Unique and Attractive K-Pop Logos of Idol Groups: BTS, EXO, Red Velvet, Lovelyz, and More


K-Pop Logos and Their Meanings

The logo for a K-Pop group is very important, as it shows the characteristics of the group. Each logo design certainly carries meaning. The definition of logo itself is  a graphic mark, emblem, symbol, or stylized name used to identify a company, organization, product, or brand. It may take the form of an abstract or figurative design, or it may present as a stylized version of the company’s name, if it has sufficient brand recognition.

K-pop artists such as boy-groups and girl-groups have been using logos for their promotions, like comebacks and merchandise. In this article, Channel-Korea will introduce some of unique and attractive logos from K-Idol groups.



BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan / 방탄소년단) has a very unique logo with a meaningful design. Starting from their debut to their comeback, BTS has used different logos.


At the beginning of their career, BTS used a logo that depicts a bulletproof jacket with BTS inserted in the middle, which meant that they stand with all the risks they would face when debuting, and strive to always be number one with their songs.

But, starting on July 5, 2017, their agency, Big Hit Entertainment, featured a new logo for BTS which is very elegant and cool. Big Hit even gave a them new nickname, Beyond The Scene, which means “Youth who are not satisfied with their current situation and continue go forward to grow and strive toward their dreams without stopping”. To project this moment of youth, it is visualized as the members opening the door, the design called A.R.M.Y is their new logo. Big Hit also said, “The new brand identity was the result of the members working almost a year with the best design consulting firms in Korea, while considering the fans’ opinions gained through a research company.”

bts logo

ARMY makes its own speculation about the relationship of BTS logo like a door and ARMY. If combined, then both logos form the letters BTS, which means BTS and ARMY, if put together, will be a strong foundation between idols and fans.

The new logos represent the boys walking through the doors from the present towards an improved future. When they cross over, the members come face to face with ARMY, who represent their boyish image. The two logos were meant to represent a harmony between the past and the present. Check out the Logo Animation below:



In the beginning, the EXO icon is hexagonal. The hexagon is a symbol of a Symbolic, Meaningful Universe. First and foremost, the hexagon is a symbol. Its usual appearance in equilateral, symmetrical form suggests a humanly relatable touch, and its nearness to circularity, while still possessing angles, make it all the more perfectly emblematic.


In 2013, when XOXO 1st full album came out, The logo was changed to two new logos. The first in a heart shape, and the second in a circle shape. In December, for the Christmas album “Miracles in December”, the logo changed to something resembling a snowflake.


For the Overdose era, the logo changed into the shape of a maze. It symbolizes the situation in which someone has fallen into a fatal love, in which he is unable to escape from the woman he loves. The same year, a new logo was released at a year-end award show. The two balls inside the maze represent the two members (Luhan and Kris) who left the group.


The logo for their 2nd full album, “EXODUS,” is four squares forming six flat faces. The squares represent the EXO-M team (Chen, Lay, Xiumin, Tao), and the flat faces represent the EXO-K team (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O., Sehun, Kai). In its 3D form it has 12 edges, but in its 2D form only 10.

For the Lucky One era, EXO’s logo changed to a trefoil with four petals representing luck.


In the EX’ACT era, If you clicked on A, C, or T it would show the words Lucky One and EXACT, but if you clicked on the O or the 3, it would show the words Monster and EXO3.


Fans made a guess during The War era logo. The flower itself is often classified as an exotic flower, making some fans bet that it’s possible the album could be titled “Exotic.”

Take a look at the EXO logos from over time:




The group’s name represents its concept, defined by two different images, “Red” and “Velvet”. “Red” signifies their vivid and bold image, whereas “Velvet” reflects their classy and toned-down side. Also, Red Velvet is taken from Red, which gives ‘strong and elegant’ feel, and Velvet, which means ‘soft and feminime’.

Red Velvet’s Logo Transformation:




On an online community, fans mention two groups that have amazing logos. They say that the designers of those groups work hard, and the logos were for the groups EXO and INFINITE. INFINITE has the most different logos, along with EXO. INFINITE has changed their logo not only for their comebacks, but also for their season greetings, too. In total, INFINITE has changed their logo 28 times.

The infinity symbol, a figure eight on its side, variously signifies the concept of limitlessness or eternity, especially as used notationally in mathematics, and metaphorically with respect to love. INFINITE’s leader, Sunggyu, said “Our name, INFINITE, means ‘limitless’. We never put a restriction on our possibilities, and we will always improve.


INFINITE’s logo transformations:




Matoki is the aline bunny from Moto Planet that represents B.A.P. Even though Matoki is B.A.P’s logo, each member has their own Matoki with different characteristics.


B.A.P’s logo transformation: