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Upcoming BTS Concert Dates in 2019

BTS management, Big Hit Entertainment, has not published their upcoming schedule for a world tour, especially an American Tour like last year. However, RM and other members have already had a tight individual schedule for their upcoming tour until April 2019. Here are their upcoming concert dates:

Saturday, February 16th, 2019
Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (福岡ヤフオク! ドーム), Fukuoka, Japan

Sunday, February 17th, 2019
Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (福岡ヤフオク! ドーム), Fukuoka, Japan

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Asiaworld-arena – Asiaworld-Expo – Hall 1, Lantau Island, China

Thursday, March 21st, 2019
Asiaworld-arena – Asiaworld-Expo – Hall 1, Lantau Island, China

Saturday, March 23rd, 2019
Asiaworld-arena – Asiaworld-Expo – Hall 1, Lantau Island, China

Sunday, March 24th, 2019
Asiaworld-arena – Asiaworld-Expo – Hall 1, Lantau Island, China

Saturday, April 6th, 2019
Rajamangala National Stadium, Bangkok, Thailand

BTS will Hold a Concert in Indonesia in 2019

The South Korean boy band, BTS, is rumored to be returning to hold a concert in Indonesia, precisely at the Bung Karno Stadium. That information is based on the data contained in the customer list for GBK arena on the official page.

GBK Operations Director, Gatot Tetuko, also confirmed the rumor that the data on the official page was in accordance with the request of the event organizer, namely for BTS’ World Tour concert. “[If you have stated so] it was at the request of the event organizer who had booked for the event. They told us for the BTS music concert,” Gatot said on Friday (February 2nd). Furthermore, Gatot also ensured that there had been an agreement and the promoter had met the requirements if the date recorded on the official website of GBK had been blocked. However, he cannot yet reveal which promoter made the order.

“They order for seven days at the same time to prepare the stage, cover the grass, etc. If the date has been blocked it means there is a sign, it meets the requirements including the data needed,” he added. On the official GBK website, registered on June 24-30, the GBK stadium is reserved for holding music concerts. However, even if the promoter submits an order for the purpose of the BTS concert, it could be on a different day.

BTS Attended and Were Even Nominated at the 61st Grammy Awards

Big Hit Entertainment boy band, BTS attended the 61st Grammy Awards. RM and his friends became the first K-Pop group to attend this prestigious award event. Located at the Staples Center, Los Angeles, United States, the 61st Grammy Awards was held on Sunday (February 10th, 2019) local American time or Monday (February 11th, 2019) morning Indonesian time.

BTS had been rumored to be the presenters who handed over the award at the 61st Grammy Awards. The presence of BTS at the 61st Grammy Awards had also been confirmed by Big Hit Entertainment. “BTS will attend the 61st Grammy Awards to give awards,” said a representative from Big Hit Entertainment, on Tuesday (February 5th, 2019).

The 61st Grammy Awards was broadcasted live by the American television station CBS. While the South Korean television station, Mnet, also broadcasted the 61st Grammy Awards on Monday (February 11th, 2019) at 09:50 Korean time or 07:50 WIB. On Friday (February 8th, 2019), the official Staples Center Twitter account had leaked the 61st Grammy Awards seats.

In the photo uploaded by the Staples Center, it appears that the name BTS is in a row of musicians who will be present at this one award event. “See who will sit next to @BTS_twt when #GRAMMY is this week! @Bts_bighit @RecordingAcad.” Guess which world musicians sit close to RM and his friends.

From the photo, it appears that BTS will sit close to the singer Camila Cabello on the left. While in the seat behind BTS will be sitting the singer and actress Anna Kendrick. In front of BTS will be musicians Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton, and Chris Stapleton. Not only that, RM and friends will surely meet other world musicians such as the Backstreet Boys, Zedd, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and others.

But it appears from the photo above, BTS does not seem to be sitting side by side like when they attended the Billboard Music Awards. This is taking ARMY consideration.

“So you guys will place BTS separately? Someone sitting next to RM will be very lucky.”

“It seems they will sit apart. Geez, why am I feeling nervous like the parents who sent their children on the first day of school? The first time there will be no soldiers accompanying them. Hopefully, everything will be fine.”

“This is very random. Maybe BTS must play a game to determine who is sitting near RM.”

“It would be better if they sit together. But friends, don’t grumble. We have to continue supporting BTS because they finally went to the Grammy !!!!”

In the ARMY circle, BTS Suga is called a future fortune teller because many of his predictions have come true. Recently, the ability to ‘predict’ STS BTS was proven again. On Friday (December 7th, 2018), the Grammy announced the 61st Grammy Awards nomination on their official website.

There are 84 categories announced by GRAMMY for this most prestigious award event. BTS Love Yourself Album: Tear was nominated at the 61st Grammy Awards in the Best Record Package category. Although this award is intended for album designers, ARMY still welcomes the enthusiastic news. Especially since the Grammy Awards nomination is one of RM’s dreams and also of his friends.

In September 2018, Suga expressed his desire to become a candidate for a Grammy Award nomination at the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show. At the event, Jimmy asked what BTS wanted to achieve in the near future. Answering questions, Suga revealed that he wanted to go to the Grammy Awards. The following is a list of Grammy Award nominations for the Best Recording Package category.

Best Recording Package

Mary Banas, art director (Mitski)

HuskyFox, art director (BTS)

Willo Perron, art director (St Vincent)

Qing-Yang Xiao, art director (Chair)

Adam Moore, art director (Foxhole)

Not only that, but Suga also expressed his desire about the Grammy Awards during an interview with J-14 Magazine in 2017. Sure enough, not only they were nominated, but BTS attended the 61st Grammy Awards on Sunday. Congratulations, BTS!

BTS Will Make a Comeback in April 2019

News that BTS will make a comeback started appearing from early January 2019. The Big Hit Entertainment boy band is said to be recording and making a new album for their comeback. It seems that the return of BTS is only a matter of time. BTS is rumored to be returning again around April or May 2019.

About the exact date, everyone is still adjusting to the BTS schedule which is currently busy continuing their Love Yourself world tour. News about BTS’ comeback time has spread widely because sources that were not revealed mentioned RM’s and friends’ activities recently. He said that BTS were seen in Namyangju taking pictures for their music videos.

The source added that the process of making music videos was made very private and closed. This was done to prevent leaks before BTS set their comeback time. News that BTS took pictures for a music video meant that they had completed most of the process of making a new album.

Previously, Dongha Sports reported that BTS will return in the first semester of 2019. The news released on Friday (January 4th, 2019) stated that BTS was in the process of making their new album. Not only that but BTS Jin also bluntly revealed the problem of their new album in his thank you speech at the Seoul Music Awards on Tuesday (January 15th, 2019).

He mentioned that all BTS members worked hard to make songs for their new album. “Everyone, to be honest, we are preparing a new album. To be honest, the song for our new album isn’t finished. We work hard, so please wait a minute.”

Previously, in 2018, BTS released two new albums which were a continuation of the Love Yourself series, namely Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer. The main song “Love Yourself: Tear, Fake Love,” was sung by BTS for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards.