Full Profile Of Varsity’s Damon

Varsity's Damon

Everything You Should Know About Varsity’s Main Dancer; Qiū Báo Hàn a.k.a Damon!

Varsity (hangul: 바시티) is a South Korean boy group that consist with 7 Korean and 5 Chinese members. They debuted on January 3, 2017 under Korea’s Global K Center and later signed on Jungle Entertainment. As the times goes by, some of the members get a chance to promote in China and Korea at the same time, where the members are divided into different sub-units.

But unfortunately, they get less attention from the public so Varsity has been secretly disbanded, as confirmed by one of its members, Damon. In this article, there’s a detailed information about a member of Varsity who is also a Chinese member, Damon. Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about Varsity’s Damon’s full profile, fun facts until his latest activities after the group disbanded in this article below!

Varsity’s Damon’s Full Profile

Varsity's Damon

Birth Name : Qiū Báo Hàn

Stage Name : Damon (hangul: 데이먼)

Korean Name : Ku Bo-han (hangul: 구보한)

Birth : July 2, 1996

Star Sign : Cancer

Height : 180 cm (5’11″)

Weight : 63 kg (139 lbs)

Blood Type : B

Nationality : Chinese

Position of the group : Main Dancer

Official Site : Instagram ( @damon.qbh )

Varsity’s Damon’s Fun Facts

Varsity's Damon
  1. Varsity’s Damon was a dance teacher
  2. Varsity’s Damon’s nicknames are DayDay (데이데이) and Ostrich (타조)
  3. Varsity’s Damon’s hobby is traveling
  4. Varsity’s Damon’s habit is drinking milk before sleeping
  5. Varsity’s Damon’s favorite artists are Jay ParkZicoIU and Taeyeon
  6. Varsity’s Damon has a firm and mature, warm personality
  7. Varsity’s Damon motto is “let the world know me”
  8. Varsity’s Damon is a professional dancer who has been in many dance crews
  9. Varsity’s Damon is closest to Bullet
  10. Varsity’s Damon and Kid are Varsity’s fashionistas
  11. Varsity’s Damon choose Bullet as the most handsome in Varsity
  12. Varsity’s Damon was chosen as a member with the worst visuals in Varsity according to all members
  13. Varsity’s Damon would date Bullet or Anthony if he was a girl
  14. Varsity’s Damon’s ideal type are Taeyeon and IU
  15. Varsity’s Damon choose Xiweol as the member with the worst visuals in Varsity

Varsity’s Damon’s Acivity After Varsity Disbanded

Varsity's Damon

Until this article was published, there was no news about Varsity’s Damon about his current work and activities in the entertainment industry. If you take a look at his Instagram account, there was many posts about his activities on the dance studio, which can be assumed that he work as a dance teacher again.

There was no updates about Varsity’s Damon’s activities or future plan after the group decided to disbanded. However, let’s continue to give support and lots of love to Damon, even though he’s not making a career as a K-Pop idol for now, let’s hope he will still be happy with his current activities and be able to greet his fans who have supported him since he promoted as Varsity’s member!

Well, that was all for the information about Varsity’s Damon and everything you should know about him. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!