Everything You Need to Know about Varsity’s Profile, Discography, and Performances

Varsity’s Official Debut

varsity members profile

Twelve members from Korea, China, and the United States became members of the boy group called Varsity. Will they be able to communicate, and how they will communicate? What is the charm that attracted fans?

There was a problem with communicating with each other. But, there’s no longer a language barrier, and they also helped foreign members who couldn’t speak Korean to communicate well.


Varsity prepared for their debut for a long time. There was a lot of hard work and a lot of fun things. The members are grateful that they have achieved their dream of becoming singers at the beginning of 2017.

In an interview held by Ten Asia, one of Varsity’s members, Seungbo, thanked the fans for coming by saying, “The weather was also very cold, but thanks to the wait and see, I was strengthened. I could dance harder on the stage.” Then, Rio said, “When I was performing on a music show, I got goosebumps when the fans shouted ‘Varsity awesome!’ I was surprised to cheer for the song chorus.”


Varsity’s Riho said that there seems to be a charm of multinational groups. “There are not only Koreans but also foreign members, and everyone has strong personalities in appearance and charm.” Varsity is also a large 12-member group. It seems that the fans look at Varsity’s unique coolness when performing group dances together.

Varsity’s Yunho also explained about their debut song “U R My Only One,” “Through my debut song, I wanted to show a lot of charms such as a boyish figure, a manly figure, and a sexy man as well. Kid also does acrobatics on the choreography. It is a performance that no one can imitate, only Varsity can do.”


While Varsity’s Damon said that he is confident in the performance because there is also a choreography made by him and the other members as well, such as Kid and Manny. “I showed it at the debut showcase, and I wanted to show you that ‘This is Varsity’” Damon said.

Varsity is not a group with multi-national members only, but they also have members who are really great at composing music, such as Joonwoo, Seungbo, and Kid who are particularly interested in writing and composing lyrics. Anthony is the only one who composes while the other members also write lyrics.


While talking about how they communicate with each other, they said they can interpret each other and help in speaking with other languages. It’s been two years since Varsity’s Jaebin moved to Korea, and he also studied at Konkuk University Language Institute.

As a boy group from South Korea that has 12 members who came from different nationalities, Varsity also has a dream to appear on a variety show someday. There are 5 foreign members including Jaebin, Damon, Anthony, Xin, and Manni. They also made an appearance in the Chinese entertainment program titled Challenger Alliance. It was broadcasted in March 2017. But, for the first schedule after their debut, Varsity worked in both Korea and China.


Being in such a large group, the members also have a dream while they already debuted. Varsity’s Kid said that he wants to be loved in Korea and all over the world, Varsity’s Jaebin said that he really wants to win the No. 1 music program and Rookie Award, Varsity’s Yunho said that he wants to do a dome tour since it’s such a dream stage for them, and lastly, Varsity’s Riho said that BigBang is Varsity’s role model, so he wants to be a group that everyone can enjoy on stage.

Varsity’s Debut’s Music Video

On January 4, 2017, Varsity started its debut by releasing a song called “U R My Only One” and also releasing its music video on YouTube. As a K-pop group that has a different concept than others, Varsity introduced themselves in the debut music video with a very energetic choreography with an upbeat medium music tempo. With little attraction to the choreography and also the alternating scene in the music video, the members are wearing velvet suits and varsity jackets as if introducing their different identities from the others.

Varsity’s Live Performance

On January 6, 2017, Varsity was present in a music program that aired on KBS, which is ‘Music Bank’. At that time, they made their debut stage by performing “U R My Only One.” With their energy and choreography in sync with each other, Varsity was able to give their debut stage a very uplifting look by wearing their velvet suits that matched the outfits they used in the music video.

Varsity Stage Performances

On April 27, 2017, Varsity held their comeback stage after debuting with “Hole in One” on M Countdown. On that stage, they also still looked stunning with the performance given. The members also wore the same outfits as in the music video and looked very cheerful when carrying out the choreography on the comeback stage.

On October 20, 2017, Varsity held their comeback stage while performed their 3rd single titled “Can You Come Out Now.” At the performance broadcast on SBS’ Inkigayo, the members looked very happy and also smiled at the camera a lot. With white sweatshirts, the members also looked like they were showing their own calm and soft boy sides. Besides that, this performance also features vocalists singing live because their voices are clear and melodious.

Varsity shows that they are a group that can create different concepts but still prioritize the skills and talents of the members in carrying out a performance. On the comeback stage that was held on August 9, 2018, Varsity made their comeback stage very energetic and charismatic when performing “Flower” as their 4th single since their debut in 2017. With a slightly different genre from the previous single, Varsity was able to give their best on the comeback stage that took place on M Countdown.

Varsity’s Music Videos through the Years

Varsity is a multi-national and multi-talented boy group that is also active as a K-pop group with their various activities and music videos that have been prepared while promoting and releasing new songs. Let’s take a look at Varsity’s music videos that have managed to attract the attention of its fans in this session!

On April 28, 2017, Varsity released their second single titled “Hole in One.” In the music video, the theme looks more colorful than the previous one. The members show how their journey is to get a girl’s attention. “Hole in One”‘s music video is dominated by pastel colors and also very colorful costumes. Besides that, the members of Varsity also look very cheerful in the music video.

On October 12, 2017, Varsity released their 3rd single titled “Can You Come Out Now.” In this music video, Varsity shows a concept with slightly slower music than the scene in the previous music video. The members wore casual clothes and looked like boyfriend material. In a special room surrounded by large windows, Varsity’s members are seen dancing energetically and showing how they attract the attention of a very beautiful female model by inviting her to hang out.

On July 18, 2018, Varsity released their 4th single titled “Flower.” This music video, which is also uploaded on YouTube, looks almost the same as the concept when they debuted with “U R My Only One.” With the EDM rhythm music tempo, Varsity looks like they step up the game, and also, the members look more mature and charismatic in this comeback. There are many different scenes in this music video, and it also looks like a mysterious concept. Unfortunately, “Flower” is the last music video uploaded by Varsity on their YouTube channel.

Well, that’s all the information we can give you about the 12-member K-pop group Varsity. Debuting in 2017 with members who are very talented and come from various different backgrounds, Varsity also had a very good concept for the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, Varsity’s Damon has already confirmed that the group has disbanded.

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