Check Out UP10TION’s Latest Comeback, Here!

Let’s Meet the Third Boy Group Formed By TOP Media ‘UP10TION’

UP10TION (업 텐션) is a new boy group formed by TOP Media which is also the home of the 100% boy group and Teen Top. This group has 10 members including: Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bitto, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao. Before the official debut, UP10TION members attended a program titled “Masked Rookie Singer”. The program was adapted from “Masked King”, a singing program that is currently popular in Korea. In the program, all members showed the ability to sing, rap and dance using masks. The program aired starting July 20, 2015 on Naver TV. In addition to the “Masked Rookie Singer” program, they also have another program titled “Rising! UP10TION “.

UP10TION officially debuted on September 11 2015 with the song “So Dangerous” from their first mini album “Top Secret”. While his stage debut was one day earlier on SBS The Show. Success with their debut, they re-launched their second mini album “BRAVO!” On November 26th with their song “Catch Me!”

In early April 2016, Top Media shared a black and white group teaser for their upcoming comeback. this time the UP10TION comeback with a different concept. This time they used a masculine concept that was completely different from the previous comeback which looked funny and cheerful. After releasing each member’s teaser image and video teaser, UP10TION finally officially made a comeback with the song “Attention” from their third mini album “Spotlight” which was released on April 18, 2016. In the middle of the year, they released a new song titled “Tonight”. The song is the lead single from their fourth mini album ‘Summer Go!’. That same year, UP10TION comeback with the fifth mini album “BURST” which was released on November 21, 2016.

On June 29, 2017, the UP10TION comeback with the newest song “Runner”. But unfortunately, Wooshin did not take part in the comeback this time because he had problems with his mental health, so he took a break from all his artistic activities. Then, the group returned with their latest mini album titled ‘SPECIAL PHOTO EDITION’ in October. Again, Wooshin still hasn’t participated in the comeback this time so UP10TION is promoting with 9 people.

UP10TION Reveals A Comeback Schedule In December!

UP10TION announced their comeback plans in December.

On Thursday (11/22), this TOP Media’s boy group uploaded a schedule for the release of the latest album.

Based on this schedule, UP10TION will release the latest albums and music videos online on December 6, while the physical album will only be released on December 10. But before that, starting November 22, UP10TION will begin releasing various teasers on social media for fans.

UP10TION Appeared Fierce At The Music Video Comeback ‘Blue Rose’

UP10TION has returned with a different image than before.

On the afternoon of Thursday (06/12), boy group made by TOP Media released the latest music video titled ‘Blue Rose’.

‘Blue Rose’ is the main song title of UP10TION’s latest album titled ‘Laberinto’, which comes from Spanish which means ‘Labyrinth’. Different from the image presented by UP10TION so far, fans of the ‘Blue Rose’ music video will be shown the appearance of UP10TION members who are more violent and masculine.

In addition, through this music video fans will also be spoiled with rap and powerful vocals delivered by each of UP10TION’s members.

UP10TION’s Blue Rose Performances Stage

UP10TION’s Rap Line Members Kun, Wei, & Bitto Tease A Surprise Collaboration Project, ‘Find The Way’


UP10TION’s rap line members KunWei, and Bitto have a surprise collaboration single in store!

The three UP10TION members are teaming up with Clef Company‘s ‘Space Project‘, a project meant to introduce rising, rookie music producers. Part 2 of the ‘Space Project’ featuring Kun, Wei, and Bitto is called “Find The Way“, produced by FREAIM and Kiryun. The three UP10TION members also participated in the rap making for the track.

You can look forward to Kun, Wei, and Bitto’s “Find The Way” coming up on January 10 at 6 PM KST.