BTS’ V’s Little Mistakes and J-Hope’s Professionalism During The Special Performance On The ‘Late Night Show With James Corden’

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Meet the Korean Boygroup Who has Broken Many World Records, BTS!

Starting out as a group who came from a small and unknown company, BTS has now grown into the most successful Korean artist currently active in the industry. They’veĀ  broken many records, and have been invited to a number famous award ceremonies and shows. One of the famous shows that we’re going to talk about today is ‘The Late Night Show With James Corden’!

In 2017, BTS was the first Korean idol that was ever invited to the show. Since then, they have become regular guests, especially whenever its a comeback session. For this year, ‘The Late Night Show’ has some new segments and games, like hide and seek and the carpool karaoke session. For today’s topic, we will give you some of the highlights during the show.

Are you ready to find out more about it? Well then, without any further ado, let’s get into our main topic for today!

BTS’s Black Swan Performance

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After attending the Grammy Awards, BTS was invited for the 3rd time to appear as guests on the ‘Late Night Show with James Cordon.’ They talked about the collaboration stage with Lil Nas X for the ‘Old Town Road All Star’ performance, and also shared their excitement for the MOTS: 7 album and upcoming world tour.

BTS also gave their first public performance of their newest pre-release single, called ‘Black Swan.’ Wearing all black stage wear, BTS put on a stunning performance, by doing it with barefoot, which is a first for the group.

Here is the full premiere performance of ‘Black Swan,’ during the ‘Late Night Show With James Corden’ for you guys!

What do you think about their performances, ARMY? I bet your jaw dropped while you were watching their performance!

Accident During Performance

Any artist is at risk of having small, or even large accidents happen during a performance. Because of that, the staff and the artists themselves began to be more careful so there wouldn’t be any accidents, or even the small mistakes in the future.

Viewers didn’t know about it, but J-Hope had an accident while performing ‘Black Swan’ on the ‘Late Night Show With James Corden’! It could have been a very serious accident, but fortunately, J-Hope didn’t sustain any serious injuries and was still able to continue his performance until the end. The incident proves that the dance captain of BTS can handle any kind of situation, even the dangerous ones. J-Hope truly was born to be a professional artist on the stage.

You might be wondering what kind of accident J-Hope had during the performance. Don’t worry! We will explain the details for you.

Explanation During TaeTae FM 6.13 with J-Hope and RM

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During the interview session on the ‘Late Night Show With James Corden,’ the group was asked about how they would handle a mistake on the stage. For example, if they suddenly forgot the choreography. J-Hope then simply answered with, “I don’t care!“, which means that its not a big deal or not a burden for him, at all.

His words became a reality, J-Hope handled one of his accident during the ‘Black Swan’ performances expertly. None of the viewers or even the live audience even noticed when something went amiss.

After the show ended, V did a live broadcast on VLive for another session of ‘TaeTae FM 6.13’. The first guest who joined the live was no other than J-Hope. He then revealed a story that made both of them laugh. J-Hope said that he had been kicked in the head by the person who sat beside him, which is V.

bts jhope v

He says, “If you watch the performances carefully, I’m kicked once. But still able to continue the choreography.” Take a look at the footage below, you will see J-Hope touch his head after the kick from V. Even though he had this kind of accident, J-Hope didn’t even miss a single beat.

At the time, V had no idea that he kicked his hyung accidentally. J-Hope then said that he was expecting it to happen. Since V’s and Suga’s positions are close to him while dancing, J-Hope though that he would get hit by someone. Then his prediction became a reality when V accidentally kicked him.

You can watch the full life through Vapp on your phone, or by clicking on this link that we added here: You can skip to 17:30, where J-Hope and V talk about the incident.