Full Profile Of Varsity’s Dawon, Fun Facts, Personality

dawon varsity profile

Find Out More About Varsity’s Vocalist Cho Da-won

In this article, we are going to discuss in more detail one of the K-Pop idols who successfully debuted under Jungle Entertainment and became a member of a boy group named Varsity. Famous for their members that are both Chinese and Korean, the group that was formed with 12 original members have a vocalist named Cho Da-won (Hangul: 조다원), or also known as Dawon (Hangul: 다원).

Without waiting any longer, let’s see a more complete version of the article about Varsity’s Cho Da-won’s full profile, personality, career with the group, and his latest news!

Full Profile of Varsity’s Dawon

dawon varsity profile

Real Name: Cha Da-won (Hangul: 조다원)

Stage Name: Dawon (Hangul: 다원)

Nicknames: Dabom (Hangul: 다봄), Darong-ie (Hangul: 다롱이)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, May 12th, 2000

Height: 185 cm (6’1″)

Weight: 69 kg (152 lbs)

Blood Type: A

Position: Vocalist

Agency: Jungle Entertainment, YG K-PLUS

Official Site: Instagram ( @5k12d )

Fun Facts about Varsity’s Dawon

dawon varsity profile
  1. Varsity’s Dawon called himself the beagle of the group
  2. Varsity’s Dawon is really close with Yunho, Riho, Jaebin, Kid, Bullet, and Seungbo when it comes to his friends of the group
  3. Varsity’s Dawon chose Anthony as the most handsome member of the group
  4. Varsity’s Dawon would date Kid if he was born as a girl
  5. Varsity’s Dawon’s hobbies are dancing, singing, playing soccer, and performing
  6. Varsity’s Dawon is the tallest member of the group
  7. Varsity’s Dawon’s favorite foods are kimchi fried rice and meat
  8. Varsity’s Dawon’s favorite artists are Jo In-sung, TWICE’s Dahyun, Dean, and Rain
  9. Varsity’s Dawon’s motto is, “Let’s make everyone like me!”
  10. Varsity’s Dawon’s ideal type is a woman who is like a fox or a cat


Varsity Dawon’s Focus Fancam

Although Varsity’s Dawon does not yet have his own focus threads that are usually taken by individual fans, there have been several threads uploaded on YouTube regarding Varsity’s performances. One of them was a fancam of Varsity performing one of their singles, “Hole in One”, on May 19th, 2017. In the video, you can find Varsity’s Dawon wearing a black polo shirt with a white collar, and pinkish-blonde hair.

On June 22nd, 2017, Varsity performed at an outdoor concert held at the Gyeyang Cultural Center. At the event, each member wore the same costume, which is blue and white combined on their top and pants. Each member did their best delivering one of their singles titled “U R My Only One”. With a medium song tempo, the members looked energetic with the choreography that was delivered at that time.

On November 3rd, 2018, Varsity did a performance at an outdoor concert delivering one of their popular songs titled “Flower”. At the event, each member wore an outfit with the same theme, which is blue and white. In semi-formal clothes, each member wore a shirt and blazer for the performance at the open concert.

Varsity’s Dawon’s Visual

dawon varsity profile

When he just debuted with Varsity, Dawon was seen with brown curly hair, which is also a hairstyle usually worn by idols or entertainers in South Korea. With a simple style, he showed confidence when making a debut showcase with the other members. You could say, Dawon debuted at a very young age. But with his physical appearance and talent, he managed to make his debut maximally and stole the attention of fans.

dawon varsity profile

Varsity’s Dawon has visuals that are standard with K-Pop idols making their debut in the entertainment industry. He has a handsome face and you could say that he also has a cute side of his own when you look at his young age and his passion for a career. In the photo above, we can see Varsity’s Dawon holding a birthday cake in his hand as well as a shoe present. With blonde hair, Varsity’s Dawon is seen smiling at the camera and you can guess this photo was taken behind the stage on one of their schedules.

dawon varsity profile

One of the last posts from Varsity’s Dawon on his Instagram also shows a selca he took. In the photo, he shows his face from the side while supporting his chin. If we see from the photo, he is in his room and is also wearing very comfortable house clothes. Beside that, her hair is also seen dyed dark gray making his appearance slightly changed from his previous look.

Well, that’s all the information we have provided for you about Varsity’s Dawon’s full profile, fun facts, and personality. By debuting with Varsity, we can see that Dawon is doing well in starting his career as a K-Pop idol with various activities and promotions with the group. Their career journey is also not easy because each group have their own challenges so that they can successfully get the attention of fans and the public.

Even though now Dawon has started his new career as a model under YG K-PLUS, it’s good that we also continue to provide support and love for him and wait for other interesting articles to be published by Channel-Korea!