UP10TION’s Kogyeol: Profile, Real Name, Abs, Etc.

UP10TION’s Kogyeol’s Performances on Stage


Time surely passes by really fast. We have seen the debut era of UP10TION with their amazing song titled “So, Dangerous”. Little did we know, it was a song that was released around 6 years ago as of 2021. But yeah, old but gold. Even though their debut song’s anniversary has passed over 5 times, “So, Dangerous” is still so easy to listen to.

But do you know that UP10TION has a lot of good songs besides their debut song? They have been making comebacks with new songs several times a year. Even now, they are still actively promoting as a group, although some members have also done solo projects. UP10TION really still have the heart of rookies!

You may be curious, what kind of performances have UP10TION had in some music shows? Well, let’s check out the performances of UP10TION on stage!

Well, then again, K-pop groups are really all about their performances. They sing their songs live, they dance to them synchronously, their facial expressions are changing so fast too. But to get focus on Kogyeol, we need to see videos that only shoot him. Let’s check out Kogyeol’s fancams in some music shows!

What do you think about Kogyeol’s performance from time to time? He is really improving a lot, right? Kogyeol must be making his family really proud back in his hometown.

UP10TION’s Kogyeol’s Chemistry with Other Members: Gyujin, Jinhoo, etc.


UP10TION is a group with 10 members. Can you imagine being in a group of 10 people? There must be chaos here and there. Not to mention that all of them are so energetic, just like their group’s name.

But Kogyeol and the other members maintain their friendship really well. They have been trainees for years. They trained together, they went through hardships together, so after debuting as idols, of course, they have a strong bond. Then again, UP10TION also lived in a dorm, so no wonder they know each other so well.

Now you must be curious about Kogyeol’s chemistry with the other members. Don’t worry, we have gathered some moments of Kogyeol with the other members of UP10TION!

Here is a video of Kogyeol singing a song by Jung Eun-ji from APINK and Seo In-guk, “All For You”. Kogeyol sings this song with Sunyoul. They really harmonize their voices really well!

Kogyeol had a contest to test his friendships with Gyujin. They play quizzes and games together. Their chemistry is so cute!


Kogyeol and Wooshin harmonize their voices by singing “You Were Beautiful” by Day6. Well, yep, it’s Wooseok who was known as Wooshin before!

Well, there are more interesting moments between Kogyeol and the other members in UP10TION! You can check out their VLive or Instagram accounts to find out more!

UP10TION’s Kogyeol’s Hairstyles


Starting from the first time UP10TION released their first single, “So, Dangerous”, Kogyeol has been appearing on TV for over 5 years. It is quite a long time for an idol, there are lots of groups or solo singers who debuted after him. Making him and other UP10TION members to be considered as seniors.

However, it’s not the point that we’re trying to bring this time. Instead, we want to discuss things that changed from the first time of Kogyeol’s debut era to now. Well, one thing that always changes on him is his hairstyle!

Kogyeol has changed his hairstyle a lot; every time UP10TION has made a comeback with a new song. No wonder he looks a bit different with a different style too. But which hairstyle of Kogyeol do you like the most?

Let’s check out some of Kogyeol’s hairstyles and find out!


So, which one of his hairstyles do you like the best? You can share your opinion in the comment section. Hopefully, Kogyeol will come back with that hairstyle again!

UP10TION’s Kogyeol was Positive to COVID-19


The year 2020 might have been predicted as a good year, considering the good “numbers” of that year, double 20s. However, we got a pandemic instead and had to be in quarantine several times. It was so hard to go around and we also had to use masks every time we would leave the house.


All that misfortune that we got in the year 2020 also happened to Kogyeol. In December 2020, the agency released a statement that Kogyeol tested positive for COVID-19. The first member who tested positive was Bitto, but then Kogyeol was too. After that, Xiao also tested positive. It was caused by contact with a COVID-19 patient.


It was such a bad piece of news. They also had to prepare for the year-end activities at that time. Instead, the three of them had to take a break to have a recovery. The other members tested negative, luckily, but they still had to undergo a self-quarantine for two weeks.

Fortunately, Kogyeol, Bitto, and Xiao have recovered and tested negative now. So, they can come back and do their activities freely. Hopefully, the three of them along with other members won’t have these unfortunate events again in the future. Please wish them good luck and health ahead!


Well, it’s a wrap for the article about Kogyeol from UP10TION! It’s really nice to learn more about the talented member from UP10TION, Kogyeol. He is such a good guy, and he is a talented vocalist too. Which of his charms do you like the most? Let us know your opinion in the comment section!