop idols from each different generation.

There are many aspects that become a separate competition in the K-pop music industry from the genre, song concept, music video, choreography, number of members, to the visuals of each member who debuts as a K-pop idol who has a big influence on gaining popularity and seeking public attention so that they are increasingly famous.

varsity xin profile

The concept given to each idol must also match. If it doesn’t match, then the idol will be given bad comments from fans or other people who have just seen the idol’s appearance. On average, male K-pop idols also get natural hairstyles like dark brown or black to focus on the natural good looks of their visuals. One of them is like the visual that Varsity’s Xin has when he has naturally black hair with a short cut. Of course, his idol aura can shine clearly when he appears with such a natural concept.

varsity xin profile

Varsity’s Xin is also aware of his own good looks so he has a hobby of taking poses with certain angles and making fans scream out loud every time they see Varsity’s Xin’s good looks from the resulting selcas.

For example, like the selca he took in the picture above, he appears in a casual outfit with a white t-shirt and jeans jacket that make his appearance look more relaxed than wearing the same costume as the other members when performing on stage. His facial expression also looks more relaxed, and he looks cute but handsome at the same time, right?

varsity xin profile

Besides that, Varsity’s Xin now looks even more manly with the appearance that he uploads on his Instagram. The member who has a height of 178 cm looks very manly when showing his abs and biceps which are very tempting to his fans on Instagram. This post certainly treats fans’ longing after Varsity disbanded. Even though he doesn’t show his face in the post, Varsity’s Xin’s body shape, which looks more muscular, certainly seduces fans, right?

Well, that is all of the information about Varsity’s Xin starting from his full profile, fun facts, until his personality which comes from his visual and focus fancams. What do you think about Xin who was promoting with Varsity? The members who have given their best efforts to continue to perform together in the boy group that debuted in 2017 are unfortunately disbanded for one reason or another. Let’s keep giving our best to Varsity’s Xin, and let’s hope his future career can shine even more.

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