Check Out the Aspiring Idol-Actor UP10TION’s Lee Jin-hyuk’s Moments in ‘Find Me in Your Memory’


Find Out About The Talented and Charming Lee Jin-hyuk UP10TION on K-Drama

Lee Jin-hyuk, who was born June 8, 1996, has been first debuted as a member of boy band UP10TION in 2015. Before he becomes in the idol group, he appeared on”Masked Rookie King,” the pe- debut program. Lee Jin-hyuk also participates in Produce X 101 as of 14th rank.

The talented Lee Jin-hyuk become the ninth member that announced to be in the UP10TION, which promote his stage names as Wei. The first mini-album that released on their debut was called “Top Secret,” with lead single “So, Dangerous” as precise on September 11, 2015.

Nonetheless, Lee Jin-hyuk also joined the acting world in “Find Me in Your Memory.” You will get fascinated experience watching his talent in acting on this K-drama. So, keep reading this article on this Channel-Korea to get the enthusiast feeling of him! Stay tuned!

Lee Jin-hyuk in “Find Me in Your Memory”

The K-drama titled “Find Me in Your Memory” is first released from March 18 to May 13, 2020, that aired by MBC TV. The lead cast on this K-drama was Kim Dong-Wook (as Lee Jung-Hoon) and Moon Ga-young (as Yeo Ha-jin). Aside from them, Lee Jin-hyuk becomes the supporter role that making the story more crispy and engaging.

The drama story tells about Lee Jung-Hoon, who has an occupation in the broadcasting station as an anchorman. He has hyperthymesia that made him remember every single chapter during his life. Moreover, there is also Yeo Ha-jin, who is an actress that didn’t remember her past. This reason for making her living at the moment and feel happy.
He initially loves acting, he released, “I originally had a lot of interest on how to film, move, and act. Depending on the emotion and situation, I was able to learn a bit of everything on acting.”

He learned his homework before acting on his first drama, “I met with real news anchors and got advice. Regarding my pronunciation and vocalization, I clarified with Jun Hyun Moo and announcer Park Yeon Kyung. Some scenes came out better than I expected, but there were also regretful scenes that didn’t come out as I practiced. However, I tried my best for every scene, so I think I can say that I am satisfied with myself.”

Lee Jin-hyuk as Jo Il-kwon

Lee Jin-hyuk on “Find Me in Your Memory” acted as Jo Il-Kwon. He becomes the news reporter on the broadcasting station where Lee Jung Hoon work. Lee Jin-hyuk as Jo Il-Kwon has an outgoing character that has given brighter situations on this K-drama, Find Me in Your Memory”. Lee Jin-hyuk becomes the cutest reporter that could not resist his presence, along with this drama.

Jo Il-Kwon is a junior of Lee Jung Hoon, where he idolized Jo Il-Kwon as a news reporter on this broadcasting company.

Second Couple, Ha Kyung and Jo Il-Kwon

On this K-drama, Jo Il-Kwon also has an additional fresh love flirting episode with Yeo Ha-Kyung (acted by Kim Seul-gi). She is sister and assistant of Yeo Ha-Jin (acted by Moon Ga Young).

The story couple of them, undoubtedly making the story drama become more exciting, funny, and engaging. Look at their acting below!

He revealed during his interview taken from Soompi about his acting with on-screen romance with Kim Seul-gi and showed his admiration towards her, “I paid a lot of attention to what I could do to appear romantic. I had a lot of concerns and difficulties because I’m not a romantic person, but I think our pretty scenes were created because Kim Seul Gi guided me well.”

Fans Reaction to Actor Lee Jin-hyuk

Lee Jin-hyuk’s character on Find Me in Your Memory is melting the fans and viewers. His personality is talkative, bright, and cute become attract more to this K-drama. He always smiles and his relationship with Kim Seul-gi on this drama, making him a rookie actor so well. So many his fans love his first debut acting.

Aside from that, there is a live broadcast that happened to be as drama promotions where Kim Seul-gi and Moon Gayoung become the host on the broadcast on social media Instagram. During the Live Instagram, Lee Jin-hyuk appeared on the show by commenting as he watched and Kim Seul Gi replied to him as,” See you later, baby.” As the calling for them as a couple on the drama.

This incident makes some Lee Jin Hun’s fans criticized Kim Seul Gi and made some negative comments about her. To the record, Kim Seul-gi was is not meaning to say those kinds of things since she was in the middle of film shooting, so she felt sorry and apologized to him. Lee Jin-hyuk just let it go.

Taken from Herald Pop, some fans also criticized his attitude as seems angry and arrogant during the broadcast. As on the broadcast happened, Lee Jin-hyuk commented, “What are you guys going to do if I take a lead role?” and “I came to scold you because you’re all fighting.”

Some of his fans were taken it merely as a joke, but some of them not. The Korean fans come to commenting Lee Jin-hyuk as rude, such as

“I saw the live broadcast, and I swear I thought he was drunk or something… He was rude AF.”

“Shouldn’t it be his fans saying sorry to Kim Seul Gi?”

“I don’t like the way he talked about Kim Seul Gi. Letting it go? Who do you think you are? LMAO. He and his fans should be the ones saying sorry to Kim Seul Gi.”

“What the f*ck, this is kind of shocking.”

“It was during a live broadcast on an Instagram account that belongs to the drama character. It was meant to be a skit. Everyone was in character. It was supposed to be an extension of the show. So why is he making Kim Seul Gi sound like the bad person here?”

“What a f*cking weirdo…”

“Every single word he said in the broadcast is off-putting.”

“The way he says the things he says… It’s shocking. What happened to him since PRODUCE X 101?”

“Geez. Thinking he’s some hot sh*t already. But you’re a nobody. How sad.”

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact he talks to his fans like that… Who does he think he is?”

“His attitude is so…”

Some fans also support him and understand that it might be hard for the artist to handle those things as they also still need to pay attention to those things. Lee Jin-hyuk came to say this, “ Besides, the reason I’m disappointed is that fans are fighting each other. It’s my first drama and my debut project, and I don’t want this drama to be remembered negatively by myself and my fans.”

Therefore, on May 13, Lee Jin Huk also wrote the letter to apologize for his action as below through his Instagram account and translated below,

Hello. It is Lee Jin Hyuk.

After receiving a lot of love from viewers, ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ has ended.
Before I express my thanks, I want to apologize for causing concern because of my inadequate words and actions.

I am sincerely reflecting on the way I acted in my live broadcast. I want to apologize to all the drama staff who must have felt uncomfortable when they saw my live broadcast and to all the viewers who loved the drama. I sincerely apologize to Kim Seul Gi, who may have been hurt by my inconsiderate words and actions, to the drama staff, and fans. I will engrave what you said in my mind and try hard not to disappoint you again with my actions in the future. I will apologize once again. I’m sorry.

My debut drama ‘Find Me in Your Memory’ ended today. I hadn’t wanted the filming to end, but it wrapped up before I knew it, and the drama I loved came to an end, so I had a feeling of sadness.

I express my thanks to Directors Oh Hyun Jong and Lee Soo Hyun, who used laughter and positive energy as they guided me, who is a lacking and stammering rookie. I also want to express my sincere gratitude to the many senior actors who cherished me and generously gave advice. In the future, no matter where I go, I will never forget everything that the directors and senior actors taught me.

Also, thank you to the viewers who loved the character, Jo Il Kwon. Since he was the first character who came to Lee Jin Hyuk as an actor, I wanted to do well, and I acted while hoping that the viewers would feel that.

I will continue to work hard so that I can present you with the right image. Thank you for watching ‘Find Me in Your Memory.’

Lee Jin-hyuk’s Instagram

Here is his activity recently, as captured from his Instagram account @Ijh_babysun, he has been uploaded he went to shoot for reality show Running Man and other else activity.




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